Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/10

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
It’s been a looooong week in our neck of the woods. We are quite done with winter and are looking forward to donning our harnesses and taking a stroll through the garden.

We all took a vote and decided we needed some new cat furniture. The Human said she would order one thing and we’d have to share because lots of cat furniture wasn’t in the budget.

“What is this “budget thing and why does The Human deny me a bigger bed?”

When The Human explained that the budget thingy had to do with getting money, Oliver got busy looking for some extra cash.

“I just need to reach down a little deeper and get that dollar bill…”

Lily is exhausted by this discussion of money (or lack thereof).

“Sigh, looks like if I want more toys I may have to get a job. What a dilemma.”

While we work to find a way around this “budget thingy” I invite you to enjoy this week’s feline news features and hope you are not being held captive to any stupid budget!

PetSafe® Introduces Cat Corridor™ Interior Cat Door

The Cat Corridor™ includes a cutting template to ensure correct sizing and screws to secure the pet door in place.

Sometimes a kitty just wants a  little privacy in the house. This interior cat door is pretty cool. The  PetSafe® Cat Corridor™ Interior Cat Door is durable and easy to install, and gives us our own private access to any room in the house. It’s also great for keeping our litter boxes, food dishes, etc away from view and, if you have a barkie in your house, it will keep them from getting into your food. And, if you have a bully cat or resource blockier in the house that’s heavier than 20 pounds, it will keep them out too!

The Cat Corridor has a cutting template to so you humans can cut just the right size and you can also paint it if your doors are not white.

If you’re not a CHONKY cat (20 pounds or over) have your humans head to the  Pet Safe website or Amazon to get one for you.

Kitty CATure Fashion Show

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 28: A general view of Haute Kitty CATure Feline & Canine Fashion Show at Day 1 of AKC “Meet The Breeds” showcase at Jacob Javits Center on September 28, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for American Kennel Club)

New York fashion week offers something for everyone, even fashionable felines.  The event is called the Kitty CATure Fashion show and is a gala event sponsored by The Internal Cat Association. They did have a few runway barkies as well hosted by the American Kennel Club but, since this is a feline news feature we’ll skip the canine models but as this was the first year in the show’s history that barkies were allowed I thought I should mention it.

This year featured designs by pet fashion designers such as Ada Nieves of Ada Nieves for Pets. The event began with a Bengal named Poet, the feline in residence at the home of the fashion show emcee. Poet surveyed the goings on from a chair next to the stage and spent most of his time napping.

The first feline to strut down the catwalk was Vengeance, a 12-week-old Sphinx in an argyle sweater. To be clear, the cats didn’t strut, it was their humans who carried them down the catwalk. Not every feline was enamored of their new modeling career. Some attached themselves to their humans like kitty Velcro while others just rolled over and made themselves limp. One racy Oriental Shorthair attempted a strip tease as he slid out of his evening ensemble.  

There was quite an age range represented,, everything from kitten newbies to older, more seasoned feline models.

Whether your feline enjoys clothing will depend a lot on how early you introduce them to modeling. And then again, some of us just hate clothes and hats no matter how early you try to introduce us to them.

The feline designers say that if your felines object to clothing, you could always try a collar with lots of bling (unless you’re a manly cat like me!)

St. Petersburg cat cafe launches online video service featuring Hermitage felines

ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – MARCH 19, 2020: A cat at the Cats Republic cat cafe. Peter Kovalev/TASS Ðîññèÿ. Ñàíêò-Ïåòåðáóðã. Êîøêà â êàôå “Ðåñïóáëèêà êîøåê”. Ïåòð Êîâàëåâ/ÒÀÑÑ

I’ve reported before about the cats in St. Petersburg Russia and they’re making news again. The Cat Café, Cats Republic, where they reside is encouraging them all to “work from home” since the café is still closed. They’ve created a great way for felines and humans to interact despite the shut down.

The cats do what they normally do, run around, play on a wheel, take a nap and sing the song of their people while humans watch their antics over a live feed. The cats are then “paid” for their performances as the café overhead still is due, even though it’s closed.

All the cats have had their CVs published on the café website that describes their skills and special talents. One cat named Maru can solve math problems (our Human could definitely use his help!) There are many talented cats there, just waiting for a furever home.

The café says that each cat has a veterinary passports and a dowry. Paws up to the humans who figured out a way to earn the money they need for rent, kibble and litter while working to get these Russian felines adopted.

Cats in Comics

The premiere feline lover’s publication, Catster, wrote an article that will thrill those of you who combine your love of felines with a love of comics. Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, published Angel Catbird, a graphic novel about a superhero that’s part cat and part bird (meowza, that sounds strange to me, wouldn’t that character always be in conflict with itself?). She says it’s inspired partly by her childhood when she would draw “flying cats with wings”.

Since the publication of Angel Catbird, numerous graphic novels have appeared such as Legend: Defend The Grounds about a pack of dogs and a clowder of competing cats in a futuristic, bleak environment.

Captain Ginger is about felines who travel the universe on a spaceship. Madame Cat is a graphic novel with a different twist where the adopted cat believes she is the human and the humans are the cats. And then there’s A Cat Story that asks the question, what do cats really want? (I have to say I am happy to see more writers giving felines voices).

So there you go, all you comic book lovers have a whole new list of comics to enjoy.

Scots Tesco lists ‘in-store cat’ facilities as resident feline sends Twitter into meltdown

For my furiends in the U.S., Tesco is a type of grocery store in the U.K. and there is a Tesco in Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland that lists “in store cat facilities’” for it’s resident feline.

The ten-year old cat Spartacus has split his living time the last few years between his home and the Tesco store. He’s referred to as “The Tesco Cat”  and even has his own Facebook page.

A fan of Spartacus, Angus Duncan, tweeted, “My local @tesco is better than yours”, that tweet received 11,000 likes!

Spartacus’ fame is spreading with fans driving to Dunfermline just to pet him and take photos.

Evidently, Spartacus is not an aberration as many people tweeted about cats in their local grocery stores. One wrote: “The co-op in Stornoway has a cat called Mittens, and we are not worthy.”

Spartacus made the news two years ago when he added a few pounds too many after eating the many treats offered to him by shoppers. He seems to particularly enjoy Pringles.

His owner, who lives around the corner from the shop, noted: “He goes there at about 6am every day and returns home at around 10pm.

I’d say Spartacus has set up quite a gig for himself and I wonder what Pringles taste like. The Human will not allow junk food in our house so sigh, I will probably never know.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 10/9

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello There Furiends,
final-1How are things in your neck of the woods? Our woods are getting a bit windy and frosty these days. Now mind you, we felines understand that we live in a four seasons kind of place but good grief, there needs to be some rules about when these seasons start. We already had snow last week (before The Female Human had time to get rid of the leaves in the yard!). Thankfully the snow didn’t stay but brrrrrr is it chilly and windy out there. Oliver was watching the enthusiastic waving of the flag on our front porch the other day.

Last weekend it got so chilly that The Female Human turned on the fireplace (yes, she’s lazy, we have a gas fireplace so all she has to do is flick a switch and not drag in a bunch of wood.) Oliver loves the fireplace so much that he even made a movie about it. Sometimes I wonder about my brofur.

The Tribe is back to snuggling together again too. I do sometimes wonder if Oliver has any concept of personal space though.

I checked in with Jasmine and she said she is feeling great now that The Female Human has been giving her Scruffy Paws Kidney Vitalize Chews. And wonder of wonder, Miss Picky really likes them! She’s put on a bit more weight although our furry diva has always been very tiny.


Alberto, what are you doing in my room? I’d really rather be alone!” -Jasmine

All in all, things are quite fine at our house and, as you can see, I’m just chillin’ and waiting for The Female Human to open a drawer or cabinet so I can get into it and look for rubber bands, plastic, or any other enticing thing to play with.


A different kind of love 

Love doesn’t always look the way you think it should. Take Mo and Cricket for instance. Mo, a feline, is in love with his next door canine neighbor, Cricket.  Mo loves Cricket so much that he heads over to Cricket’s house every day.

George the cat becomes a star thanks to his solo adventures on buses and trains


George, a 7-year old rescue Tabby is a special breed of adventure cat because he likes to choose his own adventures and go sans humans. He’s tried to hitch a ride to Scotland, regularly sneaks onto public busses ending up miles from home and even likes to take the occasional train trip. His travels have now been chronicled on Facebook and his page also helps those who have encountered George, far from his home, contact his humans. There are many “George sightings” on his page.

George’s usual trips take him away from home for about three hours and, if he is gone longer his humans know that it’s time to put out the alarm. When George is home he is a great comfort and feline nursemaid to his human, Dennis who suffers from dementia. And George loves to be held and petted by any humans he comes across outside of the house.

One of George’s recent adventures took him in the direction of a  safari park with a bunch of school kids. George didn’t make the full journey however, his human said, “Fortunately the bus stopped and chucked him out before arriving there.”

The epitome of Feline Fashion – a behind the scenes look

Those of you who follow my Wednesday web wanderings know I love to report on this event. The Algonquin Cat’s Annual Celebration & Cat Fashion Show has been happening for 10 years in early August. It’s a benefit for The Mayors Alliance for NYC’s Animals. This year the theme was “It’s a small world” and cats were dressed up to represent nine different countries. Be sure and watch the behind the scenes video.

Revenge is sweet – and wet!


You humans say that you can be petty to each other, well evidently that goes for cats too. These two got into a hilariously petty (and one-sided) cat fight.

The story was first posted on Twitter, the feline’s human said, “My cat came inside soaking wet, so I did some investigating and found this. She posted a video. Then she noted in another Tweet, “We did a further investigation, it was plotted revenge.” Both videos document the altercation and are hilarious (unless you’re the cat that got shoved in the pool).

How to hold a cat


Snark warning – I can’t believe a human actually wrote an article about how to hold a cat. Cats are all different and you need to get to know us so you can understand HOW we want to be held and IF we want to be held. Take Lily for instance. She does NOT want to be held and for the foolish human who refuses to believe this, The Female Human always has a supply of bandages available.

For every rule about holding a cat, there are cats who break those rules so, humans, read this article if you must be remember, not all cats are alike.