An Important Purrresidential Announcement

Hello Folks,
Alberto here,

AlPressBoxI am pleased to announce that I am bringing you this important purrrlitical announcement from the official campaign press box.

It is with great excitement that the Kitty Cat Pawty announces Oliver’s running mate, Olive.

Olive and her staff at Three Chatty Cats, bring a maturity and thoughtful platform that fits purrrfectly with Oliver’s campaign statements.

She has promised all her supporters that she will institute:

* An official Tortie day, and if elected, will organize a national “Tortie Tuesday” for every week.

*She promises to campaign and legislate for all homeless kitties and is interested in instituting more clicker training in shelters to help with this.
*She will also work to implement a mandatory tuna day – the actual day will be determined with her running mate, Oliver

CampaignBtn_2So folks, it’s official; and you heard it from the Kitty Cat Party official press secretary, in November, put your paw marks on the ballot for Oliver and Olive!

The catidates want to hear from their constituents, so please send us your comments and questions.


“We must vote for tuna, vote for catnip, vote for a brighter future for all cats.”.
Purresidential Catidate. Kitty Cat Pawty, Oliver

9 thoughts on “An Important Purrresidential Announcement

    • Alberto here, thanks for the pawsitive comments. This is my first job as official spokespurrson and I want to do a good job. And, don’t tell my brother Oliver but I think Olive looks much more purresedential than Oliver!

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