#AtoZ Challenge Q

Hi There,
Jasmine here. Today’s letter is “Q” and that stands for ‘QUEENLY” and don’t Lily and I look the part? We are the only two girls in The Tribe of Five and we take our diva roles quite seriously. Now all we have to do is to get those males to treat us with the deference and respect we deserve! And a reminder, even rescue kitties like us can be royal!
Purrs & Head Bonks,


The Tribe of Five Opine on Boxes,Buddies and Strange Seating Positions, Friendly Fill Ins Week #101

Hello All,
The Tribe of Five is taking turns answering this Friday’s Friendly Fill in Questions, hope you enjoy our answers! Remember that our good furiends at 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader host this fun blog hop. You can join in or, if you purrfer, leave your fill in answers in our “opining” section.
Purrs & Head Bonks,

Here are this week’s fill in questions:

1.___________________keeps me _____________________.

2. _____________________is the secret to _______________________.
3. A friend                             .

4. Right now, I am thankful                          .

Here are this week’s responses from The Tribe of Five.

1._Having a new box keeps me happy. (By “me” we mean every member of the tribe. Boxes are the BEST!)


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2. Sitting in weird positions on the sofa is the secret to making my Humans laugh. (Alberto)


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3. A friend means always having a cuddle buddy. (Oliver)

4. Right now, I am thankful that the Female Human bought some “Scaredy Cat” solution for Jasmine so that maybe we can be friends again! (Lily)



#AtoZChallenge L

Hi There,
Lily here. Today’s letter is “L” and that stands for “Long”. Now most of you humans don’t think of felines as being long but we are capable of stretching ourselves quite far. Even the chubby felines, I won’t name names (Oliver) can lengthen themselves with a little kitty yoga. So all you felines out there, stretch and relax!

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#AtoZChallenge I

Hello Folks,
Alberto here. Todays letter is “I” and that stands for “Indulge”. This is a word that all felines are quite furmaliar with because felines are known to indulge themselves, frequently and with gusto.

I am including some photos of The Tribe of Five and our furiends indulging themselves in the hopes that your humans will be inspired to indulge the felines in their home in new ways.

Oliver: If you live in a cold place (as we do) be sure your humans indulge you by purchasing you a down sofa throw (make sure it’s the real thing, do not accept cheap imitations.)





Alberto: When I was a little guy I really enjoyed the Human’s electronics.  They indulged me and pretty much let me take over the iPad mini. This is me with my iPad enjoying Jitterbug. The Female Human downloaded this for me from Friskies.




Jasmine: My favorite blog post was about our furiend Navi and the amazing tea party her human treated her to. Meowza, this is indulgence to the max. (Please pass the catnip tea)



a siamese cat and black and white cat sitting in a sink

Alberto: There’s no better place on a warm summer day than the kitchen sink. If you observe the photo closely, the water is running so that I can stick  my head under it for an extra dose of cooling off.






Lily: When indulging yourself by taking up a large portion of the sofa, do a little kitty yoga. It’s important to stretch out those paws!






Siamese cat with cross eyes on chair

Tucker, Alpha of The Tribe of Five

Tucker: When appropriating any of the human’s furniture, be sure that you settle yourself in the most comfortable way. If there is a soft throw on the piece, so much the better, confiscate that and the comfy pillow as well.

#AtoZChallenge C

img_1429Hello Folks,
Lily here. Today’s challenge letter is “C” and that stands for CUDDLES. All of the Tribe loves to cuddle and we seem to have our designated cuddle buddy. My cuddle buddy is Tucker, although I have to admit I sometimes get on his nerves.

Oliver and Alberto are cuddle buddies and they really like to cuddle. Jasmine likes to cuddle with the humans. Here is a little Tribe of Five cuddle montage, I hope you enjoy it.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

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Oliver Opines on Inspurration -Blogging from A to Z..”A”


Hello Folks

This is our first time purrticipating in this challenge and we’re a bit apprehensive about coming up with a post inspired a letter every day but The Tribe of Five has resolved to do it.

Today’s letter is “A”, so I’m blogging about All of The Tribe.  I figure many of you will be new to our blog so I thought an introduction would be a good idea. We are five rescue felines who live in the Northwest with our two humans.


My brother Alberto and I are the youngest, (2 years)  fostered and then adopted by our Humans. Lily is four years old, she was adopted from our local shelter and Tucker (the Alpha) and his sister Jasmine are 14 years old and moved with the humans to this home.

We will be taking turns opining on things that strike our fancy (in alphabetical order, of course). We hope you enjoy our feline view of the world and we look forward to having our purrsonal secretary read the posts of the other purrticipants to us.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

black and white cat Oliver