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Hello Friends,
Alberto here. If you follow my Walk Through the Web Wednesday posts you know I have a fascination with cat cafe’s. I often feature them on my weekly updates.

I was going to have our purrsonal assistant create a guide to cat cafe’s on our website but she kept hissing about how much work it would be. Imagine my delight when I found out that our friends at Katzenworld already had that covered. They even included a website called  The Neighbor’s Cat that’s devoted to photos, reviews and listings of cat cafes all over the world.

So Please enjoy the cat cafe info on this page and I invite you to purrruse other sections of Katzenworld and The Neighbor’s Cat. 

The gorgeous feline on the heading of this page is Navi. Jasmine did an interview with her on our blog called “Navi’s Tea Party”. You should check it out,there’s an interview with Navi and her human and more stunning photos. 

Our furiends at Katzenworld have all kinds of info on their site. Just go to their site and enter “cat cafe” in the search box and voila, you’ll find cat cafe info from all over the world!