Walk Through the Web Wednesday, 7/26


Hello Friends, Furry, Feathered and Otherwise,
Alberto here with my Wednesday web purrrusals, enjoy!

Siamese cat with blue eyes

Junior, the Danish Cat Takes a Rail Journey – The Local

Danish tabby takes a train rideI’ve featured rail riding felines before and I am always interested when a feline decides to travel. This little guy gave his humans quite a fright. He hopped on a local train and traveled 30 KM (18.64 miles) to the next town. I guess the moral to this story is, if your cat goes missing, check the local train stations!


Feline Birthday Cunundrum, Handmade Sushi or Canned Food? – Laughing Squid

orange tabby with sushi plate in front of himWell, I can’t think of anything better than having a sushi chef for your very own human. Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s Kitchen prepared a fabulous hand crafted sushi meal for his cat Nagi’s birthday.  He placed the beautiful sushi platter with a plate of canned cat food next to it and waited to see what Nagi would choose. I know what I would choose! If you want to see Nagi’s choice you’ll have to watch the video. 

Cat Videos Live!

logo for the entertainment company cat videos live

In our community there are many dog events, Yappy Hours, Dog films, etc. Well finally, someone has created a feline affair that you can bring to your town (and hopefully to ours). This is a feline film/cat comedy event that allows people to experience the cat video phenomenon.  The company has created some great original films and also serves as a forum for cat video creators to show off their work. The show travels with a multi-faceted entertainer, Carla Rhodes.  This is a new venture and their website and app are in the creation process at CatVideos.com ,  You can also like their Facebook page. The Tribe of Five is in the process of getting our lackey, errrrr, purrsonal assistant to put together some videos of us. Who knows, you might see us up on the big screen some day!

Stray Kitten Wanders Into Firehouse, And Gets A Job! – Little Things

orange and white tabby fire cat named FlameThe Belmont firehouse in Greenville, SC has experienced a parade of strays who come and then leave but not Flame, the orange tabby. Flame wandered in as a kitten and when the Fire Chief noticed that the firemen were playing with Flame and had created a place for him to sleep. It was obvious that Flame was there to stay. Flame has his own Instagram page and has become quite a national sensation.



Cats In A Flat,  the British Put a New Spin On Cat Sitting – Daily Mail.com

CatInAFlatThe bold heading of this article caught my eye,Want to make extra money pet sitting? Cat in a Flat can let you earn £25 a night or £10 a visit for taking care of your neighbours’ moggies” Since I’m a feline and money is irrelevant to me, it was the name that the Brits call cats that drew my attention. Across the pond, they refer to my esteemed species as “moggies”. I had my purrrsonal assistant do some research on this word and this is what she found, Moggy or moggie is an old British affectionate term for a domestic cat, but is also used as alternative name for a mongrel or mixed-breed cat whose ancestry and pedigree are unknown or only partially known. It was thought to be derived from the classic M markings on a tabbies head.”

But I digress, this news item is about a service that helps humans find  trusted, insured cat (moggie)  sitters who live nearby.  The business has a website Cat in A Flat that matches cat sitters and cat lovers across the UK. The format resembles dating websites.  At the time of this writing, the website has tens of thousands of registered sitters and is the fastest-growing cat sitting website in the UK.  Humans can book and pay online making arranging a cat sitter quick and easy.  There is another benefit from the website as it connects cat loving folks and allows many who live in cities and are not allowed to have “moggies” in their homes, look after them and enjoy some quality cat time. 

 Sounds like a great idea for city kittys but this feline and the rest of The Tribe of Five love their cat sitter, Cathy O’Toole Lancaster from Cathy’s Critter Care. She gives us lots of love and makes sure Tucker takes his medicine and she even texts photos of us to the humans while they are away.




The Litter-Ary Cat introducing Mollie Hunt

photos of Mollie Hunt crazy cat mystery booksWhen we sent the feline human to #BlogPaws in May she had a mission, to obtain signed copies of books from her fellow members of the Cat Writer Association to decorate her table and donate to the auction for our local shelter, The Panhandle Animal Shelter’s annual fund raiser, Hodge Podge at The Lodge. Well those cat writers are generous people and we felt it important to highlight each author who generously donated to our cause.

A note of explanation about the event. Humans sponsor and decorate a table at the event and then invite their human friends to come and bid on auction items and even the tables. Our human is doing a “Litter-Ary Cat table, complete with signed copies of cat books (thanks to the generosity of the human’s fellow Cat Writer’s Association members, cat wines, catnip cigars, cat bookends and other cat-themed library stuff.  The human will post pictures after the August 29th event.

I was purrrrticularily excited to learn about Mollie Hunt’s books as she writes a series of cat mysteries and we love mysteries, especially when cats are involved! Mollie generously donated a copy of each of her books in the Crazy Cat Lady series , Cat’s Eyes, Copy Cats and Cat Paw.  Mollie’s books feature a heroine, Lynley Cannon who is a cat shelter volunteer and a woman who manages to get tangled in dicey situations. And, the thread that runs through this book series is, of course cats!

Mollie has written other wonderful cat-related books and pieces and she received the prestigious Muse Award in the Health and General Care Blog Category for her blog post, “Life Stages” at this year’s Cat Writer’s Association conference. You can wander on over to her blog and see what Mollie is up to.

The female human enjoyed meeting Mollie and she and The Tribe of Five are very grateful for her contribution to our fund raiser so that we can help shelter kitties in our community find furever homes.

Until my next Litter-Ary feline book review from the other generous authors, grab your copy of Mollie’s books and enjoy.

Until next time, your friend,



Walk Through The Web Wednesday, 7/12

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Friends, Furry and Otherwise,
Alberto here with my weekly purrrusal of all things feline on the web. I hope you enjoy this week’s finds.
Your Friend,


12 Cats in Hong Kong You Need to Know – Postsize

striped cat in a box in a Hong Kong storeA Dutch photographer moved to Hong Kong and noticed something right away, seems everywhere he went there were cats.  I say two paws up to these feline loving folks in Hong Kong and I might suggest that the folks in my own beloved U. S. of A get on this bandwagon!



shibu ina dog and tabby cat in Japanese hatsFriendship Between Cat and Dog in Tokyo – Lonely Planet

This is a delightful story from another Far East neighbor, Japan. All that “fighting like cats and dogs” rhetoric is blown with this story. These two are fast friends and close furry family members. Do you live with a canine you love? Post some photos on our Feline Opines Facebook page and share the love with everyone!




firehouseFirehouse Kitty Brings Love to Fire House – Monsters and Critics

My humans love to watch the show, “My Cat From Hell” (not that any of the Tribe of Five would EVER need the advice of Jackson Galaxy for any bad behavior). They watch it for educational purposes only. Well this kitty was featured on the show not because he has issues but because he brings so much love and healing to the firefighters .  Host Jackson Galaxy says: “You know, one of the things that makes Flame, for me, a cat from Heaven, is to see a bunch of guys gathered around a cat and just having them melt — and a bunch of tough-guys at that.” We don’t have enough cat guys out there flying that flag and saying ‘come on, man, cat’s are for men too.”  This feline couldn’t agree more!

Browser the tabby cat works in a Texas libraryLibrary Cat Loses His Job…and Then…- Cuteness

I have featured many felines with jobs in my Wednesday wanderings. Browser, the library cat had been working in a library in a small Texas town for quite a while but then, on June 14th, some human named Elzie Clements proposed a motion to the city council that Browser should be evicted.  He was given 30 days notice.  Well, after local folks decried this motion in person at the council meeting, a petition was created and they received 700 signatures. But wait, there’s more…more than 12,000 Browser supporters signed the petition and then a pro-Browser Facebook page was launched and the rest, as the humans say, is history. People from all over the world sent their support for Browser to keep his job. After all this and the thousands of messages the mayor received, a special meeting was called on July 30th (which was broadcast) and the council voted unanimously to reinstate Browser.  My human is always saying that people should be engaged in their local politics, now I’m beginning to understand what she means, sometimes you just have to get purrrrlitical!

orange tabby Mr. Wu works in a New Orleans bar9 Cats With Cushy Jobs – Mental Floss

Browser isn’t the only feline with a good job.  I enjoyed reading about all these “purrrfressonal felines” but I think my favorite is Mr. Wu.  Mr. Wu works at Molly’s Market in New Orleans. He arrived during hurricane Katrina looking for shelter and never left. When Mr. Wu chooses to take a break from his work at the bar, he is served fresh cream in a go cup.



National Kitten Day, July 10, 2017

siamese kitten and black and white kitten celebrate national kitten day

It’s time to celebrate National Kitten Day!  We came from our local shelter, Panhandle Animal Shelter as did our sister Lily. Tucker and Jasmine were rescue kittens from a private rescue in California.  Get out and celebrate National Kitten Day and see if your shelter is running a special this month on cat adoptions…ours is!


Oh, and here’s a shot of us today.

Purrs & Head Bonks,
Alberto & Oliver

A Feline’s Guide to Treadmill Snoopervising Your Human

Hello All,

Alberto here. The female human ordered a huge heavy walking machine (she calls it a treadmill) recently and The Tribe of Five watched with interest as she and the male human put this monstrosity together.  Our snoopervising duties did not end when the thing was assembled, nope, that’s when our work really began. Having done these duties for a month now, Oliver and I thought we’d share this manual with our other feline friends who have humans who use these machines.

Siamese cat sits on rug pulled over for treadmillStep 1 – Clear the Way

The human must move the rug in order to place a thing she calls a mat on the floor. Lacking opposable thumbs, I am limited in what I can help with but I do make sure she has moved the rug over correctly. To indicate my approval, I will sit on the folded carpet.




Black and white cat rolling on m at

Step 2 – Placing The Mat

The human then takes a long rubber thing she calls a “mat” out of the closet and sets it down on the bare floor. Oliver’s job is to make sure the mat thingy is placed correctly and that it hasn’t lost any of its softness.  Once Oliver stops rolling on the mat, the human may then remove him for the next step.

Black and white cat inspects treadmillStep 3 -Placing the Machine on the Mat

Once Oliver is removed from the mat, the human rolls the big walking machine over and prepares to lower the bottom half. Once the machine is placed purrfectly, Oliver does a quick walk-around and indicates when he is satisfied that the placement is correct.



Siamese inspects treadmill

Step 4-Assess if the Walking Machine is ready for use

After Oliver has given a “paws up” to placement, the human lowers the moving part of the machine. It is then my job to carefully observe all areas of said machine before we allow the human to get on it.



white sneaker on a treadmillStep 5 -Turn the Human Loose

After all feline inspection is completed indicate to your human that the machine may now be used. This indication may take many forms; we prefer stretching out across the length of the machine as our signal. you may find something more suitable for your household. The human (once she removes us) may then begin the walking procedure.





Step 6 -Safety First

Even though the human is now using the machine, there is still an obligation on behalf of the household felines to stay and make sure the human doesn’t do anything stupid (I Siamese under green chairmean dangerous). You must remain until the walking is finished. We prefer two observation options, one is under the green chair and the other is as far away from the thing as we can get.cats on furniture watching





Siamese cat sitting on treadmikllStep 7 – Cool Down Time

When the human finishes she observes something she refers to as “cool down time”. This is when she sits on a chair and breathes heavily. In order to ensure that she does not overdo, you must station yourself on the moving machine until proper cool down time has been observed.





three cats on a red sofaStep 8 -It Isn’t Just About The Human

Snoopervising is hard work!  When all equipment is put away and the rug and the furniture are returned to the proper places.  You should then head upstairs and take a 4 or 5 hour snooze to recover.





Oliver and I hope these instructions will prove helpful to all our feline friends and their humans with moving machines. If you have any feline snoopervising tips you’d like to add, please give us a meow.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

close up of Siamese cat and black and white cat faces

Walk Through The Web, July 5, 2017

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Friends, Furry or Otherwise,
I told my purrrsonal assistant that there would be no slacking and just because she had what the humans refer to as a “holiday” day off yesterday, I still expected her to ensure my blog post was taken care of. I mean, how can you have a “walk through the web Wednesday” on a Thursday? I am happy to say that she managed to get my notes translated so here’s my weekly view of my favorite things feline on the web.
Your Friend,

a sign for kitty delphia a cat event in philadelphiaKittydelphia Pop Up Feline Event in Philadelphia – PhillyMag.com

I am always pleased to see humans coming up with new and innovative feline-related events. This one in Philly is something I hope will sweep the nation.  It’s a 3-day feline festival that will feature cats looking for a furever home, vendors selling all sorts of kitty stuff and stuff for those who love kitties and they’ll even have some feline celebrities.




gray cat and human get matching purple nail polishFelines and Humans Now Can Have Matching Manicures – Bustle

Since I’m a manly cat, I wasn’t too sure what to think about this. I polled the two felines in The Tribe of Five, Jasmine and Lily.  Lily is so adverse to having her nails touched she freaks out so the humans have to have the vet do it. Needless to say, Lily had nothing nice to say about this idea. Jasmine is much more mellow and she’s a bit of a fashionista so she was okay with the idea as long as the procedure didn’t require her to be shoved in a kennel and taken in the metal machine with wheels. Maybe city kitties will like this better than rural kitties.

Cats With Jobs – We’re More Than Pretty Faces

Those of you who follow my Wednesday wanderings know I love to feature working felines, so here are my two faves for this week.

black cat named Stacks sleeps on library cartMeet Four Professional Library Cats – Care2

Three of these litter-ary felines are in the United States and one works at a library in Russia. All of their job descriptions are similar, with each bringing their own unique purrrsonality to their workplace. I’m featuring a photo of the feline with the best library name, meet Stacks.


black and white tuxedo cat finds lost catsHenry the Search and Rescue Professional Pet Detective – Cattime.com

While all working cats have important jobs, I must say, Henry has a SUPER important one. The article talks about one of Henry’s many successes, where he sniffed a parking lot and around a deck to find a frightened kitten. He picked up the kitten’s scent and waved his tail, his signal to the humans that means “I found him!”.  The kitten was hiding in a pile of trash, Henry’s human had the kitten’s human call the frightened little guy over a speaker, when the kitten came out, Henry’s human grabbed him and returned him to his humans.  Way to go Henry!

My final section for this week is entitled, “we don’t need opposable thumbs”.  You will marvel at what these two felines accomplished.

Cat Learns to Knead Dough With YouTube Video – Food and Wine

black and white cat learns how to knead dough on youtubeMy humans watch food programs on the big black screen. They also like to watch this thing called YouTube when they need to learn something (they recently used the YouTube to put together a treadmill for the female human). It stands to reason that felines can learn knew tricks with the YouTube thing as well. Case in point, watch this kitty master the art of dough kneading via video.

black and white tuxedo cat learns how to flush toiletKitty With Mad Bathroom Skills – UPI

So this clever cat figured out how to help around the house, namely he knows how to flush the toilet. Now one would thing his humans would be thankful and acknowledge this feline for his helpful ways but nooooo-the humans complain about the costly water bill! Sometimes I wonder what it takes to make our humans happy!







Linky Party – July 1, 2017

Five cats in hats celebrating Linky Party

Hello Friends, Furry and Otherwise,
img_1037Oliver here. I’m hosting the linky party this time so I got to choose my 3 faves from the last Linky Party posts. So here goes….enjoy and don’t forget to join the party! (Oh, and what do you of the fancy collar I scored from Teri’s Stylish Cats (Coco Couture Cat) at the BlogPaws conference?



Bad News Day – Erin The Cat Princess

Black and white tuxedo cat ErinWhat I love about Erin, the Cat Princess, is that she will say things that many felines are just too scared to say. In this post she decries the idea that humans make plans and announcements without ever thinking through how these pronouncements will affect the felines in residence. I mean really, how rude! Thanks Erin, for being the voice of felines around the world!


Sunday Selfies, Father’s Day and Crotchety Cougars Club – 15 and Meowing

orange and white cat wearing a red hatWhere do I begin with this post, it’s jam packed with good stuff.  First, I love the Father’s Day tribute to the 15 and Meowing’s cat daddy. The Tribe of Five has a great cat daddy too and we showed ours special love on Father’s day and sat in his lap and loved on him, dropping quite an assortment of feline fur on his black t-shirt.  I also love the Crotchety Cougars club for felines 15 and over. And those fantastic hats, don’t get me started! I w as going to tell Jasmine to enroll but she won’t be 15 until next year. She’s gonna’ look fancy in that hat and she’s already got the “crotchety” thing nailed!

Caturday and the Hole – DogDaz Zoo

white cat peering through a circle in the curtainsThis one is for the humans. Here at Feline Opines we talk about the world from a feline point of view and in this post the good folks at  Dog Daz Zoo present the world from a feline’s visual point of view. Verrrrry interesting and you humans may learn a few things about how and why we respond to the stuff we see.


Now it’s your turn to join the pawty, maybe you’ll see your post featured next time!\

Oliver the black and white cat holding sign


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