Hello From the Human!

Welcome! I am the purrrsonal assistant to a feline Tribe of rescues. I am a published author in numerous genres but writing for and about felines is one of my greatest writing passions.

Writers, especially writers of fiction and stories, write in a character’s “voice”.  When I write for my cats, I write in each of their distinct and unique voices. l’m not such a crazy cat lady that I believe my cats are talking to me , but I do know enough about feline behavior to watch and learn  each one’s unique and distinct personality. 

But, rather than telling you about the fabulous felines who “write”, I’ll let them introduce themselves to you.

Thanks for visiting us!  Warm purrs



Hi There,
Lily here. I was adopted from our local animal shelter . Many people have attempted to figure out my heritage, so far they’ve all failed. If you have any ideas as to my exotic heritage, we’d love to hear about it.  I just like to say I’m unusual. The Human did do a DNA test for me on Basepaws and learned a bit more about my heritage.

Your friend, 


Hello World!
This is Oliver, brother to Alberto and one of the “foster failures” of The Human.. I am a stocky little guy but what I lack in grace I make up for in energy. I got my name (Oliver Twist) because as the runt of the litter I was alwys begging for food and even though I’m a portlyt gent now, I’m still begging for food.


Cio and Meow,
I am Alberto,. the brother of Oliver. I am called Alberto Contador because I’m sorta’ sleek (despie my twenty-two pounds) and fast and named after the cyclist Alberto Contador. And by the way, I’vew never been on a bicycle.

Adios my friends, four and two-legged,