Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/31

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends,
I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Things are great here and we are happy to report that Lily keeps moving out of her grief and becoming more of a member of the tribe. Here is a little sequence that shows you how well she’s doing. We had a cold snap and there’s nothing better than hanging out in front of the fire on those days.

Hey Lily, welcome to the fire. Are you going to hang around for a while?
Hey Lily, nice to see you but you still look a little uncomfortable.
The Tribe finally reaches détente (for now)

So as you can see, Oliver and I are working to be kinder, gentler brothers. After our fireside meeting, we each went back to our normal routine.

“It’s my job to guard the bed and make sure there’s a spot for The Human.” – Alberto
“Someone has to watch at the window in case any wild animals (or neighbor cats) come around.” -Lily
“If I don’t judge the goings on in the house, who will?” – Oliver

So that’s our week. I’m thrilled to tell you that after my plea to hear from more feline furiends to appear in our Cat Chat, we will be featuring Rosie from 15andmeowing in tomorrow’s Cat Chat. Who wants to chat next week? Just email us at FelineOpines@gmail.com and send a photo and we’ll take care of the rest!

The moral to this story my furiends is, always make sure you know where your cat is when your neighbors sell their home!

Michael Hubank decided he wanted to check out his neighbors home listing on Zoopla. Imagine his surprise when he spotted his cat lounging in one of the bedrooms!

The cat’s secret life attracted many comments such as, “A family member was having a reoccurring dream about a cat in her bed for months… she did not own a cat… then she woke up and her “dream cat” was snoring at the end of the bed… the “dream cat” lived a few doors down, but preferred to sleep in her bed.”

I am happy to report that Hubank’s feline is home…for now.

The purr-fect stay: Luxury hotel for cats opens in Radcliffe, England

Now I’m a cat that purrfers a good cat sitter when The Human goes away but I may change my mind if she could find me digs like this.  The Cat’s Other Mother hotel offers a spa-like experience for the pampered felines who are booked in there.

The hotel is located on a farm owned by Helen Owen and her husband Chris, who has dreamed of a fancy feline hotel for 20 years.

It took 12 months to turn old stables into the beautiful moggie suites.

Helen looks after the emotional needs of each feline guest and designed every suite to combine luxury and home comforts while also focusing on the cats’ natural behavior requirements.

Every suite is “supersized” with 60 square feet of living space and double glazed cat approved bay windows. Room packages include three meals daily from the pantry menu, lots of human interaction, cuddles and a mini pampering session of grooming, a fresh pot of cat grass and even turn down service with treats and electric flickering candles.

Upgrades are available with special menus like hand-shredded chicken or prawns on scallop shells.

For extra-special treatment, cats can even get a session with the hotel’s own ‘Purry Grandmother’ – Helen’s cat-loving mother who serves kitty’s afternoon tea and snacks (on bone china).  There’s plenty of chatter, a beautifully dressed table, handmade toy and a photo session.

The Tribe gives this fine kitty getaway a paws up award!

Michigan Man Wakes up to Intruder Holding Gun to His Head, Demanding His 2 Cats

This story gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase “cat burglar”! A man was arrested after he allegedly broke into a home, pointed a gun at the homeowner’s head and demanded that the man hand over his two felines.

The suspect crept into the home at about 4:00am. The police have since discovered there is a dispute over the ownership of the cats but it was discovered that the cats in this house are not the two in question. Still, the interloper managed to leave the house with one of the cats.

The cat burglar was apprehended and a cat was found in the area but at the time of the report it was “unclear if it was the stolen animal”. Really? How hard would it be to get the owner to identify the cat??  You humans really need to find better methods to deal with your disputes!

1 hurricane, 600 miles, 2 years: How a lost cat made it home to Panama City from Evansville, Indiana.

This story has as many twists and turns in any great mystery novel.

When 16-year old Wyatt Wetzel’s best friend, his beloved Siamese-mix Sinatra disappeared two years ago he was bereft.

Sinatra’s amazing story began in a hurricane and ended in Indiana.

Hurricane Michael totaled the Panama City rental home of Wyatt’s family. They were stuck in the home for four days until someone came and cut a tunnel through the fallen trees for them to get out. They loaded both cats and dogs and headed to Indiana to stay with family.

The family ended up staying in Madisonville, KY and the pets stayed with a daughter in Evansville. The owner of the Florida property contacted the family and insisted that they come back to Florida and get their belongings out of the house. And, as if this family didn’t have enough troubles, one of the family members had become ill and was hospitalized.

After the family member headed to Florida, Sinatra managed to get out of the house where he was staying. The family put up flyers, posted on social media, checked with the shelter but Sinatra was nowhere to be found.

They called Sinatra’s vet in Florida to get the cat’s microchip number only to be told he hadn’t been chipped because his neuter surgery was complicated and they had forgotten to do the microchipping as promised.

The family refused to give up hope and for two years chased after every lead where a Siamese cat had been found. Many folks contacted them but they could tell by the photos the cats weren’t Sinatra.

Lina Walker, a rescue volunteer for Another Chance for Animals took on Sinatra’s cause personally.  

Last November, a cat showed up at the house where Sinatra had been staying and looked exactly like a skinny version of the missing feline. Walker got the cat but was so disappointed to see that it was a female; still she sent the family, who had returned to Florida, photos and told them about the feline. She compared them with photos the family had given her and was astounded that the markings were the same as was the face.

The family was in town over Christmas and they went to meet the cat and they felt in their hearts that the cat was Sinatra but a check at the vets confirmed the cat was a female. They went home but couldn’t let the idea go that this was their cat.

They went to their vet to check out Sinatra’s records and found the key to the mystery of the missing cat in the notes the vet had made in Sinatra’s record. “Make sure anyone who checks him out knows he was cryptorchid (had undescended testicles) as he will appear to be female.

The family drove to Indianapolis in March to get Sinatra. When he got back to Florida he greeted his furry siblings with joy. He knew to expect his food on top of the washing machine and still can’t get enough cuddles from his humans. This story is a great example of the need to never give up and to the importance of folks who come along side people who have lost their fur kids and offer help.

100+ Funny Cat Names That Are Purrfect for Your New Kitty

How do you come up with creative names for your felines? I’m named after a famous Spanish cyclist. Oliver, who was the runt of the litter and a tiny guy as a baby was named for Oliver Twist because he always was meowing for more food. Lily is named after the neighbor’s little girl who fell in love with her but couldn’t have a cat of her own because of allergies,

Still, there are some times you humans are stumped when it comes to naming a new kitty so these ideas might help.

I’m only going to list a few of my favorites from each category but you can find many more in the article.

Mewsical Names

Cat Benatar
Bob Meowly
Notorious C.A.T.
Florence and the Meowchine

Movie-inspired Names

Catrick Swayze
Mr. Meowgi
Brad Kitt

TV-inspired cat names

Captain Purrcard
Boo Boo Kitty
Lavar Purrton

Literary cat names

Holden Clawfield
Albert Catmouse
J.R.R. Tollkitten
William Shakesurr

Food-inspired cat names


Cat names from the world of sports

Yogi Purra
Meowhammad Ali
Wayne Catzky

Cat names from history

Meowdeline Albright
Ruth Bader Ginspurr
Winston Furchill
Isaac Mewton

Cat names based on personality

Captain Snooze
Mr. Pounce
Madame Fluffypants

Cat names from the musical “Cats”

Mr. Mistoffelees
Rum Tum Tugger
Bustopher Jones

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/24

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hey There Furiends,
It’s been boring on the feline side of our neck of the woods this week. Our Purrsonal Assistant has been attending to things other than us, which left us far too much time on our paws. Since we had very little to do, we decided to have some photo fun.

The weather can’t make up it’s mind as to what it wants to be and, there are no sunning opportunities on the upstairs porch in our near future, so we all decided we’d do a photo of where we would like to be right meow.

“I want to be somewhere exciting where I can have a new purrspective.”
“I’m sick and tired of sitting on heat vents to stay warm. Take me to a sunny beach!”
“Dude, you do you and I’ll do me. Rock on pussycats!”

So there’s your glimpse into what the Tribe would like to be doing. How about you? We also would love to be doing more Cat Chats but we’re still waiting for our furiends to send us a photo and an email about what you want to meow about. We felines have so much to say, come on guys, email us (FelineOpines@gmail.com) so we can feature you on Cat Chat. And if you are a feline who’s not a fan of writing, no worries. Just tell us what you want to meow about it and our Purrsonal Assistant will write it up for you. Attach a photo of your furry face and we’ll do the rest!

And now, it’s time for this week’s web wanderings.

The case of the mysterious missing feline GPS device

One would think that buying a GPS device for your feline would be a good way to keep your cat safe. Well, not necessarily.

Andel Kindell paid $180.00 for a GPS tracker and attached it to his cat Alex’s collar after a harrowing experience where the cat got out and was gone for two days. Then, one day the cat came home without the device and an injury on his paw.

Kindell logged into the tracker app on his phone and was amazed to see the tracker quickly moving around town. How could that be, the feline was at home!

First he thought someone had taken it and used it for their cat so he followed the signal. He was confused as he could see the device crossing the road but there was nothing in front of him.

It took him a while to solve the mystery. When he took Alex in to have his paw tended to, the vet said the injury looked like it was caused by a bite and the two humans surmised that a rat had bitten the GPS off and perhaps had eaten it with the collar which would explain the weak signal.

Once they’d figured out the “how”, Kindell realized that the GPS path followed local drainage routes.  All things considered, he thought it would be easier to buy a replacement GPS than think he’d get the original one back from the rat.

Meow Mates: Program brings rescue cats to Wyoming jail

I love to hear about programs that help felines find furever homes and that help humans too!  Black Dog Animal Rescue and the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department have partnered to begin “Meow Mates,” a program that will get foster cats out of a potentially stressful shelter environment and allow them to be socialized with jail inmates who have been cleared to care for them. The goal is, after the kitties are socialized and worked with, they will be ready to be adopted.

Sully, a 3-year old Ginger male is the first cat in the purrogram. Sully and the other felines that join him will live in the jail’s housing unit with the inmates, who will be responsible for their care.

Getting these kitties out of stress filled high volume shelters and with “foster inmates” will be a win-win for humans and felines alike.

Many studies have proven that the presence of animals in correctional facilities increases the welfare of the inmates and the attention and socialization the felines receive will increase their welfare too.  The inmates are excited to have their feline furiends arrive. The program will not cost the jail anything. The will be provided with everything needed for fostering (included veterinary care) just as individual foster homes are.

A fancy feline has her own tiny living room and fur-niture

Clearly, some of our humans need to up their game! This feline has her own living room with furniture made by her human. The feline digs have a kitty-sized sofa, plants, white rug and wall art.

Needless to say, this kitty is living her best life. I had the Purrsonal Assistant do a bit of research and evidently there are more enlightened humans out there who understand kitties need their own special pace. Furiends, what are your humans doing to accommodate your living space needs?

‘The cat picks you’: Fayetteville cat rescue aims to save felines and humans

This story is for all the humans who have a “It’s only a cat” attitude.

The death of Heather Hall’s 16-month old daughter in an accident in 1995 left her depressed and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. But then she began to foster kittens through her local rescue group and her world changed for the better.

She believes it was the cats that brought her out, literally and figuratively. And it all started with fostering kittens.

Eventually, Hall and a friend Patti Johnson began their own rescue called Operation Healing Whiskers whose mission is to sponsor cats for individuals in need of an emotional support animal.

 “We started it because we saw a need in the area ,” Hall said. “There weren’t any (rescues) that specifically want to put their animals in the hands of people that need it — the ones that are hurting, that have suffered some kind of trauma.”

Johnston related an encounter with another rescue that illustrated what Operation Healing Whiskers is all about.

A young boy wanted to hold a fussy cat that the rescue had been having trouble adopting out. As soon as the cat was in the boy’s arms, it calmed immediately. The connection between cat and boy was unmistakable. Hall says that story illustrates what rescue should be about, connections between people and animals.

There are so many who’ve been helped by cats from Healing Whiskers, one boy with a developmental disorder  is calmed by his cat while his mother cuts his hair.

The cats are not trained or certified service animals but they are emotional support felines.

Paws Up award by FelineOpines.net for humans who do amazing things for cats

The shelter is very careful about which cats go to which homes but often it’s the cat that picks the humans and not the other way around.

The humans at Healing Whiskers believe that they are providing people with love they didn’t know was there by providing them with their kitties, and the kitties are getting love and a home,”  You can visit their website or their Facebook page and if you live near them, how about offering to foster or supporting them in some other way? We give Operation Healing Whiskers our Paws Up award!

Prime Minister Winston Churchill greets Blackie on the HMS ship Prince of Wales in 1941

Seafaring felines: Cats have long had adventures aboard ships

I reported in a previous Walk through the Web Wednesday about the amazing sailors who rescued some hapless felines on a sinking ship. Did you wonder why there were three cats on that boat? Well felines have a long nautical history in the last several centuries.

Sailors brought cats on board to catch mice and rats, which would eat the crew’s food. Ancient Egyptians carried them on boats to control infestations of mice and rats. Irish and British sailors used to believe that inviting a black cat onboard ensured good luck on a journey and many felines have become famous for their seafaring ways.

Trim was a black and white cat, born in 1799 who traveled on the HMS Investigator while Captain Matthew Flinders mapped Australia’s coastline. During meals, Trim would steal food off sailors’ forks. When Flinders stopped at the island of Mauritius to get the Investigator repaired, French officials accused him of spying and put him under house arrest for six years. Trim stayed by his side until one day in 1804, when he mysteriously disappeared and never returned.

Blackie, a black cat with white paws served during WW II on the HMS Prince of Wales. When British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was about to step off the ship to greet U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Blackie walked up to greet him.

Mr. Chippy was a tabby who lived on the ship Endurance, the ship that explorer Ernest Shackleton sailed to Antarctica on. The cat belonged to the ship’s carpenter; “chippy” is a British slang term for “carpenter.” Chippy liked to climb the rigging in all sorts of weather and once fell overboard. An officer turned the boat around, and the ship’s biologist scooped the cat out of the ocean with a net.

In 1949, Simon was traveling aboard HMS Amethyst when the British ship came under attack on China’s Yangtze River. Seventeen crew members died. Simon and 10 sailors were wounded. The ship was stuck in mud for almost 10 weeks while the two governments negotiated. Simon protected the crews’ shrinking food supply by fighting off aggressive rats. After the ship’s crew made a daring escape late one night, the crew and Simon became heroes. The British animal welfare group People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals presented him with the Dickin Medal, the highest honor awarded for an animal showing bravery in battle. He’s the only cat ever to win the Dickin. Upon his death, Simon was buried with full naval honors.

When the German warship Bismarck sank in World War II, British sailors on the HMS Cossack discovered a black-and-white cat floating on a board in the ocean. They rescued him and named him Oscar. Then their ship was torpedoed. Oscar survived, and British naval officers renamed him “Unsinkable Sam.” They stationed him on the HMS Ark Royal. When it, too, was torpedoed, sailors rescued him off another floating board. The governor of Gibraltar adopted Sam, and then moved him to a British home for sailors.

Oh my whiskers, I think I would rather stay at home than have the adventures these felines had!

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/17

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
Happy Wednesday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Lily has been meowing that she doesn’t get much camera time so we decided to make her our official St. Patrick’s Day feline!

Last week I was meowing about that “budget” thingy that was restricting our cat furniture needs. I’m happy to announce that after some purrrsuasion (and Oliver’s success in scratching around under the sofa cushions for some change) we received two new pieces of cat furniture. We all love them (despite a few challenges)

As a SLONK, I can fit anywhere. Those CHONKY brothers aren’t so lucky (or comfortable!)

So you see my furiends, never give up when you need something! Now, let’s check out this week’s feline news!

A Unique Security Team Keeps Watch Over One South Baltimore Neighborhood. Meet ‘The Riverside Watch Cats’

In Baltimore, there’s a quiet neighborhood that’s quiet because of the Riverside Watch Cats. Who needs to spend a fortune when you can hire purrfectly good security of the feline purrsuasion?  And before you scoff, one of these security kitties named Goose, brought attention to someone trying to rob a house in the neighborhood! And Goose doesn’t just fight crime, he’s been known to give a trespassing deer a whacky paw (watch the video to see this)

Speedy is another neighborhood feline on the job. His specialty is car safety and will sit on his human’s car, which, I might add, has never been stolen.

Hercules is another member of the team. Unfortunately, Hercules’ Purrsonal Assistant was not available for comment and Hercules was on the job so he was too busy to be interviewed.

So humans, the next time you consider a neighborhood watch, think feline!

3 well-behaved, super spoiled cats are the internet’s newest stars

If being spoiled can make you a star, every feline should be famous! These three cats live in the same household and they have their humans trained well. Chase, Skye and Millie are living their best lives.

They get Happy Meals delivered by their humans Kareem Khalil and Fifi Furrha who are eager to provide all that the felines desire.

It stated during the lockdown. After spending so much time with their cats they started making videos and posting them to their Instagram account. Today they have nearly 5 million followers and even had one of their videos featured on Inside Edition.

One of the craziest ones I’ve seen is the ‘spa day’ video. The cats cooperate with their humans ideas with the administration of lots of treats.  The next time you hear your humans complaining about being bored, why not suggest a spa day?

Cat lovers, the ‘Cats of the World Purrzaar’ is coming your way

Imagine my supurrise when I found out that this event has been going on since 2007! The event features cat photos from around the world, a cat-themed market with 10 vendors and workshops for ages 12 and above.

The event supports local cat shelters and the workshops are all “paws on” so you can take home the things you made. The bad news…the venue is a bit far for us, Singapore. You can visit their website to check out the vendors and items for sale and you can also send a photo of your feline (catsoftheworldpurrzaar@gmail.com) for consideration for entry in the special World Purrzar Instagram page.

Turkish Feline Lover Installs Tiny Window Ladder to Help Stray Cats Escape the Cold

Oh my whiskers, this human deserves an award. Winter has been harsh in the Turkish town of Terkirdag and this wonderful lady made sure that the homeless kitties in her town had shelter. She had a tiny metal ladder made so that the felines could make it up to her window and come in for some warmth and safety.

The ladder is only wide enough for small animals so it keeps out bad humans. In order to make sure the neighbors didn’t complain about the ladder she made it pretty and added potted plants. Not only were her neighbors enthusiastic about her project, so were people around the world that heard her story.

She has always fed strays and now offers them shelter as well. She says, “I wish no animal is hungry or thirsty, just happy,” This world is not just for people.”

Paws up for Sebnem Ilhan, one of the kindest cat lovers we’ve ever met!

The world’s smallest “big” cats

I bet you humans think all cats in the wild are huge and imposing but that just isn’t true. There are some fantastic felines all around the world whose size is small and many look like us domesticated cats like the picture of Scottish wildcats above.

There are far too many of these felines for me to feature in my write up, cats like Margays, Andean Mountain Cats, Scottish Wildcats, Pallas Cats and many more. There are wonderful photos and more information about our little wild cousins in the article. Be sure and check them out.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/10

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
It’s been a looooong week in our neck of the woods. We are quite done with winter and are looking forward to donning our harnesses and taking a stroll through the garden.

We all took a vote and decided we needed some new cat furniture. The Human said she would order one thing and we’d have to share because lots of cat furniture wasn’t in the budget.

“What is this “budget thing and why does The Human deny me a bigger bed?”

When The Human explained that the budget thingy had to do with getting money, Oliver got busy looking for some extra cash.

“I just need to reach down a little deeper and get that dollar bill…”

Lily is exhausted by this discussion of money (or lack thereof).

“Sigh, looks like if I want more toys I may have to get a job. What a dilemma.”

While we work to find a way around this “budget thingy” I invite you to enjoy this week’s feline news features and hope you are not being held captive to any stupid budget!

PetSafe® Introduces Cat Corridor™ Interior Cat Door

The Cat Corridor™ includes a cutting template to ensure correct sizing and screws to secure the pet door in place.

Sometimes a kitty just wants a  little privacy in the house. This interior cat door is pretty cool. The  PetSafe® Cat Corridor™ Interior Cat Door is durable and easy to install, and gives us our own private access to any room in the house. It’s also great for keeping our litter boxes, food dishes, etc away from view and, if you have a barkie in your house, it will keep them from getting into your food. And, if you have a bully cat or resource blockier in the house that’s heavier than 20 pounds, it will keep them out too!

The Cat Corridor has a cutting template to so you humans can cut just the right size and you can also paint it if your doors are not white.

If you’re not a CHONKY cat (20 pounds or over) have your humans head to the  Pet Safe website or Amazon to get one for you.

Kitty CATure Fashion Show

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 28: A general view of Haute Kitty CATure Feline & Canine Fashion Show at Day 1 of AKC “Meet The Breeds” showcase at Jacob Javits Center on September 28, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for American Kennel Club)

New York fashion week offers something for everyone, even fashionable felines.  The event is called the Kitty CATure Fashion show and is a gala event sponsored by The Internal Cat Association. They did have a few runway barkies as well hosted by the American Kennel Club but, since this is a feline news feature we’ll skip the canine models but as this was the first year in the show’s history that barkies were allowed I thought I should mention it.

This year featured designs by pet fashion designers such as Ada Nieves of Ada Nieves for Pets. The event began with a Bengal named Poet, the feline in residence at the home of the fashion show emcee. Poet surveyed the goings on from a chair next to the stage and spent most of his time napping.

The first feline to strut down the catwalk was Vengeance, a 12-week-old Sphinx in an argyle sweater. To be clear, the cats didn’t strut, it was their humans who carried them down the catwalk. Not every feline was enamored of their new modeling career. Some attached themselves to their humans like kitty Velcro while others just rolled over and made themselves limp. One racy Oriental Shorthair attempted a strip tease as he slid out of his evening ensemble.  

There was quite an age range represented,, everything from kitten newbies to older, more seasoned feline models.

Whether your feline enjoys clothing will depend a lot on how early you introduce them to modeling. And then again, some of us just hate clothes and hats no matter how early you try to introduce us to them.

The feline designers say that if your felines object to clothing, you could always try a collar with lots of bling (unless you’re a manly cat like me!)

St. Petersburg cat cafe launches online video service featuring Hermitage felines

ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – MARCH 19, 2020: A cat at the Cats Republic cat cafe. Peter Kovalev/TASS Ðîññèÿ. Ñàíêò-Ïåòåðáóðã. Êîøêà â êàôå “Ðåñïóáëèêà êîøåê”. Ïåòð Êîâàëåâ/ÒÀÑÑ

I’ve reported before about the cats in St. Petersburg Russia and they’re making news again. The Cat Café, Cats Republic, where they reside is encouraging them all to “work from home” since the café is still closed. They’ve created a great way for felines and humans to interact despite the shut down.

The cats do what they normally do, run around, play on a wheel, take a nap and sing the song of their people while humans watch their antics over a live feed. The cats are then “paid” for their performances as the café overhead still is due, even though it’s closed.

All the cats have had their CVs published on the café website that describes their skills and special talents. One cat named Maru can solve math problems (our Human could definitely use his help!) There are many talented cats there, just waiting for a furever home.

The café says that each cat has a veterinary passports and a dowry. Paws up to the humans who figured out a way to earn the money they need for rent, kibble and litter while working to get these Russian felines adopted.

Cats in Comics

The premiere feline lover’s publication, Catster, wrote an article that will thrill those of you who combine your love of felines with a love of comics. Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, published Angel Catbird, a graphic novel about a superhero that’s part cat and part bird (meowza, that sounds strange to me, wouldn’t that character always be in conflict with itself?). She says it’s inspired partly by her childhood when she would draw “flying cats with wings”.

Since the publication of Angel Catbird, numerous graphic novels have appeared such as Legend: Defend The Grounds about a pack of dogs and a clowder of competing cats in a futuristic, bleak environment.

Captain Ginger is about felines who travel the universe on a spaceship. Madame Cat is a graphic novel with a different twist where the adopted cat believes she is the human and the humans are the cats. And then there’s A Cat Story that asks the question, what do cats really want? (I have to say I am happy to see more writers giving felines voices).

So there you go, all you comic book lovers have a whole new list of comics to enjoy.

Scots Tesco lists ‘in-store cat’ facilities as resident feline sends Twitter into meltdown

For my furiends in the U.S., Tesco is a type of grocery store in the U.K. and there is a Tesco in Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland that lists “in store cat facilities’” for it’s resident feline.

The ten-year old cat Spartacus has split his living time the last few years between his home and the Tesco store. He’s referred to as “The Tesco Cat”  and even has his own Facebook page.

A fan of Spartacus, Angus Duncan, tweeted, “My local @tesco is better than yours”, that tweet received 11,000 likes!

Spartacus’ fame is spreading with fans driving to Dunfermline just to pet him and take photos.

Evidently, Spartacus is not an aberration as many people tweeted about cats in their local grocery stores. One wrote: “The co-op in Stornoway has a cat called Mittens, and we are not worthy.”

Spartacus made the news two years ago when he added a few pounds too many after eating the many treats offered to him by shoppers. He seems to particularly enjoy Pringles.

His owner, who lives around the corner from the shop, noted: “He goes there at about 6am every day and returns home at around 10pm.

I’d say Spartacus has set up quite a gig for himself and I wonder what Pringles taste like. The Human will not allow junk food in our house so sigh, I will probably never know.

Lily Celebrates International Women’s Day

Hello Furiends,
Lily here meowing at you on International Women’s Day! This holiday made me think that we female felines are often incorrectly labeled with old and inaccurate stereotypes…”females are more aloof, females are more aggressive…meow, meow, meow…”

I’m here to tell you that we felines (male and female) can’t be categorized so easily. I consulted with our Human on this subject as she is not only our Purrsonal Assistant but she has diplomas in Feline Animal Behavior & Psychology and Understanding Feline Anxiety (as well as Pet Bereavement counseling but that’s a skill for another blog post).

When I asked our Human whether she would consider bringing a male or female feline into our clowder, she said that there were many factors to consider and all were important things to consider as well as gender.

She said there’s this thing called “nature vs nurture” which she explained to me is that a cat’s behavior is a combination of physical things like the personalities of our parents, our breed and yes, even our coat color versus how we are influenced by our environment (how our mothers train us, the humans treat us, etc.)

 Human scientists even studied this at Cambridge University and they learned that the “friendliness” of a kitten’s father had an effect on the kitten’s behavior, even if the kitten hadn’t been handled by humans at a young age. They found that kittens with “unfriendly” fathers, regardless of how much they were handled were not as friendly. In other words, genetics are an important part of the makeup of our personalities.

The issue isn’t whether males are friendlier than females because there are many things that contribute to our wonderful feline purrsonalities. Breed makes a difference and you don’t have to be a fancy cat from a breeder to figure this out. Even those of us that are from, errr, multi-breed families from the shelter can find out about our dominant breed and how it affects our behavior.

The Female Human did this for all of us by having our DNA tested by Basepaws. All you have to do is look at me and you can figure out I have quite a varied heritage. My DNA says that the majority of my heritage is from The Western Group (almost 60%), meaning a mix of Russian Blue and Ragdoll with a sprinkle of “broadly western” (little bits of American Shorthair, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora and the rest of the “western” breeds). I also have a little mix of Eastern Breeds (over 15%) such as Thai Siamese, Burman, Peterbald and the catch all “Broadly Eastern” category. Needless to say, figuring out my purrsonality from my heritage is a bit tricky but it still helps to know my dominant heritage. And there’s lots of other great things DNA testing tells us like if I’m genetically pre-disposed to certain medical conditions.

It’s not just our breed heritage that determines how we act and react. As I noted above, our feline mom’s and dad’s personalities make up who we are. The amount of socialization we had when we were little kittens also can influence how we act and interact. Our life experience also determines how we live with other cats, animals and humans.

And the very good news is that you humans can have an effect on us, by giving us time and love you can change a fearful feline into a snuggle buddy with time.

So there you have it. This International Women’s Day let’s have a nice meow shout out to all the female felines out there and let’s stop believing all those old stereotypes people still keep perpetuating!

The ‘Feline Five’: An exploration of personality in pet cats (Felis catus), Carla A. Litchfield ,Gillian Quinton,Hayley Tindle,Belinda Chiera,K. Heidy Kikillus,Philip Roetman -Published: August 23, 2017

 “The Impact of Paternity and Early Social Development on The Development of Cat’s Behavior to People and Novel Objects” –Cambridge University, 1998- Sandra McCune 

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/3

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends!
Meowza, what a week! The Human has had so much to do this week that the attention we demand (and deserve) has been lacking. In her defense, she’s been very busy and comes home and crashes. And when The Human has a tough week, we felines have a tough week too, although we try to sympathize with her purrdicament, each in our own way.

“Sitting with my Human with a glass of wine after a loooong day at work is the least I can do!”
“Human, you think you’ve had a bad day, let me tell you about mine! Those two hooligans chased me around the house all afternoon!”
“While The Human is at the place she calls work, I help out by doing my neighborhood watch duties.”

My regular readers will remember that our human nephew just signed with the professional soccer team, The Charleston Battery. Today I received my team bandana. I bet that team doesn’t have any fans as handsome as me!

Go Team – Meow!

Now it’s time to get to my latest web wanderings of the feline variety.

Purrfect rescue: Thai navy scrambles to save cats from sinking ship

Heroic Thai navy sailors braved choppy seas to rescue four felines that had been abandoned on a sinking ship that caught fire.

After the human crew was rescued and taken to safety the sailors returned to the capsized boat to check for an oil spill and much to their surprise found four furry crew members huddled toget6her on a bean of the boat.

One of the sailors donned a life vest and swam over to the terrified kitties. Each cat was placed on his shoulder while his crew pulled him and his feline rescues in to his boat.

All four felines are being cared for by their rescuers at their command post on the island of Koh Lipe.

I’ve heard of navy seals but this is the first time I’ve heard of navy felines. Paws up to these pawsome sailors!

Angry Cat Attacks Pilot Forcing Boeing 737 Diversion

A Tarco Aviation flight was forced to return to its origin after a furry stowaway made himself known in the cockpit.  The feline, thought to have accessed the cockpit during a cleaning woke up after takeoff, became frightened and attacked the captain, causing the plane to return to Khartoum.

The crew tried to capture the freaked out feline but couldn’t get close to him.

It’s believed the cat was a stray. Unfortunately, there was no mention of what happened to this poor kitty. I would like to think that he was adopted by a cat loving airline employee and that his traveling days are over.

Missing cat finds way home weeks after getting lost in New York

People, people, people how many times do you have to be told to secure your cat in its carrier?

John and Carol Forestieri will be more careful from now on, that’s for sure. They took 10-year old Buddy to the veterinarian for a minor surgery Feb. 8, when the cat escaped from the cage in the back of the car, “The door was slightly open and he just pushed through and — gone,” John Forestieri said.

Both humans ran after the cat but he went into the woods and disappeared. Then a few days ago John heard scratching at the back door. Buddy was home!

“At first I thought I was dreaming ‘cause I had been dreaming about him. I knew it was him without even seeing him, it was the same scratch and he did give a cry,” Forestieri said.

Buddy’s veterinarian said cats have an innate compass-like instinct that helps them determine their location. It is a miracle that Buddy made it home through snow storms and freezing weather.

Everyone celebrated Buddy’s return home, even the veterinarian. He was a bit thinner and has been receiving canned cat food the last few days.

“I still don’t quite believe it ‘cause I didn’t expect it, and I get choked up every time I see him,” John Forestieri said.

Ah, how I love a happy ending!

Local cat-sitting company braved winter storm to check on clients’ cats

Evelyn Shields and Vanessa Roy, co-owners of Austin Cat Sitters, both woke up Monday morning shocked like the rest of Texas when they saw inches of snow on the ground.  They also woke up to no power and it was cold and dark.

Shields received many messages from her managers at Austin Cat Sitters that things were going sideways. Visits weren’t happening as most of the cat sitting team couldn’t get out. Many of the cat’s humans were unable to get home so many cat sitting schedules were extended.

Shields and her partner took over all the visits and began circling the city in a four wheel drive Jeep. Her Prius would not start because of the cold. 

They visited more than 30 cats from Monday through Wednesday. They visited Pumpkin and Spice in an apartment complex with no power. Luckily, they brought a flashlight to find the felines in the dark. This allowed them to also send photos back to their owner to confirm the purring pair’s well-being.

Ace had more pressing needs. Shields noticed that there was blood in the urine in his litter box. She called Ace’s human and while she was on the phone it was clear Ace needed to see a doctor. The next issue was, were there any emergency vets open?  She and her partner got Ace to one of the two emergency vets that were open that night and then took him home with his medication. She kept Ace’s human updated on his condition and he has completely recovered.

One of her feline clients, Villy’s apartment was so cold his water bowl froze over.          

As the week progressed the other staff members were able to get out and check on their assigned felines.

Paws Up award by FelineOpines.net for humans who do amazing things for cats

The clients of Austin Cat Sitters were grateful and expressed their appreciation. Shields said, “It’s a lot of cat love for us. We are cat people and then just knowing that they’re getting what they need is what really makes us feel the best.”

Meowza, these ladies deserve a Paws Up award!

Hero Cat Adopted During the Pandemic Saves Family By Detecting Potentially Dangerous Gas Leak

This Oregon feline is a hero! Sandi Martin was in her living room spending time with her cat Lily. Lily kept walking over to the fireplace and began sniffing around the fireplace valve.

Martin was curious and joined Lily, sniffing at the same spot. She smelled gas. After her husband confirmed rhe gas smell, they called the gas company who arrived within 20 minutes. The gas company confirmed that they had a dangerous gas leak. He went outside, cut off the pipe to the gas, capped it off and shut it down.

Lily’s humans said she may have saved their lives. This wasn’t the only time Lily saved them. Martin said that she found herself in a dark place during the ongoing COVID-19 shut down because she wasn’t able to spend time with her family. She decided she would adopt a cat from Cat Adoption Team and that’s where she found Lily. Lily helped pull Martin out of her funk and helped her deal with the stress of the lockdown.

Way to go Lily!