Oliver Celebrates World Cat Day

black and white cat wearing crown and holding globe

Hello World,
Oliver here urging all my feline and human friends to celebrate World Cat Day today. I asked my purrrsonal assistant to look up the origins of this fantastic feline holiday as I wanted to recognize the brilliant folks who started this tradition.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare introduced this holiday in 2002 and it was created to raise public awareness about the needs of cats (and believe me, we cats have many needs!)

But not all cats are as lucky as The Tribe of Five. We were all rescued and we know what it’s like not to have humans to care for you.  I would live to see everyone celebrate World Cat Day by rescuing a feline who needs a home!

So paws up to the humans who’ve brought us into their homes and I say ….
Danke, Merci, Благодаря, Tak, Kiitos, Þakka þér fyrir, köszönöm, grazie, ..and all those other words that mean thanks and of course, the most important word of all……Meow!

Your Friend,

Oliver the kitten's siganture




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