Walk Through the Web Wed. 2/22

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Friends,
It’s that time of the week when I purrruse the web and bring you my favorite feline facts and news. Enjoy!
Your Friend,

True Love – Feline and Human Style – The DoDo

orange tabby brothersThe course of true love can be a wild ride as two humans recently discovered. They meet through an online dating service and soon discovered that their felines were long-lost brothers.   Come to find out, the humans had adopted these brothers from the same shelter four days apart. “”After realizing that we had long-lost cat brothers, we were amazed and felt like it was serendipity!” says Cavin. “It was love at first sight when we met and the cats just solidified that we truly belong together!”


Keeping Up With the Kattarshians’ Will Be Your New Favorite Cat Reality Show – Mental Floss

live stream kitten show from IcelandThe humans have friends who recently moved to Iceland. I kept thinking,  “Iceland, what in the world is in Iceland?”  Well, come to find out, those Iceland folks are pretty clever and have created a new reality show, which is, as the review says, is just about everything you could want in a reality show. The advertisement says,Four kittens. One dollhouse. The drama between nine-week-old kittens Guðni, Stub, Bríet, and Ronja is palpable. Who will nab the top bunk bed? Is Guðni teasing his sisters again? How will the family deal when Stub has to have part of his tail amputated? (He’s fine.)”   Humans, hand over the clicker, the cats now have their own favorite show!

Hilarious Adoption Cards at Shelter Aim to Get Cats Adopted – People

funny cat adoption cards

A clever human figured out how to make felines even more adoptable by making some pretty funny adoption cards. The cards feature a photo of the cat, his/her name and provides a list of their likes — “sleeping in a sunbeam”  — and dislikes  — “the warlock’s curse that transformed her into a cat.” All of the cards are funny and clever and here’s hoping it will help more of my feline friends find furever homes.


Cats as Search and Rescue Animals -Seekr

black and white cat who helps find lost felinesYou know how much I love working cat stories so you can imagine how excited I was to find this article that talks about how great felines are for search and rescue. “Experts say cats may hold even more potential than dogs when it comes to sniffing out missing persons, bombs drugs and diseases.”  I have two feline friends, Dezi and Raena  who are service cats. Never heard of service cats? Read about them here.

There is also a cat named Henry who helps to find lost kitties. We felines have lots of jobs and I think, humans are only beginning to learn what we are capable of.

Celebrating Purrrresident’s Day

img_1444Hello World,

Oliver here. Since today is Purresident’s Day I found myself reminiscing about my run for Alpha of the Kitty Kat Pawty.

It was a great ride, I worked with my feline staff to purrrfect my purrlitical platform (at the time I threw my straw hat into the ring, I was only a kitten) so the advice of those older and wiser was greatly needed.

Tucker offered some sage advice, stating that  if a candidate would guarantee a catio on every front porch, a home and food for every feral cat and a bird feeder in front of every window (kitty cable) that cat-i-date would receive his vote.

I no sooner began my campaign when I discovered my feline competition, Limberbutt McCubbins.  As I purrused his platform I found areas where we agreed and other areas of great difference. For instance, McCubbins’ passion for homeless felines is one I share.  I was disturbed however, on his support of a return to cat space flights. Never in my wildest kitty dreams have I thought hurling hapless felines into space is a good idea.


My furry campaign manager was  quite pleased to announce my running-mate, a sage and beautiful feline named Olive from Three Chatty Cats. Olive brought some new ideas to the campaign. She advocated for an official “Tortie Day” and promised to organize “Tortie Tuesdays”. She focused on homeless kitties and wants to see more clicker training in shelters for felines. She also promoted a mandatory “Tuna Day”. All sound ideas that all felines could get behind.



The humans had campaign buttons made and handed them out at the BlogPaws conference, provided them to Blog fans and worked hard for the cause. (Photo of actual button on the left.)


All in all it was a great run. I gave what I felt to be an excellent concession speech and made it clear that I have not given up my purrlitical aspirations.

sleeping black and white catWill I run for purrresident again? I haven’t decided but I can assure all my cat-stituents that there will be some purrlitical campaign in my future.  As I look at my options I am incorporating a strict regime of rest and reflection.

I leave you with my campaign slogan and wish you all a great Purresident’s Day!

“We must vote for tuna, vote for catnip, vote for a brighter future for all cats.”.
Purresidential Catidate. Kitty Cat Pawty, Oliver

Your Friend Oliver,



Cat Art Blog Hop

color pop photo of siamese cat in grden 
Hello Folks,
Alberto here. My purrsonal assistant decided to exercise her artistic side and entered my photo in the Car Art Blog Hop. She took a photo of me in the garden and then used something called “Color Pop”, she says it’s an “app” but I have no idea what that is.
Let me know what you think.
Your Friend,

Linky Party 2/18

Five cats in hats celebrating Linky Party

Hello Friends, furry, feathered and otherwise,
Lily here as your Linky party host. I’ve selected my three favorites from the last Linky Party and have featured them here for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the “pawty”,


Sister Precious Enjoys Sister Saturday – Brian’s Home Blog

black and white cat with a little calico“Sister Precious” writes about sister Saturday. I’ve never heard of this but I like the idea. And, I have to say Precious is one pretty kitty (kind of reminds me of a black and white version of myself). She says she’s 14 and our Tucker and Jasmine are 14 as well. When our humans take good care of us, we can still look good and feel great at 14.

Erin the Cat Princess – Asterisk

black and white princess catFirst of all just let me say that I love the idea of being a princess…have to have a little conversation with the female human about this.  I loved this mewsing about punctuation and the keyboard thingy but I have to say, Erin, just let your human purrrsonal assistant deal with all those pesky things like grammar and punctuation. All we famous felines need to do is provide the ideas and let the humans do the “manual” labor!

Travels With Barley – Northeast Ohio Rocks

black, white and brown dog with painted rockI acknowledge that canines are more interested in travel than most felines. Although there are some kitties who travel and enjoy the great outdoors like our new friend Jesper. If I were a dog, I think finding painted rocks might be fun but, since I’m a cat, you’d have to make the hunting a bit more exciting. Perhaps bury a bag of my favorite catnip “Meowy Wowy” or some nice stinky fish. That might get me digging but anything else…meh..





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What to Do About A Nervous Feline – Guest Post by Kevin Davies

Siamese cat sitting on floral chair by red curtains looking out the window Hello Friends Jasmine here,
I’m excited to introduce a guest blogger who is writing about feline nervousness. I can most definitely relate to being a fraidy-cat because of the bullying problem I went through (you can read that story here.)  We felines have lots of reasons to be nervous, some our humans know about and some may have happened before we came to live with you. Our guest blogger friend Kevin has some tips to help you and your cat so, without further ado, I’ll turn this blog post over to our human friend Kevin.



How to Calm a Nervous Cat by Kevin Davies (a human)

Cats can be nervous for many reasons and bringing a rescue cat home can be a tine fraught with fear for your new feline.  Some indications of fearful behavior are hissing when anyone tries to pet them and hiding.  Don’t be discouraged if your new rescue acts this way. You help them get over their nervousness and become the loving and happy pet they are supposed to be with these tips.

How Your Cat Displays Nervousness

black and white cxat hiding under red and white rugA nervous cat will always shy away whenever you try to pet it on the head. It will spend most of its time hiding and you will also notice it walking with the legs bent low to the ground. It will also frequently lower its tail with the tip curved upward and twitch its ears. The nervousness also makes them groom excessively and in moments when the agitation is too much, they will groom to the point where bald spots will form on the back legs.

It is normal for newly adopted cats to be initially nervous because of the new surroundings. However if the nervousness carries on for more than a few days, you might be forced to take the initiative and calm them to avoid the stress for both of you. Patience, love and some persistent training will be required to help your cat come out of its shell.

Know Why Your Cat Is Nervous

siamese cat staring at a raccoon through the glass doorKnowing the reasons behind your adopted cat’s nervousness can help you seek the appropriate treatment for them and refrain from blaming yourself in case attempts to help fail to bear fruit. There are many reasons why your cat could be nervous, sometimes its experiences from their past. It could be new surroundings or being removed from the shelter. Some cats might also be overwhelmed with the new surroundings because they probably aren’t used to being around people and living in a home; this is very common with former alley cats. And some cats are just more nervous than others. Close observation of your cat is an excellent tool to understanding what makes him/her feel nervous. The first step in reducing nervousness is providing the cat a safe place to hide, then some  patience as they cat adjusts to their new home.

Help Your Cat Get Rid of Nervousness

Being loving and patient with your cat will make them more comfortable in their new home. There are some training techniques and medications you can give to help your cat quit the nervousness and adjust. When you bring your nervous cat home, prepare a small confined space where she can hide. It can be that corner where you have pushed off a few things to create space. Have everything a cat needs available in this space such as food, water, litter, a scratching post and some cozy material for them to sleep on. Ensure that the cat’s living space is comfortable because you will have to let them stay in that space for a few days or weeks until when they feel ready to venture to the rest of the house.

Food Bribes and Medication (if Recommended by Your Vet)

You might be forced to use food bribes to lure them into spending time with you, but ensure that you give them these food treats on schedule to avoid fattening them up. Ensure that the food bribes are the kind that a cat will really like such as cooked chicken which will be an effective treat during training. Every time your cat makes progress, reward them so that they can link you to the great treats and feel more comfortable around you. Administer medications as directed by the vet to ease their anxiety. Also talk to your vet about other effective medications that may further help your cat.

Final Thoughts and Tips to Help Your Nervous Kitty

black and white cat sitting on ledge by lampTalk to your cat in calm tones and pet them whenever they draw close. Give them a name and call them by it until they get used to it. Whenever they are afraid because a stranger is in the house or because of the loud cracks of thunder, talk to them in low soothing tones to calm them and pet them as much as you can. Plan Social Interactions.

After your cat is comfortable moving around the house and feels at ease with everyone in the family, it is now time to introduce other people and other environments to them to enable them completely overcome their fear. Most cats will walk around confidently when it is just the family that they are accustomed to in the home, but when guests arrive; they cower and go into hiding.

Introduce your frequently visiting guests to your cat. Food treats can work effectively in this situation too. Lure them into the room by offering food treats and have your guests feed the cat too but make sure they know that you are trying to help the cat overcome its nervousness. Also ensure that your guests like cats or don’t have anything against them, because cats are able to sense when negative vibe is coming from someone and will of course react negatively.

Never push your cat too hard when you notice slow progress or their reluctance to interact with other people. Have patience, it might take several visits and more training for the cat to be at ease around strangers. Always remember to provide the basics for your cat such as food in their bowl and fresh water every day for them to drink. Ensure that their litter is frequently cleaned and their living space is clean. Remain relaxed around your cat, felines are very adept at sensing your moods and your emotional state can adversely affect your cat. Encourage other members of the family to help make the cat’s stay in the home more comfortable.

A nervous cat need not stay nervous forever. Try these methods and help your feline transform from a wild alley cat into a calm and happy house pet.




Oliver Celebrates World Cat Day

black and white cat wearing crown and holding globe

Hello World,
Oliver here urging all my feline and human friends to celebrate World Cat Day today. I asked my purrrsonal assistant to look up the origins of this fantastic feline holiday as I wanted to recognize the brilliant folks who started this tradition.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare introduced this holiday in 2002 and it was created to raise public awareness about the needs of cats (and believe me, we cats have many needs!)

But not all cats are as lucky as The Tribe of Five. We were all rescued and we know what it’s like not to have humans to care for you.  I would live to see everyone celebrate World Cat Day by rescuing a feline who needs a home!

So paws up to the humans who’ve brought us into their homes and I say ….
Danke, Merci, Благодаря, Tak, Kiitos, Þakka þér fyrir, köszönöm, grazie, ..and all those other words that mean thanks and of course, the most important word of all……Meow!

Your Friend,

Oliver the kitten's siganture




Walk Through The Web Wednesday 2/15

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello All You Cats and Kittens (and humans too),
Alberto here with my weekly purrrusal of the web. I’ve got some working cats, a sporting cat, luxury for cats and a “must see” documentary for feline fans. Enjoy!

Police build mini condo for unofficial mascot ‘SWAT Cat’ – The Boston GlobePolice

Calico mascot of the Boston SWAT team gets a new houseMembers of the mobile SWAT team in Roxbury have constructed some fancy digs for their calico “unofficial” mascot SWAT.

This lucky feline received a one-story apartment with a spacious interior, a nice deck for outdoor dining (and perhaps entertaining) custom-made outdoor living facility .  Now that’s a job with some good benefits, food and fancy lodging!


George the Cat goes to work at the local Wilco Store – Daily Mail

British tabby cat hangs out in Wilco storeGeorge, the tabby has decided that the retail life is for him.  He’s created quite a sensation in the Wilko store (a budget store) in Bristol, England.

George has created quite a sensation and has garnered a fan club as well. Some fans created a Facebook page for him. When asked about his job description, the response was that he takes strolls in the aisles (probably greeting customers), catnapping on mats and relaxing on cushion displays. Sounds like a good job to me!

A concentrated effort was made to find out if George has a human, and he does. His human remarked that “he has a loving home with two other cats but I can’t keep him in and he keeps returning to the shops to say hello.”

Well, I guess if you’re a career minded kitty, you’ve just got to do what you need to do.

Kedi-The ‘Citizen Kane’ of Cat Documentaries – IndieWire

black and white cat from the Turkish movie Kedi,IndieWire refers to this feline film as “technically  a sophisticated, artful documentary from Turkish film maker Ceyda Tourun.”. That’s a  bunch of human language to say that this movie tells the story of Turkish felines and the humans who love them.  Although stray cats are sort of a cultural thing in Turkey, their cats are loved and cared for by the people of Instanbul. The film opened in New York on Feb. 0 and will be in Los Angeles on Friday. You can watch a ” target=”_blank”>preview  here.

Now I don’t understand all this “film speak” but I do know that any movie about felines is a good movie! Oh, and guess what “kedi” means in Turkish…cat, of course!

The Amazing Skiing, Swimming & Hiking Norwegian Cat – Adventurecats

orange cat skiing with his humanWe felines, by nature, are athletic and supple. Why even Tucker, our 16-pound Alpha can leap onto a high stool and onto the kitchen counter in an elegant and acrobatic movement. But Jesper, the Norwegian athlete takes athleticism to an entirely new level. He even has his own Facebook page. And if you don’t  believe that Jesper is the ultimate feline athlete, check out the video of him swimming.

His human says that Jesper likes hiking in the mountains and forests but he really loves fishing trips. She said some of her best memories are “When we are on fishing trips in the evening. It’s dark and we make food on the campfire, and he is sitting with us. He’s our best buddy in fur. It’s a special time for us.”

Well, Jesper, I commend you but I think I will contain my outdoor adventures to my regular strolls through our garden wearing my stylish harness and leash.


 Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels

tabby cat in wrought iron kitty bedLast week I told you about a fancy feline hotel in Indonesia and this week I’ve discovered an entire chain of feline luxury hotels in England.

So here’s what you proper British Moggies can expect when you check in:

  • a sumptuous suite with decorations befitting a 5 star hotel
  • wrought iron beds with soft pillows
  • A La Cat menus served on bone china
  • there is a themed garden area for each cat suite
  • 24 hour human concierge service
  • cheerful music guaranteed to get a feline purring

After reading this and looking at the a-cat-modations on the website, I have only one question, “Human, when are you sending me to a Longcroft hotel?”<style type=”text/css”> .wpb_animate_when_almost_visible { opacity: 1; }</style>




Oliver, the “Hairy Houdini” of Cats

Hello Friends,

black and white cat with a sneer on his face

Me, sporting my new black and white collar. Note the look of happiness on my face.

Oliver here. I’d like to share my “battle of the collar” with you. The humans have a rule; every member of The Tribe of Five must wear a collar with our names and the human’s phone number. Even though we are inside kitties, there has been the odd occasion over the years when one of us has slipped through someone’s legs and shot out the door to explore the garden or the neighborhood, hence the reason for the identification on the collars. Oh, and each collar has a bell because when there are five felines in the household who aren’t well-behaved all of the time, the humans are able to identify who is walking around, racing up the stairs, or jumping off the counter by the sound of our bells.

My brother Alberto and I came to live with the humans about a year and a half ago. The female human promptly ordered us collars. The collars arrived and were placed around our necks. Alberto (and the rest of the Tribe of Five) sport their collars proudly. I, on the other hand, have issues with these things. I’ve spent much time learning how to remove the offending collar (the “safety” feature is wonderful for ridding myself of the offensive item when I get my teeth into it and pull in just the right manner.)

black and white cat chewing on his collar

Whoops, busted!

I lost my first green collar quickly. The humans searched the house but I’d hidden it so well they gave up. A second collar was ordered. I pulled on that one so much, I managed to break the plastic buckle rendering the thing useless.

The female human thought she’d try a new tactic. She went shopping and bought yet another new collar. She declared it perfect for me and told me over and over how “dapper” I looked in the black and white restraint, and how well it matched my luxurious coat. Then she had a small tag made with my name on the front and the human’s cell numbers on the back. This was attached to the collar with the bell.

So, it’s not bad enough that I’m forced to wear this restraint now; I’m forced to suffer further distress with a tag that clinks against the attached bell. Every step I make, I hear, “tinkle, tinkle, clink, clink”. It is maddening. Alberto heard the “song of my collar” immediately, ran over to me and promptly slapped my tag and bell back and forth, enjoying the new “toy”. I was not amused.

black and white cat with black and white checked collar

I refused to turn around so the female human was forced to photograph the newest constraint this way.

I admit it did take a little more time to figure out how to extricate myself from this contraption but I managed- five times. The first four times, the humans successfully located my hiding place for the restraint and attach it to me. The fifth time I hid it so far away they’re still looking for it.

Sadly, the female human found my very first collar and had the temerity to make me wear it this morning before she left for work. I have an entire day to get the thing off of me and bury it in a place she’ll never look.

I don’t know about the rest of my feline friends, but I hate these collar things and I refuse to accept them in the docile manner Tucker and Jasmine have (they’ve been wearing the same collars for 13 years!)

I call all my collar-despising feline friends to unite! Tell me your terrible collar tales and let’s figure out how to put an end to this barbaric practice!


Your Soon to Be Collarless Friend,

Oliver the black and white cat holding sign

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 2/8

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello World,
Alberto here. I must say I’m looking fondly at my logo photo as we have had so much snow in our neck of the woods some parts of where we live have been declared disaster areas. Also, the humans have been doing a lot of complaining about this thing they do outside called “shoveling”. Evidently there is some connection with this “shoveling” activity and painful backs. Oliver and I sit on the window sill and watch them and we appreciate them moving outside for our amusement and entertainment. In our book, this “shoveling” activity is a great spectator sport.

But I digress, here are the little feline related gems I’ve found during my regular purrrrusal of the information highway. Enjoy!
Your Friend,


Cats Can Now Stay in A Fancy 5 Star Hotel – Metro UK    

five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur for catsI’m not a big fan of travel, as a matter of fact, I hate anything that has to do with a carrier and a car but I must say, if the humans ever decide to take me to Kuala Lumpur, I’m demanding that they get me a reservation at Catzonia. This is every traveling cat’s dream with 35 bedrooms, airport pick-up, spa treatments and a lounge area. Heck, with complimentary airport pick-up, the humans could send me on a little getaway all by myself. This place caters to the most finicky of felines and even offers a kitty dating service.  And, if the humans are worried about me traveling by myself, Catzonia has that covered as well, all rooms have 24 hour CCTV coverage that can be watched via iPhone so the humans need not worry about me. All that luxury is making me rethink my aversion to travel. Pack my bags humans, I’m off to Kuala Lumpur!

The Latest Fashion Trend for Cats, Knitted Scarves – Rocket News 24            

calico cat in hand knitted cat neck scarfI fancy myself as a fashionable sort of guy so when I discovered this new trend I found it quite interesting (especially in light of the cold climate where we live and the fact that the humans have something called a “nest” that makes the house cooler when they are at work. I have no idea why they call it a nest, there’s not a bird in sight but I do have to say that a cat shouldn’t have to snuggle on a faux fur throw in the sofa just to stay warm until the humans return home!)  During the colder times of the day, a scarf might just come in handy. Valentines Day is coming soon and I think every human should consider getting a Nekko muffler for their beloved felines (at $17.50 each it’s a deal!)

Scollar Mini, Smart Collar for Cats (and Small Dogs)-Gadgets & Wearables  

calico cat with scollar that tracks cat, health and much moreThis is a multi function collar that is really made more for the convenience of the humans than us felines. It has many functions and is run with a smart phone app and can track us, train us (well, the training thing must be for the dogs, certainly NOT the felines), monitor our activity (hmmm, does that mean the humans will know when I’m on the kitchen counter?), monitor our health, open the pet door, dispense food communicating (not sure how this works unless the collar thingy speaks fluent feline), has an anti-barking reminder (again, this is for the canines only), and perimeter barriers (again, this must be for the doggies, cat’s do not recognize barriers).  The collar has something called a display that tells other humans where you live and how to contact your people in case you just manage to slip through the legs of any company that comes to the front door. You can’t buy this thing yet but when it’s ready the cost will be about $99.00. Frankly, I’d rather have a new cat scratcher.

David Cameron, “I Miss Larry The Cat” – The Telegraph

former prime minister David Cameron and Larry the 10 downing street catYou know how much I love working cats so I had to feature this article about Larry, the Cat at 10 Downing Street. Although Larry is a public official, he does have an important job as Chief Mouser. There were rumors circulating that the former Prime Minister was no great fan of Larry’s but a recent interview has shown this not to be true. Cameron noted that he made a special effort to take a cat “selfie” before he left his position.  Larry and Palmerston, the Foreign Office Cat had some issues (which I reported on earlier) but all seems to be resolved at this time. The bigger question is the new PM, Theresa May and the less than enthusiastic reception she gave Larry, stating, that she’s more of a dog person. I have one thing to say to Theresa May, unless she softens her stance toward Larry, I will make it my mission to stand in front of the TV so that the male human is unable to watch Prime Minister’s questions. I may be a cat but I have certain purrrrlitical views when it comes to my fellow felines.