Walk Through the Web Wednesday 10/26

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello World, Alberto Here,
I have officially ended my blogging strike. The humans heard me loud and clear as regards my distaste for the ridiculous dinosaur costume they tried to make me wear. At The Trive of Five we have a “no costume” policy that is now enforced after this recent debacle.

As a result of this strange holiday the humans seem to enjoy, I decided to devote this Wednesday to their ridiculous celebration.

I also wanted to point out that this feline is an equality opportunity blog writer and today I have featured a blog by mice as well as dog posts.



img_2553The Great Halloween Indignity – Feline Opines

My first listing will be a bit of shameless self-promotion as I am featuring my post The Great Halloween Indignity which started my campaign against the human’s Halloween ridiculousness.



How Black Cats Came to Halloween – Hartz

My next selection is from the good folks at Hartz  “How Black Cats Came to Halloween” Black cats have a bad reputation, especially during this time of year. The Black cat in the gardenfemale human who is my purrsonal assistant for blogging (can’t use a keyboard without opposable thumbs) got a bit misty-eyed when she saw the photo on the Hartz blog and told me about a black cat that used to live with the humans named Buster. I sure wish I could have met him, he sounds like a great guy. I’ve included a photo of our Buster as an homage to the big guy. 


Orange Tabby Kitten and pumpkinHalloween Safety Tips for Your Cat – Pet MD

There are many written about the perils and terrors of the noisy Fourth of July celebrations the humans love so much but few about keeping cats safe on Halloween. Well, I found an excellent article from Pet MD called “Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cat”. ‘Some really good stuff there and I made sure both humans read it.


Halloween: The Well Dressed Cat – Adventures in Cheeseland

Hedgehog in tutuAfter I wrote about my costume indignity, I heard from some friends over at Adventures in Cheeseland which is probably the only WordPress blog hosted by mice. Now the Cheeseland folks are very willing to allow all species to have a say on the blog and they referred me to a guest blog post , “Halloween: The Well Dressed Cat” by the feline, Tiffany Furreau, consultant on the “Real Cats of Beverly Hills” who blogs about the latest trends in cat costumes. I will share Adventure in Cheeseland’s disclaimer at the beginning of the blog “Please do not let your humans see these pictures” (they are not fans of the cat costume craze either! (The photo is Horatio (Lord Nelson) Hedgehog from the Adventures in Cheeseland crew. Evidently hedgehogs are not immune to the Halloween costume indignities either.)


dogs in ghost costumesThe Telegraph – 25 of the Best Dressed Dogs at the New York City Dog Parade

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t feature some canines in Halloween finery. This selection is from The Telegraph  “25 of the Best Dressed Dogs at the New York City Dog Parade”. This article features photos from this year’s parade and I must say some of them are quite clever. I would also note that these canines look a lot less put out about the whole costume situation than their feline friends.

Well, folks that’s it for the week, all I have to say about this Halloween holiday thing is this, cut the wires in the scary doorbell and keep a bowl of tasty canine/feline/hedgehog/mouse etc. treats handy for your furry family members.

Until next Wednesday,

Your un-costumed friend,

Changing Your Purrspective

Hello World,

Alberto here. I have been observing the humans lately and the female human appears to be in a state other humans refer to as “stressed out”.  As a feline, I am unfamiliar with this. It is not in the feline nature, particularly the nature of a spoiled indoor feline living in a fear-free environment to have this “stressed out” condition.

Still, I care deeply for the feline human and pondered how I might go about assisting her. One morning it occurred to me. She needs a change of purrspective!

As the female human is on the “shortish” side (she requires a stool to reach the highest parts of the cabinets) and definitely not as coordinated or flexible as this feline , I decided to help her by finding her a new purrspective.

Siamese cat on top of refrigerator This was no easy feat.  had to balance myself on a stack of antique suitcases in the corner of the dining room. From there I had to jump up to the top of the buffet and make my way through the slalom course of  numerous crystal and silver candlesticks . From the buffet I leaped to the top of the kitchen cabinets and from there, I was at the highest point of the house.

I made myself comfortable on top of the big, white cat food keeper and was delighted to find that if I kicked my foot in just the right way, I could actually open the door of the cat food keeper. This was a bonus.

As I settled in to contemplate my lofty purrspective endeavoring to find some insight for the female human I heard a gasp and then “Alberto!”

Siamese cat on top of refrigerator Evidently the female human did not appreciate my efforts to assist her. She dragged her little stool over, stood on it and dragged me from my spot.

That’s the thanks a feline gets for trying to help the humans with a problem. I am sorely disappointed that she did not appreciate my efforts. Next time I will show the same lack of concern as my brother Oliver, who is always more interested in his own state of being than that of anyone else.


Good-bye for now, your Friend,

The Great Halloween Indignity 

Hello Friends,

My regular readers may have noticed that I did not do a “Walk Through The Web Wednesday” post.  There is an important reason for this.

The male human purchased a thing they call a “Halloween costume”.  The humans have been draping this on me in order to get me used to it. This Tuesday they had the temerity to strap the thing on me. I was not amused and announced that I wouldn’t be walking through the web or anywhere else until they drop this ridiculous idea.

To all my feline friends, please let me know what you think of stuffing felines into these “costumes”, paws up or paws down? Also, the humans tell me there are many of my species proudly displaying these costume things on the internet. If this is true, please share your photos with us.

In the meantime, I remain your “uncostumed” friend,

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 10/5/16

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello Folks,
Alberto here. It’s my weekly purrrrusal of the web for all things feline . I’m bringing you four of my faves, enjoy!

My first pick is from our friends at Catwoods – Tornado on the Ground: Tuscaloosa, April 27, 2011

catwoodstornadoThe female human has been praying for friends in Florida because there is a big storm coming, she prayed for friends in Mississippi and Louisiana not too long ago. This made me wonder, what happens during these bad weather things, what do the humans do, how do they protect their furry family members and can things come out okay? This story was very helpful and tells the story of humans, canines and felines who went through a terrible weather situation. To all my friends, furry, feathered, human and otherwise who are in the way of bad weather, stay safe!

Playful Kitty – Easy Pet Hair Removal with BobSweep Pet Hair

dexter-standing-on-bob-1The female human is constantly bemoaning the cat hair left on furniture, clothing and other spaces in our house. Every time she takes out the vicious vacuum monster we all head downstairs. I must confess, I wasn’t sure I wanted to feature any post that talked about the dreaded vacuum monster but after reading this one, I am hopeful. The felines in this house don’t seem to be terrorized and there are photos of them actually standing on the thing. Could this be the solution the female human is searching for? If it isn’t as vicious as our current vacuum monster, I just might suggest to the male human that it would make a nice gift for the female human.

Pam Johnson-Bennett -20 Things Your New Kitten Wants You to Know

oliverundertablealMy brother Oliver and I came to live with the Tribe of Five a year ago. It has only been about three years since the humans brought a rescue kitten into the family but they still were a bit rusty. Not all kittens are the same and kittens aren’t just miniature cats. Whether you’ve had many kittens in your home or your’re a feline newbie, you will find something helpful in this article. Oh and the photos are me (on the left) and Oliver (on the right) the first week we came to live with The Tribe of Five.


The Dodo – Cat Convinces Lambs to Follow Him Everywhere

orange tabby and sheepI’m a sucker for stories about felines doing fantastic things. The human author, Stephen Messenger, tells a tale of cat in New Zealand who moved from his mundane indoor status to Leader of the Lambs. Just goes to show you, we cats can be anything we set our minds to being!




Well, that’s it for this Wednesday, purrs to you all.
Your Friend,