Snoops and Kommando Chat!

Hello Furiends!

I have a special treat for you this week. My buddies Snoops and Kommando, from Adventures in Cheeseland are chatting together. They wanted to tell you the story of their Cat TV, and it’s a fur raising one!

Their blog is like ours, it’s written from the purrspective of animals such as cats, a hedgehog, a mongoose, a sloth and other literary creatures. Instead of having a human editor as we do, their editors are mice!

I hope you enjoy this week’s chat and if you have something you’d like to meow about, send us an email ( and a photo. We (and our blog readers) would love to hear from you.

Oliver Chats!

Hello Furiends,
I wanted to take my turn to chat this week about a group of incredible humans from a Facebook group called This Cat is CHONKY. They are the kindest, most wonderful group of humans you will ever meet. One note though, you have to apply to join the group as it is private.

If any of my feline furiends have something they’d like to meow about on Cat Chat just send us a couple of photos and let us know what you want to say. And don’t worry, if writing’s not your thing, I will have our Purrsonal Assistant do the writing for you and email it over before we record the chat. You can reach us at

I hope you enjoy my chat today!

Harry Chats!

Hello Furiends,
It’s that time of the week when we felines get on (or rather in) our soapboxes and let the world know what we’re thinking!

We are always looking for feline “chatters” for this feature. What gets your whiskers in a twist? Do you want to brag about your clowder or your human staff? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a photo and your thoughts and you could be chatting to! (

Harry is our guest this week. He’s a member of the clowder at Debbie’s house where Hermione and Stripey live. Thanks for meowing for us Harry!

Tyler Chats!

Hello Furiends,
It’s my favorite time of the week when our feline furiends have the opportunity to let the world know their thoughts. This week’s Cat Chat is a feline Cinderella story and a reminder of the power of love.

Tyler lives with his human Mollie Hunt (a professional member of Cat Writers Association and fantastic author) and Ginchen (a previous Cat Chat guest)

This handsome brown Tabby man cat with brown stripes has quite a history and the fact that his new life suits him is illustrated by his healthy weight, 14 pounds and counting. And by the way, Tyler is the light of his human Jim’s life!

Furiends, if you are a feline with a message and would like to “chat” on our Thursday feature, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

Hermione Chats!

Hello there furiends,
This week we have a female kitty opining and Alberto and I say “hubba hubba” she’s quite the cutie!

Hermione lives with a former Cat Chat purrticipant, Stripey as well as her brofur Harry and her humans Debbie De Louise (author and librarian) and Debbie’s husband Anthony and their daughter Holly. You can often find Hermione making an appearance on Debbie’s Facebook page.

Hermione says she’s a dilute calico. The Tribe had never heard of this so we did some reading and thought you might be interested in the information too, so here’s a link. We also learned that this is a coat pattern, not a breed. Since Alberto, Lily and I all came from our local shelter, we’ve included a link to Golden Paw Society Rescue Inc., the shelter Hermione came from. If you live in this area of New York, head on over there and adopt a kitty (or two).

I hope you enjoy the “feminine” side of cat chat this week and without further ado, I present Miss Hermione.

Ginchen Chats!

Yes, it’s our favorite time of the week where our feline furiends opine about whatever they want. This week we’re introducing you to a wise old gentleman named Ginchan. He is a handsome man cat who will be turning 19 soon and he has a lot to say about super senior felines.

Ginchan lives with his human Mollie Hunt (a lady who writes fantastic Cat Lady mysteries as well as feline focused Sci-Fi! Ginchan is an author as well and you can follow his news and mewsings on his Facebook page.

Old Cats Rule!

It’s Our First Cat Chat!

Hello Furiends,

We’ve been opining for years and now it’s your turn. We are so excited to provide a platform for felines to hiss, purr or pontificate about anything that gets your whiskers in a twist.

We are pleased to welcome Marvelous (Marv to his friends) as feline speaker in our first Cat Chat. You can learn more about Marv and his family at his blog

If you’ve got something to meow about just send us your headshot and tell us what’s on your mind. We’ll do the rest. Email us at

And now…..put your paws together for Marv!