National Kitten Day, July 10, 2017

siamese kitten and black and white kitten celebrate national kitten day

It’s time to celebrate National Kitten Day!  We came from our local shelter, Panhandle Animal Shelter as did our sister Lily. Tucker and Jasmine were rescue kittens from a private rescue in California.  Get out and celebrate National Kitten Day and see if your shelter is running a special this month on cat adoptions…ours is!


Oh, and here’s a shot of us today.

Purrs & Head Bonks,
Alberto & Oliver

Amelia’s Story-Part 1

As my regular readers know, the felines are the voice of this blog but the felines have graciously allowed me to write this story because it’s very important, not just for felines but for the humans who love them.  

There are two things you need to know before you begin reading this piece.  First, this is one of the hardest articles I’ve ever written.  I still can’t write it without shedding tears.  Second, and most important, this story has a happy ending and hopefully a lesson and comfort for those who have been in the same situation, so please stay the course. Amelia’s story sparked my passion for the fear free movement and all the benefits it brings to our fur kids.  


Meeting Lily

I attended a gala shopper’s evening at our local shelter’s thrift store.  As I admired all the displays and fantastic prices, one of the shelter Board members approached me and said,  “You have to meet a kitten.” I never say no to making a new feline friend so before you could say “meow” I was in the kitten room looking at the most unusual, sweet little round-eyed kitten.


Lily as a kitten

It took about 10 minutes for me to be completely smitten. My husband and I had been discussing bringing a kitten into our feline tribe and so I quickly snapped the photo you see on the left and texted him, “I found our kitten.”

 Kittens Must Always Come in Pairs

It took several days of conversation before my husband agreed that we could adopt Lily, with one caveat; we had to adopt another kitten as well. He had a good point as integrating a kitten into a household of one seventeen-year old cat and two ten-year old cats might be hard for a single kitten. Two kittens would have each other to play and bond with and the older guys would be spared some of the kitten shenanigans. I agreed and we set off to bring our new fur kids home.



We came home with two fur babies that afternoon. Lily and a spunky little Tabby we named Amelia after Amelia Earhart because she fearlessly flew all over the house and ended up in the highest places.

As much as I loved Lily, it was Amelia who bonded with me the most. Wherever I was, she was there, keeping me company on a stool in the kitchen while I cooked, always near, always interested in what I was doing, always seeking me out.

Both kittens bonded well, with each other, the rest of the cats and with us. Amelia’s, smart and sassy personality and her eyes that seemed to speak to me inspired the writing of this blog. I never tired of watching her exhibit her own brand of catitude. And, as a fiction writer, I could just imagine what this little character was thinking.

Happy Kittens, Happy Feline Family

As Amelia’s  distinctive personality inspired me I created the blog, “Amelia’s World”. She  shared her opinion about visiting the vet, her life with the other felines and anything else that captured her interest.  Lily was content to live a more private life away from public view.

The feline “elders” were happy to engage with the kittens on their own terms and pleased that the little ones had each other to play with. All was well with our feline tribe.

Our Sorrow


Miss P.

Fast forward one year. Our beloved Miss P., Alpha of the tribe, died at the age of 18. We were inconsolable. She was our first fur kid, the first year of our marriage.

Her death changed the dynamic of our feline tribe. Our now ten-year old male, Tucker, slipped into the role of Alpha. He was the only male and although he’s  an easy-going, no drama kind of guy, his sixteen pounds helped him secure the position with little effort on his part.

Tucker’s sibling, Jasmine took it all in stride. As long as she could come out on the upstairs deck with us, sit on a chair and watch the birds, her life was complete.  Lily had no leadership aspirations but it was a completely different situation with Amelia.

Our Struggle



No matter how hard Amelia fought to take control,  and fight she did, Tucker wasn’t having it. He quickly let Amelia know that he was now the Boss Cat.  We watched helplessly as our previously harmonious house became a battle field.

Amelia’s frustration exhibited itself in numerous ways. One was aggression toward the other cats.  Tucker was too big to bully. Lily stood up to Amelia and refused to back down.  Poor Jasmine however, was too timid to stand her ground. She had never been bullied before and  her sweet, shy nature made her a perfect target. Her response to Amelia’s aggression was to run from  and hide. The  decision to run emboldened Amelia, who quickly realized that Jasmine was the best target for her frustration.

The battles became louder and more horrific and created an untenable situation for Jasmine, who retreated to our bedroom and ultimately took up residence there.

IMAG0004Without access to Jasmine, Amelia’s frustration grew. She went from my sweet, funny and mischievous little cat to an upset and angry cat. She exhibited her unhappiness by peeing all over the house. Each morning and evening became a black light excursion with long cleaning sessions. We spent hundreds of dollars on pheromone plug-ins, air cans, moving furniture, buying new area rungs and even new furniture. We spent extra time with Amelia, playing with her and loving her, attempting to calm  her aggression. We also made numerous visits to the vet to ensure there were no underlying health issues.

We loved this smart, sassy Tabby and despite the situation we now found ourselves in, we were committed to do whatever it took to remedy the situation. Almost a year and hundreds of dollars later, nothing had changed. We were all, human and feline, living in a continual state of  stress and fear.

Next time: the Right thing Is Often the Hardest Thing -Amelia’s Story Part 2 

The Case Against The Kittens

Hello folks Tucker here,

There were some exciting goings on in the wee hours of the morning.  I was cuddled comfortably in my favorite chair when I heard a loud “thump”. After the “thump” there were loud rolling sounds as though a small train was traveling through the living room.

The noise subsided and I went back to sleep. I was awakened next by the sound of a door slamming and then crashes and bangs emanating from the laundry room.

The female human came out of the bedroom to investigate the noises  and as it appeared the human was on the job, I went back to sleep.

It was only after I’d been served my breakfast and the humans discussed their take on the previous night’s events that I heard the damning evidence against Alberto and Oliver.

Evidently the first “thump” was Alberto stealing a spaghetti squash from the veggie basket, knocking it to the floor and then viciously attacking the offending squash. (See photo-Exhibit B).

After tiring of the squash attack he and Oliver headed to the laundry room where their shenanigans resulted in the accidental closing of the door. They proceeded to dismantle the room in order to attract attention and facilitate a rescue. (See photo-Exhibit A)

Never a dull moment with the Tribe of Five. 

Enjoy your Caturday, I’m heading off to make up for my lost sleep.

Shall We Tell Him?

Hello Human’s and Furry Friends,

Tucker here. As the Alpha and elder statesman of our Tribe of Five, I feel it is my duty to help the young ‘uns navigate this complicated life.

Today, I spied Oliver perusing the forest outside and then noticed he was cuddled up to what he believes is his new BFF.

I hate to disillusion the little guy. Perhaps I’ll just let him figure it out for himself.

Your Friend

Music for Cats – The Tribe of Five Weigh In

Hello Folks,

The felines felt that they went above and beyond the call in their social media duties so have tasked me to post their first impressions with the new Music For Cats album.

From a human point of view I’d say that I was very pleasantly surprised, but rather than have you read my second-hand observations, best to go to the source. They’ve provided their thoughts and videos as well.

Kittens in the Kitchen

Hello Humans and Furry Friends,

Alberto here. Today I want to opine on the female humans attitude about our assistance in the kitchen. Oliver and I are completely befuddled when we reach out a paw to help and it isn’t appreciated.

For instance, take Ollie’s willingness to act as sous chef. Being the stocky little fellow he is, lithe leaps onto the stovetop or the counter are not his forte, so he approaches his kitchen duties very methodically.


First he sits patiently, watching the human work and assessing the situation. The fact that he is a bit vertically challenged does require that he may need to stretch up to attempt to obtain a better view. Remember, Oliver is a deep thinker and serious about any task he takes on, case in point, his current Purresidential campaign. If you need to get a job done, Ollie is your cat.


Yet, no matter how willing Oliver is to assist the female human, she never seems to appreciate the fact that he wants to lend a paw for  the task at hand. 

As for me, I prefer a more casual approach. My strength and length allow me to leap onto counters in a single bound, so I choose to peruse the cooking situation from my perch on the kitchen window while I snack on some nice wheatgrass. 


The female human does not appear to appreciate my services as supervisor and she is constantly removing me from my lookout post.

In light of the human’s less than gracious attitude toward our services while she is cooking, Oliver and I determined we would find another task more suited to our tastes and talents. We happily took up our new post and still the female human complained. Sheesh, go figure. 

If any of you felines or other furry creatures have any suggestions as to how we can better extend a paw of help, please chime in and let us know. We may be young but we are always willing to learn.

Your friend Alberto (Contador)



  Hello Humans,

Al here. My human just showed me a video that may just be the most remarkable idea of 2016. One brilliant human just combined two of the internets favorite things, cats and selfies…Catsies .

Now I am a bit purrrrturbed that the aforementioned human didn’t bother to contact me to participate in the photo shoots, I mean, seriously folks, look at this face!

Ah well, purrhaps my moment of fame is still to come.

Your friend,