The Great Halloween Indignity 

Hello Friends,

My regular readers may have noticed that I did not do a “Walk Through The Web Wednesday” post.  There is an important reason for this.

The male human purchased a thing they call a “Halloween costume”.  The humans have been draping this on me in order to get me used to it. This Tuesday they had the temerity to strap the thing on me. I was not amused and announced that I wouldn’t be walking through the web or anywhere else until they drop this ridiculous idea.

To all my feline friends, please let me know what you think of stuffing felines into these “costumes”, paws up or paws down? Also, the humans tell me there are many of my species proudly displaying these costume things on the internet. If this is true, please share your photos with us.

In the meantime, I remain your “uncostumed” friend,

11 thoughts on “The Great Halloween Indignity 

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