The Art of Manipulation

Hello Fellow Felines,

Tucker here. ‘Just want to give you a hint about how easy it is to manipulate your humans. About a week ago my human uncle #MikeVesecky came to our house. He tossed his very expensive ski parka over my favorite chair. I immediately moved on top of the jacket and snuggled down into the amazing warmth. When Uncle Mike needed to retrieve his jacket to go home I gave him my saddest face. Uncle Mike was unmoved but the feline human noticed. So today, a big box arrived from #Macys. 

Let me just say I’m enjoying my cozy down blanket from #Macys!



  Hello Humans,

Al here. My human just showed me a video that may just be the most remarkable idea of 2016. One brilliant human just combined two of the internets favorite things, cats and selfies…Catsies .

Now I am a bit purrrrturbed that the aforementioned human didn’t bother to contact me to participate in the photo shoots, I mean, seriously folks, look at this face!

Ah well, purrhaps my moment of fame is still to come.

Your friend,