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Let’s Talk About Adoption


The Tribe of Five Felines Opine to save lives.

Hello All,
Jasmine here. Did you know it’s #RememberMeThursday? Do you know what #RememberMeThursday is? It’s an important event every year that is designed to honor and remember rescue animals and to share the importance of pet adoption with the world!

Every one of the #TribeOfFive is an adopted kitty. Two of us from a rescue in California and three of us from our local shelter, Panhandle Animal Shelter. It is our hope that  ALL pets find their furever homes.

Head on over to the Remember Me Thursday website to enter your rescues in the fantastic Remember the Rescue contest, light a candle for a rescue you’ve loved and lost and learn more about pet adoption and the amazing Helen Woodward Animal Center.

I hope you enjoy these adoption stories (and baby pictures) of The Tribe of Five.
Purrs & Head Bonks<

Siamese cat with tiara

img_1403We went to the site and  lit a candle for our loved and missed Miss. P and Buster and thought about how much fun it was to know them. Oliver and Alberto never met them but Jasmine knew Miss P. and she was one of Miss P.’s favorite snuggle buddies.Black cat in the garden






After we lit our candles we had some fun pulling out old baby pictures.


Tucker the day he was rescued with his sister Jasmine

Tucker and I (Jasmine) were rescued by a very kind lady in California who took in our mom and all our siblings. The humans brought Tucker and me home with them when the rescue lady told them that we were best friends.  What evil being would separate best friends? Not our humans.

Jasmine as a kitten

Jasmine the day she was rescued with her brother Tucker

I’m named after the nice human who rescued us.






Lily at the shelter the day the female human met her.

Tucker and I moved here from California and after the humans were here for a while (and after our beloved Miss P. and Buster crossed the rainbow bridge) the female human met Lily at the Panhandle Animal Shelter.  The female human says she saw those eyes and it was love at first sight. Lily became part of the Tribe.





Oliver as a kitten

Finally, the humans decided to foster two kittens for the Panhandle Animal Shelter. Can you spell f-o-s-t-e-r- f-a-i-l-u-r-e?  (The female human says she will never regret this one “failure” in her life). The arrival of Oliver and Alberto turned our Tribe of Three into a Tribe of Five. Don’t tell them I said this but I kind of like those two goofballs.

And that, my friends are our adoption stories.  Our humans would tell you that adopting The Tribe of Five was one of the greatest things they’ve ever done. And even though Buster and Miss P. are no longer with us, they would never have missed all the years they had with them. The female human says that every feline that has been in her life has left paw prints on her heart.

Alberto as a kitten

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 9/27


Hello There Folks,
Alberto here with my weekly purrusal of noteworthy news about felines.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selections.
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes
Inside Crumbs & Whiskers the Bi-Coastal Cat Cafe – Mental Floss


The flagship Washington, D.C. location of Crumbs & Whiskers. Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Kanchan Singh was inspired by the cat cafes she visited on her trip to the orient and vowed that she would quit her corporate job and open the first cat cafe in Washington DC and that’s just what she did.  Now three years later, she has opened another cafe in Los Angeles and has plans for others cities.

Customers pay to enjoy coffee and snack time (food and drinks are all prepared off site for health and safety reasons) and also participate in activities such as cat yoga and other fundraising events for local stray cats. You can find more information on Crumbs & Whiskers on their website.

Man cycles his cats from Amsterdam to London in a specially adapted cat bike-Mirror

man cycles 300 miles with his 2 cats

Thomas Vles, from Poopy Cat “innovative and cool products for your beloved cat”, took his felines on a biking adventure from Amsterdam to London to celebrate the launch of his new shop.

His cats, Mushi and Cheesy accompanied him in a specially designed “Kittymobile” converted from a traditional Dutch bakfiets bicycle.

The office at the Poopy Cat company has more cats working there than people. I say all offices should strive for this human/feline balance but I’m not so sure about the 300 mile bike ride!

The amazing tale of Smokey the police station cat…and her kitten Bandit-LincolnshireLive

gray mother cat with black kitten

The Skegness Police Station discovered  a little cat hanging around the back of their station house. They checked to see if she was chipped and also checked to make sure someone wasn’t looking for her. When it became clear she was homeless they began feeding her and then found out she was pregnant. The little gray cat gave birth to a kitten they named Bandit. They found a forever home for Bandit and Smokey, the mother, now has a permanent job and a permanent home with the Skegness Police.

Australian Charity Releases Album of Cat Themed Ballads for Feline Fundraising-Mental Floss

gray cat singing cat ballads into a microphone

In order to  bring attention to the 35,000 cats that end up in pounds and shelters, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)  created Cat Ballads: Music to Improve the Lives of Cats The message of the music is to encourage people to keep closer tabs on their cats and to neuter and spay their felines. The Cat Ballads website has an option for cat friendly or human friendly version.

Kitten Kindergarten Helps Families Raise Well-Adjusted, Confident Cats-I Heart Cats

brown and white kitten

Okay, I must confess, I have secretly snickered behind my paw whenever I heard of humans taking their canines to dog obedience classes. Heh, heh, no classes for the mighty feline.  All that changed when I heard about Kitten Kindergarten.

The San Diego Humane Society  recently implemented a program called Kitten Kindergarten. They offer all kinds of interesting things for kittens up to 13 weeks to learn such as play time (well, the humans call it “kitten socialization”, carrier desensitization and vet visit practice, leash and harness training (I LOVE strolling while wearing my leash and harness), grooming care and lots more! Now all this sounds like great fun and good things for kittens to know but I do have an observation.  Human kindergarten includes during snack time and I saw no mention of snacks on the course desctiption!






Adventures in Cheeseland with Snoops & Kommando 

Hello Friends,

Alberto here. I am very embarrassed to say that my purrrrsonal assistant is still playing “catch up” as she fell seriously behind in her work due to summer activities. Now I’m a fair minded feline and I understand that staff needs a holiday now and then but I must say, when it comes to letting work pile up, well, I’m not okay with that.
 I do believe she understands my frustration now after I took that zucchini out of the vegetable basket and left a number of bite marks in it. When you can’t talk you must find other ways to express yourself. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

But I digress. The purpose of this blog is to tell you about the wonderful interview I did with my friends Snoops and Kommando at Adventures in Cheeseland. I must say they are excellent interviewers and really got me talking about the Tribe of Five and our lives here in the Inland Northwest. 

It was an honor to be featured in an interview with our friends Snoops and Kommando and I would highly recommend that you stroll on over to Cheeseland  to see what they’ve been up to. I would say their house is much more interesting than it is here with the Tribe of Five, they even have a hedgehog that chimes in once in a while!

A big shout out and thank you to our friends and Purrs and Head Bonks to our readers!


Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/20


Hello All,
Alberto here. It’s time for my weekly purrrrusal of the best of feline stories on the web. I hope you enjoy!
Purrs & Head Bonks,

The Fabulous Felinis – PurringtonPost


These two cats from Switzerland never walk when they can Mausi & Miseli live in the Swiss Alps and are rapidly becoming an Instagram sensation. (Hmmm, I need to speak with their social media people, how come I’m not an Instagram sensation??)

Cats on the Job – 50 Working Cats – Catnip Times


My regular readers know that my two favorite subjects in this feature are working cats and adventure cats. Well wouldn’t ya’ know, someone has finally come out with a book about working cats! The  book “Cats on the Job: 50 Fabulous Felines Who Purr, Mouse, and Even Sing for Their Supper” provides a glimpse of the work days of 50 working cats! Bravo to all these working cats and if you’re an unemployed feline. I hope this book gives you inspiration to go out there and get employed!

Funniest Cat Bloopers – YouTube


Many television purrrsonalities have had a slip up during filming. Now you an enjoy watching TV bloopers with cats. Enjoy (and let me just say, the “cat freaking out on the  harness” was a scene actually performed in our household when the female human tried once (once being the operative word) to put Jasmine in a harness. It wasn’t pretty for anyone involved!

Man Rescues Kitten so She Doesn’t Have to Face Irma Alone – Holidog Times


This story wins the “aaawwww” award as well as the “good human of the year award”.  This wonderful human decided that instead of evacuating alone, he’d go to the shelter and rescue a feline to evacuate with. He wrote on Reddit, “My co-worker and I went to the shelter together. When we went over to Ryder’s cage she was just so adorable (looking up at me). I decided to adopt her. […] If I am going to be evacuating from this hurricane I might as well do it with a friend.”  He headed north with his little friend he named Ryder and shared update photos of this kitten he has fallen in love with. “Now in South Carolina, he says that Ryder is friendly, confident and very, very cuddly – as well as very spoiled! Not that he intends to do anything about that.” Both human and feline are looking forward to returning to their Florida home.  There sure a lot of good people out there!

Woman Steals Kitten from Brooklyn Bodega – Life With Cats


Being a working cat can sometimes be dangerous. Mir Kasham of the Moon Mini Mart is mourning the loss of his little kitten Takela and says everyone misses her. A few hours after Mr. Kasham turned down a man who offered to buy the little kitten for $50.00,  a woman was caught on the store surveillance camera picking up the sweet little silver and gray kitten and carrying her out of the store under her coat.  He is quoted in the New York Post as saying, ““Please bring it back. Everyone misses Takela!” He did file a police report with 66th Precinct. If any of my readers are in this area, please keep keep your eyes open for Takela.






Felines Opine On Design

gray cat in ad for tuft and paws

Hello Friends, Furry, Feathered and Otherwise,
Tucker here, the #TribeofFive Alpha. Our purrrsonal assistant received an intriguing email from the good folks at Tuft + Paw regarding a cat bed design contest.

Now if you humans are really paying attention to your felines as they relax and recline, this contest should be a no-brainer for you. Just watch how your kitties like to sleep, figure out what kind of sustainable materials you can use, submit your design and voila you may be a winner!

I enjoy availing myself of the human furniture with a little cat comfort added, a soft blanket or pillow is nice, which is why I think Tuft + Paws Island pillow would suit me very well. orange tabby on Island Cat Bed from Tuft + Paw






Oliver is a heat seeking missile, he never seems to get close enough to the fireplace, so if the humans design a bed for him, it definitely would need to be created from sustainable fire-proof material.





Al is a lean mean feline machine, and likes to stretch out as far as he can when he sleeps (pushing anything out of his way, including human arms and legs). A design for Al would need to be very loooong.




Jasmine is more of a traditionalist, preferring to burrow under pillows or just perch on top of them like the princess she is.



And then there’s Lily, well, let’s just say Lily is a non-conformist sleeper.

As you can see, there are lots of ideas for kitties who seem to have varied and assorted sleeping preferences.


Tuft + Paw is a great company
, inspired by their love of cats and their concern for their comfort and safety. They share their homes with felines, so they know what makes us happy and they also pay attention to style so that humans don’t mind displaying this fancy and decorative furniture in their homes.   And my favorite thing about this company? They  are great advocates of no kill shelters and have a heart for feral felines. In order to support shelter cats and cat adoptions, they offer a 50% discount for those who take part in their “Donate A Bed” program for their local shelters.
brown cat in fur Capello bed from Tuft + PawWe have a wonderful no-kill shelter in our community (Panhandle Animal Shelter) and methinks a few of those pawsome, furry, cozy Capello beds would be quite welcome there, especially in winter!

So humans, I encourage you to have a confab with your cats and come up with the winning design for this contest! But may I add a word of caution. As much as we felines appreciate all the cool toys and beds and scratching posts you spend your hard earned money on, sometimes, we just need a little quiet time in a cardboard box. img_0101

Purrs, Head Bonks and Comfy Slumber,
Your Friend Tucker,

Linky Party 9/16/17

Five cats in hats celebrating Linky Party

Hello All,
Oliver here, your Linky party host. I hope you’re ready to pawty and include include a link to your blog so we can all get to know you better. I’m including my three favorite posts from the last pawty to highlight some of the great blogs we see on LInky weekends.
Enjoy and be sure to join us!
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Oliver OllieHead

The Versatile Collie  – All Things Collie

black and white collie on agility courseI must say, I don’t know much about canines but I was quite impressed with this article about how agile and quick this collie breed is. As you know, we felines are known for our agility and when we meet another species with similar grace and agility we are quite impressed.

Sunday Selfies – 15 And Meowing

orange and yellow cat on leash walking on a bale of hayI have to say, I have never played on a bale of hay and this is a travesty. We live in the Inland northwest, lots of ranches and farms and the humans have never introduced us to this wonderful stuff. I also liked the story about the female human being tasked to declutter and going to a tag sale instead. Our female human does the same. Last weekend she came home with three paintings from an event called Funky Junk! These  humans, go figure!

Eli’s Sunday Selfie – Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

black and white cat named Eli looking for a forever homeI was immediately taken by Eli’s photos, I really believe he’s a brother from another mother. And I can tell you, we black and white cats are the BOMB so I am sure Eli will be going to his furever home soon. I mean just look at the guy, who could resist him??!!


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The Many Places of Oliver

Hello All,
Oliver here. I wanted to talk about how humans get themselves all stressed about the places we feline choose to hang out. I mean really, I’m not hanging off the winter sweaters in the closet (although I do enjoy brushing past the dark colors on the clothing that hangs on the lower racks). But I digress.

Black and white cat in a dinner take away bagThere are a few places I like to hang out and I have purrrfectly good reasons for doing so. For instance,  I do not see the harm in hanging out in the take out bag after the humans have emptied the food from it. Good grief, it’s not like I got any of the dinner but I do enjoy the delicious smells.. Really people,. Don’t be so selfish!

They shoo me away from the bag so I shrug my shoulders and think, “fine, there are lots of other places for me to lounge.



I find a new spot and wouldn’t you know, the female human starts screeching, “Get down!” How rude! And I think I look quite adorable, how could anyone yell at all this cuteness?  And what’s so sacred about this thing they call the “dining room table” anyway?




So, like the good kitty I am,  I remove myself from the dining room table, and stretch out on the window ledge in the kitchen. And again I get attitude and stink eye. Good grief what in the world do these humans want from me?  And anyway,  I think the color of those oranges really compliments my black and white fur.





Finally I give up, go to the back of the living room sofa and stretch out on the wide window ledge, looking at the view and contemplating my options. Is there ever going to be a place for me? What is the meaning of my life and where shall I lounge next?


Well, that’s my story. Just a young feline trying to find his place in this world (and this house). For now, cheers to all my friends, furry, feathered and otherwise.

Your Friend, Oliver,




Walk Through The Web Wednesdy 9/13

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Friends, Feathered, Furry and Otherwise,
Alberto here, bringing you my favorite feline finds from my deep purrrusual of the web. I must say, life has been very hard for the Tribe of Five lately. All summer, people (the female human refers to them as “relatives”) have been marching in and out of our house, causing our humans to be less than their normal attentive selves and closing the door to OUR bedroom and refusing us access. This constant parade of strange humans must cease and if it doesn’t soon, the Tribe will have to take drastic measures (don’t ask, it won’t be pretty). At least my purrrrsonal assistant made time to get my Wednesday wanderings post done but I am not happy. There is much that the Tribe of Five want to opine about.

‘Hope  you are all having a lovely week. Until next time,
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes

 El Gato Tiny House Designed with Felines in Mind – New Atlas

tiny house with blue walls, white ceiling and dark wood with cat tree

El Gato’s cat tree should keep feline friends entertained(Credit: Alpine Tiny Homes)

The female human loves to watch the big square with moving pictures and one of her favorite things is a show about tiny houses. Now as we are a Feline Tribe of Five and happily accustomed to quite a bit of space, we’ve told her, “Don’t even think about it” but I must say, this little abode, created with felines in mind is on awesome space. Although they call it “El Gato” they could have called it “El Perro” because there is a pet door that leads to a kennel and a dog washing station. My favorite part is the rooftop deck where a cat can catch a few rays and the built in cat tree. Way to go  humans!



Brutus the tabby lounges in a shopping cartBrutus the Famous Supermarket Cat Honored with in-Store Bronze Statue – Bored Panda

Those of you who follow my Wednesday wanderings know how much I love a good story about working cats and, my love and admiration for the good humans “across the pond” who have such love for “moggies”.  This story hits both passions and showcases a working cat who made quite an impression.

Brutus, the tabby would walk from his home to the local supermarket in Wales every day, charming customers and snoopervising the quality of the meat and fish section. With a Facebook following of over 12,000 folks he was quiet a social media phenom. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year, but his fans raised 4,000 pounds (or over $5,000.00 us) and had an 18″ bronze statue of Brutus made so that all those who met and loved him can remember him. RIP Brutus, you left paw prints on the hearts of many folks.

various cats in the Hemmingway House courtyardThe Hemmingway Cats Are Safe and Sound in Key West – TMZ

There are ongoing stories about felines and the latest weather disasters. I found this one interesting because the female human has visited the Hemmingway Cats.  These cats reside at what is the former home of the writer, Ernest Hemmingway. The cats there are all polydactyl (six-toed). How did these unusual felines get there? The story is that Ernest Hemingway was given a white six-toed cat by a ship’s captain and some of the cats who live on the museum grounds are descendants of that original cat, named Snow White.

Many feline lovers were worried about the Hemmingway House cats when Irma came blowing through. Well, I’m happy to tell you they are all safe and sound and, the good folks that care for the felines planned ahead, laying in a supply of 300 pounds of cat food before the storm, enough to feed all 55 kitties for the next four weeks (they normally eat 80 lbs of food per week). Two paws up for the forward thinking humans!

Bengal cat standing on a rock out in the waterSuki the Cat-The Adventures of a Beautiful Cat Across Wild Canada-UFunk

I have been seeing photos of this stunning cat all over social media but never read anything about this feline’s story. I was happy to see more photos of this stunning Bengal.  Suki is an adventure cat and as a Bengal, she is elegant and graceful with all the beauty of a wild but the temperament and sweetness of a domestic feline. Bengals were created by breeding Asian leopard cats with domestic cats.  And even though Suki liked to live on the edge, she also enjoys eating treats, cuddling, and chilling at home.


gray feline Hodge at his bookstoreChicago’s top bookstore cat, Hodge, is out of a job – Chicago Tribune

It’s not only humans who have to be concerned about their job becoming redundant. Hodge has been working at the South Loop used bookstore for 10 years but sadly, was laid off on June 30th of this year because the book store closed it’s doors due to declining business. Hodge has had two books written about him and the store was selected as the city’s “best bookstore with a cat”.

But don’t worry about Hodge, his retirement is quite cushy. He is now living with the bookstore owner who rescued him 10  years ago and is joined by his feline co-worker Ma’at. Every working cat deserves a nice retirement like this. Click here to see a video of Hodge in his element at the bookstore.








Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/6


Hey All,
All here checking in with my usual Wednesday wander through the web looking for all things feline. Last week I took a slightly different approach and highlighted stories about felines and other pets affected by Hurricane Harvey. As I have my purrrrsonal assistant type this for me, I’ve learned that there is another hurricane forming and we here, in the Inland Northwest are suffering from fires raging all around us. To all my friends, furry, feathered and otherwise The Tribe of Five and our humans want you to know we are sending prayers to you all.

Your Friend,
Siamese cat with blue eyes

girl hugs brown and white puppy rescued during Hurricane HarveyWhat’s Next For the Lost & Rescued Animals of Hurricane Harvey? – Mother Nature Network

Many folks have been concerned not only about the rescue of animals affected by Harvey but are also concerned by stories of animals being flown out of the Houston area to shelters around the country.  I must admit, The Tribe of Five has been concerned that animals are being whisked away from their homes without an attempt to find their humans but this article explains that this is not happening. In fact, shelter animals are being moved to no-kill shelters across the country so that there is room for the rescued pets to stay while the humans attempt to reunite them with their families.

Evidently the good folks in the Houston area already had a plan in place and, as the article notes, “Some people wrongfully assume that the dogs and cats being taken out of storm-impacted areas could be unclaimed family pets. But rescue groups and shelters are moving out animals that were already in their care before the storm in order to make room for pets that were displaced by Harvey. The pets that are being moved were strays or owner surrenders that were already waiting to be adopted.”

Two paws up for all the good folks who are helping animals reunite with their families!

Kitten Sneaks In Through Open Window, Decides To Adopt The Man Who Lives There -I Heart Cats

tabby kitten sitting in a white chair And while we’re on the subject of pet adoption, I give this little kitten kudos for taking adoption into his own paws. When this human came home he found an itty bitty kitty sitting in his favorite chair and, after he surveyed the neighborhood to see if the little guy belonged to anyone, finally decided to adopt him. Homeless Felines unite…be sure and check for open windows to get yourselves adopted!





Tuxedo cat with british postal worker hatThe Postal Museum is looking for cat mascots – Time Out London

The British are always on the cutting edge when it comes to felines and evidently their post office is just as feline forward thinking. The Post Office museum is going to select a feline as their mascot and I must say the entries are stunning. If I thought we could get the humans to move with us to England, I’d throw my hat in the ring as well.



Gray tabby cuddling with black and white kittenPosey Went For A Walk and  Brought Her Humans Something Special – LikeMag

Posey was a stray kitty who one day wandered into the hearts and home of her humans when she was barely out of kittenhood herself. She arrived with her three kittens and her humans took them all in, cared for them and loved them and then found furever homes for Posey’s kittens. That was four years ago and recently Posey wandered off for a while. Just when her humans were beginning to worry about her, she returned home, with a little gift in tow. I guess Posey was getting lonely.

Palmerston the black and white tuxedo cat in the British foreign officePalmerston the cat outshines rival Downing Street mouser Larry – UPI News

I’ve reported about the British political felines and introduced Palmerston in a previous blog post . There was some initial hissing and fuzzy tail incidents between Palmerston and the other purrlitical felines at 10 Downing Street but it appears all has settled down. And, Palmerston has proven himself to be Lord of the Mousers, surpassing the British government’s longtime mouse-hunting cat Larry’s position as   Chief mouser. A recent document released under Freedom of Information laws stated Palmerston killed at least 27 mice since coming to the office last year.

The Tribe of Five had a brief mouse encounter in our house this summer when several hapless field mice made their way into our storage room. Oliver and I made short work of them while the female human chased us around and tried to save the mice. Really human, mouse hunting is what cat’s do. Sadly, we did not come anywhere close to Palmerston’s mouse count.