Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 8/17

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
The Human is finally turning the corner and we’re beginning to get some work out of her although it was still a rather long, boring week with a decided reduction in service. Still we muddled through and are hoping that things will be back to normal soon. While The Human was under the weather, we felines soldiered on as best we could.

Lily chose another tactic and decided to get dressed up to entertain The Human. She did get a laugh and a, “Look how pretty you are!”

“The purrfect accessories to enhance my blue eyes.”

As for me, well, I just go with the flow and trust that things will get better.

Well, those are the “highlights” of our boring week. We’re hoping for a little adventure next week and that you all are keeping well and safe.

Opera Cat

I’ve heard that human opera singers are divas but this is the first  time I’ve met a feline diva opera singer.  In this video, Maximino the cat arrives to take over the purrformance of his human’s opera song. Many of us felines are quite vocal with our humans. Oliver and I have regular conversations with The Human on a daily basis. Sometimes we want to chat, sometimes we want attention but we never sing.

When Maximino walks into the scene, he seems to pick up where his human left off in the song and takes over.  Now that’s quite a duet!

Cats have very different ways of dealing with tiny boxes

We felines do believe in the “if it fits I sits” philosophy, we just don’t all use the same technique when squeezing into those tight places as these two felines demonstrate.

Houston TikToker ‘Cat Dadd’ is the burliest cat-loving Texan in the world

This hunky Texan is going viral for his TikTok tributes to his beloved felines. One of the most popular TikToks by “Cat Dadd,” whose real name is Andrew Villarreal, displays the love  he has for one of his cats, Sebby.

As “Carrying Your Love With Me” by Texas country music legend George Strait plays in the background, Villarreal looks into the camera and removes his cowboy hat, revealing a photo of Sebby hidden underneath it. The camera then pans to Sebby who is wearing a miniaturized cowboy hat with a photo of Villarreal hidden underneath. The video has captured the internet with nearly two million views and over 477,000 likes.

Other videos show Sebby in full costume regalia and viewers often have a glimpse of Sebby’s other feline family members Chloe, Abby, Maggie, Tuxie and Zeus.

Villarreal began his TikTok account last year to document Sebby’s weight-loss journey. “He really needed help losing weight so I wanted to show people that it was possible for a cat to achieve such a thing.” Villarreal said. Then they expanded their content to funny skits and videos that show the love Villarreal has for his cats.

So single cat ladies, we recommend you find a guy like this one!

Couple Finds Love Through a “Poorly Drawn Cat” and Gets Married 3 Years Later

Ah, I’m a sucker for a love story and when it’s a love story that includes cats, well, you can’t get any better than that! This story was three years in the making.

Oregonian, Grant Schroeder reached out to the popular Twitter account poorly drawn cats in 2019 to commission a drawing of his own kitten, Luna. The artist behind the account, Heloísa Nora, is known for her minimalist-style renderings of felines and created an illustration of Schroeder’s cat based on his photos. After she posted it on her account, Emma Ferguson from Liverpool, UK, noticed the image. Ferguson had her own cat named Luna and decided to follow Schroeder on social media.

The rest, as you humans say, is history. She said, “I saw a pic on his account of him holding his Luna. Cute boy with cat—must follow, of course!” After seeing the follow notification, Schroeder checked out her profile and the two began chatting. “So I then messaged her on Twitter, saying, ‘Hey, your cats are cute,’” Schroeder recalls. “We then just started talking about our cats, getting to know each other, and eventually we started FaceTiming every day and slowly fell in love with each other.”

They finally met in person in January 2020 when Schroeder spent a few weeks in Liverpool. Right after their in person meeting, COVID travel restrictions kept them apart again. Finally, in August 2021 the couple got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

They married in July of this year and now live in the UK with their two cats and have plans to adopt a third.

Meowza, now that’s a love story!

Stolen bodega cat returned to its owners at Brooklyn deli

What in the world is happening when working Bodega cats are cat napped right at their place of business??!!

Fortunately, Boka from the Green Olives Deli & Grill in Park Slope was returned by an anonymous person a week after he’d be grabbed outside the shop.

Abdulmajeed Albahri, one of three owners of the bodega, said he was reunited with Boka at 5 a.m. Saturday when he arrived an hour before the store opened for the day.

“He was waiting exactly in front of the doors,” Albahri said, adding he spent the next hour playing with the cat and giving him treats.

A video posted to the cat’s KediBoka Instagram account shows the kitty looking up expectantly as his owner opened the deli door to see him.

Boka went missing on July 29 when a video captured a man dressed in khakis, a white shirt and a light blue hat lingering outside the store. He is seen scooping up the cat and running off with him..

Appeals to get Boka back, along with photos of the cat napper, were posted to TikTok and Instagram. The cat’s disappearance also garnered wide media attention.

Once people heard the news that Boka was back, he was visited by his fans. Albahri said Boka brings life to the store because he’s such an active cat, if not somewhat finicky.

A  complaint has been filed with the NYPD about Boka’s disappearance, but police said they don’t have any updates on his return or an arrest.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday- 8/10

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,

The Human has been taken down by a summer cold and she’s been miserable. I wanted to share a photo with you so you could see for yourself what a mess she is. Needless to say that idea went over like a lead ballon. Too bad, it would have been hilarious but since I noticed crankiness has been a symptom of this cold, I’ll let that idea go.

The Human (aka our Purrsonal Assistant) being out for the count has left us short handed or, to be accurate no handed as she’s the only one with hands. This means I have no news content for you today but fear not, we managed to rustle up something,

Since Oliver had a chance to debut his singing career, Lily has been meowing about wanting her turn. She reminded me that she gets little enough coverage in the blog so we took a vote to see if we should allow her to sing. Oliver wasn’t in favor (he’s a media hog) and we couldn’t tell if The Human voted yes or just sneezed. I took matters into my own paws and decided we’d let Lily sing.

We hope you enjoy it.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 8/3

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello There Furiends,

Things are finally cooling off in our neck of the woods and some of the local critters are availing themselves of our little pond and waterfall. The Human enjoyed watching a mamma raccoon take her two kids into the water and under the waterfall but said human was so enamored of the view she forgot to get a photo of the furry family so here’s a photo of the pond sans wildlife.

The woodland critters are back mooching, they like the upstairs deck.

Oh uh, hello there. Thanks for the tasty snack and the snack holder.”
“Yo, yeah, you there. The trash pandas have eaten all my bird….err squirrel food again!”

Lily, Oliver and I also enjoy hanging out on the upstairs deck too.

Since we had such a rainy spring and early summer, the plants in the front yard are happy.

Some of our thoughts about the heat and our methods of cooling off.

That ‘s the report from our neck of the woods. Let us know how things are going in yours and enjoy this week’s news stories, there are some fun ones!

New Study Links Cat Hormones and Gut Microbiomes to Their Social Behavior

My readers know that I’m not much of a “sciency” feline but there are scientific issues regarding cats that I do find interesting and this is one. A A new study from researchers at Azabu University in Japan suggests that house cats’ gut microbiomes and hormones like cortisol, oxytocin and testosterone may explain why some felines get along well with each other and others are more aloof. 

Now you humans talk a lot about “gut health” (or at least our Human does) and how important it is and now, it looks like it’s important for cats too.

Researchers split 15 shelter cats into groups, placing five random cats in three 13-by-25-foot rooms for two weeks. Over this time period, they used video cameras to observe the cats’ behavior, and they collected urine and feces to measure hormones and microbial species present. 

They found that cats with higher cortisol and testosterone concentrations exhibited fewer social behaviors like grooming, sharing food or sniffing, while those with lower amounts of cortisol and testosterone were more social. Additionally, cats with similar microbiomes had more frequent contact with each other, and cats with higher testosterone levels were more likely to try to escape, per the study. The results were published in the journal PLOS ONE

Unexpectedly, oxytocin—often called the “love hormone”—was lower in cats exhibiting more social behaviors. 

The scientists did state that because the cats were of different or unknown ages and backgrounds, “we do not consider our results to be applicable to all cat groups,” Future research should look into how factors like spending time together as juveniles and changes in environmental conditions affect social behaviors. And though the study showed correlations between hormones and behaviors, causality is unknown. The authors conclude in the study that research conducted over a longer period of time may be required to provide “more comprehensive information.”

In other words, we’re not to take the study as gospel but still, it’s interesting and I do apurreciate the good folks in Japan for all the cat research they do!

Cat is obsessed with the ocean

Bao Zi was shy and timid and would always hide from everyone, until her humans took her to the ocean and then everything changed . You can follow Bao Zi ‘s aquatic adventures on Instagram. And if this story of a cat cooling themselves off in the water appeals to you check out Captain Ahab the sailor, The paddle boarding Bug and his human, Veterinarian Dr. Kenneth Lambrecht (our Human met Bug and Dr. Ken!) and Yoshi the tubing cat and his beloved human boy companion (see all their photos below). There are a lot more water and outdoor loving felines to get to know at Adventure Cats.

Cat lovers can try cat-food inspired dishes at Fancy Feast’s Italian pop-up

Fancy Feast is expanding into feline-inspired human cuisine, with a New York City Italian restaurant designed to celebrate the company’s new line.

Gatto Bianco, (“white cat,”) is described by Fancy Feast as an “Italian-style trattoria,” and will be open for dinner reservations on August 11-12 only.

The human-friendly dishes were inspired by Fancy Feast’s new “Medleys” cat food line, which feature options like “Beef Ragú Recipe With Tomatoes & Pasta in a Savory Sauce” for the cat with discerning taste. Hmm, our Tribe has discerning taste, we’ll make a note for The Human to add that to the Chewy order!

Only a lucky few will have the opportunity to try the Gatto Bianco pop-up, located between Manhattan’s Far West Village and the Meatpacking District. The experience is limited to a total of 16 guests, who will each enjoy a complimentary tasting menu free of charge. The menu was designed by Fancy Feast’s in-house chef, Amanda Hassner, and New York restaurateur Cesare Casella.

The chef said, “Food has the power to connect us to others in meaningful ways and take us to places we have never been, The same is true for our cats. The dishes at Gatto Bianco are prepared in ways that help cat owners understand how their cats experience food — from flavor, to texture, to form — in a way that only Fancy Feast can.”

This isn’t Fancy Feast’s first foray into human dining. In 2021, the company released a cookbook with recipes cat lovers can make to pair with their cat’s food.

For those who can’t get their paws on a reservation, you can get the recipe book here. If your human tries these recipes, meow about it in the comments and let us know what they thought.

Hot dogs – and cats – get wearable fans to beat Japan’s scorching summer

Once again our furiends in Japan come through for kitties. A Tokyo clothing maker teamed up with veterinarians to create a wearable fan for pets. The device consists of a battery-operated, 80-gramme (3-ounce) fan that is attached to a mesh outfit and blows air around an animal’s body.

Rei Uzawa, president of maternity clothing maker Sweet Mommy, says she was motivated to create it after seeing her own pet chihuahua exhausted every time it was taken out for a walk in the scorching summer heat.

“There was almost no rainy season this year, so the hot days came early, and in that sense, I think we developed a product that is right for the market,” she said.

After the rainy season ended in late June, Tokyo suffered through a heat wave for nine days. This device would be especially nice for all my feline furiends that are adventure cats or who just like to go for a summer stroll, even when it’s hot.

The device debuted in early July and Sweet Mommy has received around 100 orders for the product, Uzawa said. It comes in five different sizes and is priced at 9,900 yen ($74). I sent our Purrsonal Assistant all over the web to find a link to buy these products but it appears you an buy them in every country but the good old US of A. They do have a US Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since January. Looks like you’ll just have to have furiend in Japan buy one for you.

Pedalpalooza Cat Ride brings out feline families and friends

Woo Hoo for the bike riding, cat loving folks in Portland. They donned their whiskers and cat ears and purrticipated in the fourth annual Cat Ride.

The humans didn’t just dress up like cats, some actually rode with their felines. Those folks walking by the Southeast Ankeny greenway might have been confused by all the meows they heard. The ride was put on by Portland Pedalpalooza. Maybe next year they could help their local shelter by “charging” each biker to bring a bag of cat food as their entry fee.