Changing Your Purrspective

Hello World,

Alberto here. I have been observing the humans lately and the female human appears to be in a state other humans refer to as “stressed out”.  As a feline, I am unfamiliar with this. It is not in the feline nature, particularly the nature of a spoiled indoor feline living in a fear-free environment to have this “stressed out” condition.

Still, I care deeply for the feline human and pondered how I might go about assisting her. One morning it occurred to me. She needs a change of purrspective!

As the female human is on the “shortish” side (she requires a stool to reach the highest parts of the cabinets) and definitely not as coordinated or flexible as this feline , I decided to help her by finding her a new purrspective.

Siamese cat on top of refrigerator This was no easy feat.  had to balance myself on a stack of antique suitcases in the corner of the dining room. From there I had to jump up to the top of the buffet and make my way through the slalom course of  numerous crystal and silver candlesticks . From the buffet I leaped to the top of the kitchen cabinets and from there, I was at the highest point of the house.

I made myself comfortable on top of the big, white cat food keeper and was delighted to find that if I kicked my foot in just the right way, I could actually open the door of the cat food keeper. This was a bonus.

As I settled in to contemplate my lofty purrspective endeavoring to find some insight for the female human I heard a gasp and then “Alberto!”

Siamese cat on top of refrigerator Evidently the female human did not appreciate my efforts to assist her. She dragged her little stool over, stood on it and dragged me from my spot.

That’s the thanks a feline gets for trying to help the humans with a problem. I am sorely disappointed that she did not appreciate my efforts. Next time I will show the same lack of concern as my brother Oliver, who is always more interested in his own state of being than that of anyone else.


Good-bye for now, your Friend,

26 thoughts on “Changing Your Purrspective

    • Dear Humans,
      Oliver here. I always suspected there was an evil monster in the fireplace but the rest of The Tribe of Five just laugh at me. I will no longer lounge facing away from the monsters den and Alberto has agreed to stand watch. Thank you!
      Your friend Oliver


  1. That was an excellent effort, Alberto. And how ungrateful of your human not to acknowledge your help. For what it’s worth, WE think it’s really cool that you got all the way up there. 🙂

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  2. I hope you didn’t spoil any of your food opening the cat foot keeper like that Alberto! We have a couple of parakeets here so getting to the highest point of the house is a MUCH easier prospect, sounds like you had quite an adventure!


    • I do love high places and yes, I’ve been scolded for keeping the frig door open! Once I figured out that this may affect the quality of my wet food, I have been better about not kicking the door open. Parakeets? That would be fun. The Tribe of Five love watching the birds and squirrels at the upstairs feeder.

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