Get Your Holiday Cheer On

Hello World,

Black and white cat with Santa hatOliver here.  I don’t know about the rest of you furry folks but none of the #TribeOfFive like play “dress up”. We’ve told the humans just to walk on by when they are tempted by fancy New Year’s bow tie collars, jingely elf hats or red and green sweaters. 

You may recall Albert’s post about the Great Halloween Indignity, that pretty much sums up our attitude about feline fashions.

Still, the female human pines for pictures of us in costume so we’ve struck a deal. She can humiliate us photographically (with photoshop and other apps) all she wants and boy has she taken us up on that offer.

This made me think, I wonder what photos are out there in Internet land of dapper dogs and fancy felines. We’d love to see them (whether you’re actually sporting the ensemble or photoshopped to fashion purrfection.)

My new Christmas photo is featured above and I’ve also included my adorable kitten photo from last Christmas and there’s a few other photos of the Tribe to get your creative juices flowing.

Cat in hat and glasses
Siamese cat with hat and bow tie

Siamese cat with a crownBlack and whit kitten with a red ribbon and Christmas frame

Changing Your Purrspective

Hello World,

Alberto here. I have been observing the humans lately and the female human appears to be in a state other humans refer to as “stressed out”.  As a feline, I am unfamiliar with this. It is not in the feline nature, particularly the nature of a spoiled indoor feline living in a fear-free environment to have this “stressed out” condition.

Still, I care deeply for the feline human and pondered how I might go about assisting her. One morning it occurred to me. She needs a change of purrspective!

As the female human is on the “shortish” side (she requires a stool to reach the highest parts of the cabinets) and definitely not as coordinated or flexible as this feline , I decided to help her by finding her a new purrspective.

Siamese cat on top of refrigerator This was no easy feat.  had to balance myself on a stack of antique suitcases in the corner of the dining room. From there I had to jump up to the top of the buffet and make my way through the slalom course of  numerous crystal and silver candlesticks . From the buffet I leaped to the top of the kitchen cabinets and from there, I was at the highest point of the house.

I made myself comfortable on top of the big, white cat food keeper and was delighted to find that if I kicked my foot in just the right way, I could actually open the door of the cat food keeper. This was a bonus.

As I settled in to contemplate my lofty purrspective endeavoring to find some insight for the female human I heard a gasp and then “Alberto!”

Siamese cat on top of refrigerator Evidently the female human did not appreciate my efforts to assist her. She dragged her little stool over, stood on it and dragged me from my spot.

That’s the thanks a feline gets for trying to help the humans with a problem. I am sorely disappointed that she did not appreciate my efforts. Next time I will show the same lack of concern as my brother Oliver, who is always more interested in his own state of being than that of anyone else.


Good-bye for now, your Friend,

The Great Halloween Indignity 

Hello Friends,

My regular readers may have noticed that I did not do a “Walk Through The Web Wednesday” post.  There is an important reason for this.

The male human purchased a thing they call a “Halloween costume”.  The humans have been draping this on me in order to get me used to it. This Tuesday they had the temerity to strap the thing on me. I was not amused and announced that I wouldn’t be walking through the web or anywhere else until they drop this ridiculous idea.

To all my feline friends, please let me know what you think of stuffing felines into these “costumes”, paws up or paws down? Also, the humans tell me there are many of my species proudly displaying these costume things on the internet. If this is true, please share your photos with us.

In the meantime, I remain your “uncostumed” friend,

A Feline Opines on the Presidential Race

Hello Humans,
Oliver here. Since I am still technically a kitten, there is much I have yet to experience and many questions I have to ask about the world around me.

I have been hearing the humans speak a lot about this thing called “politics” and something called “the Presidential election”.  My humans have told me they are conservative, free market, state sovereignty, transparent government loving folks so if my comments lean a bit to the right, you’ll know where I got my ideas.  .

I thought I would obtain some information from the older felines in the house so I went to Tucker and his sister Jasmine. Both are twelve years old and have a few of these “Presidential elections” under their belts.



Unfortunately neither of them wanted to talk politics although I did get Tucker to say that if a candidate would guarantee a catio on every front porch, a home and food for every feral cat and a bird feeder in front of every window (kitty cable) he would definitely consider voting for that candidate.

Jasmine had no thoughts on the matter, turned her back to me, raised her tail and sashayed off.



Lily is three and has had no experience in these matters.

This left me to my own devices



(my brother Alberto is too young and he’s a silly goofball who never sits still enough to discuss anything seriously).  I purrrrused the internet and I found a strange phenomenon of humans dressing their cats to resemble one candidate in purrrrticular.  Although amusing, this did nothing to further my political education.


Alberto (Al)

And then, lo and behold, I found a CAT who is running for president. Now before I announce this furry cat-i-date’s name, I would like to go on record as saying that his name might be a bit of a marketing issue.

Limberbutt 2016

Limberbutt 2016

His name is Limberbutt McCubbins, the feline Democratic candidate for President.  When my humans saw me reading up on a Democratic candidate, they almost had a hissy fit but then they decided I should make up my own mind about my political leanings.  I read this cat-i-dates stand on the issues and there were a few I  was able to gave an enthusiastic paws up.

Cat-i-date Limberbutt’s passion for homeless cats is honorable and worthy of support. All the felines in my family were rescues and we appreciate anyone who wants to help cats have homes.

McCubbins states he has a kind heart, although I am wondering if his kind heart and compassion extend to all creatures (would he kill a helpless mouse, bird, gecko, etc. if he had the chance) or does his tolerance and compassion only extend only to certain species and breeds?

He believes in a tax code that is just for all. I would have to agree, after all, the less taxes the humans pay, the more money they have to spoil us with.  I would like to know more about his concept of fair taxes. Does he want to take kibble and treats from some cats he decides have too much and give it to other cats he thinks don’t have enough?  I might have a problem with that.

I can agree with cat-i-date LImberbutt’s desire for affordable veterinary care for all felines but before I jump on his bandwagon I’d like to know how he intends to make that happen.  There seems to be a distinct lack of specific plans here and even though I’m only a kitten I know that most humans have a limited amount of money to support us in the manner to which we are accustomed.

catsinspaceThe last portion of his platform has me a bit nervous.  Limberbutt is a staunch supporter of space exploration and believes we should see a return to cat space flights. Now if he wants to send humans into space, they can go all they want. Sending cats into space? Not on your life. Who would he choose to shoot into the outer limits…felines that didn’t agree with him or felines whose pawlitical stands he doesn’t like?  Nope, not supporting that.

I guess I understand why all the humans are in such a tiz about this political stuff. There sure is a lot to think about.

Maybe we should all (humans and felines) focus on what we can agree on and instead of hissing and spitting at each other, just have a sociable nose sniff and a little back and forth meowing. Or, maybe I should throw my hat into the ring….how does “Oliver Twist Aurit” for President sound?


Your friend,


  Hello Humans,

Al here. My human just showed me a video that may just be the most remarkable idea of 2016. One brilliant human just combined two of the internets favorite things, cats and selfies…Catsies .

Now I am a bit purrrrturbed that the aforementioned human didn’t bother to contact me to participate in the photo shoots, I mean, seriously folks, look at this face!

Ah well, purrhaps my moment of fame is still to come.

Your friend,