Walk through The Web Wednesday 12/29

Hello Furiends,
As this year comes to an end we felines have spent a few moments reflecting about the past year’s events. It’s been a pretty good year, the summer was one of the hottest on record, this winter is one of the coldest and most snowy. The Human made it through with most of her sanity intact however, she just received that the part to fix her garage door won’t arrive until January 18th. I will not repeat here what she said when she heard this. She keeps meowing about how she has to allow an extra hour every morning to dig her car out and snow blow the driveway. Sigh, needless to say she’s looking forward to the new year!

As for us felines, we each have a little New Year’s wish for you.

“Hey there humans, we know that 2021 wasn’t the best year. Our human is constantly meowing about the cost of stuff. All I can say is that I’m happy I don’t have to buy this gas stuff!” – Oliver
“Hey there my human and furry furiends, just forget about 2021 and CELEBRATE 2022. Believe that everything will be better!” – Lily
“I say there old chaps, may comfort and plenty fill your new year.” – Alberto

And a final word about the coming year from Oliver:

“We’ve seen your nefarious deeds 2021 so don’t try and bring that stuff into the new year!”

Epic coworker spat over two workplace cats, Jean and Jorts, just keeps getting funnier

There is a thing called a subreddit, in which people share personal stories and elicit comments from other users. This story is funny and the follow up is even more hilarious.  

The initial story shared by Reddit user u/throwawayorangecat is about an orange cat who works in a profession not disclosed, but described as a “service to clients in very sad/stressful points in their lives”. I think that sounds like noble feline work!

The post said:

“We have two workplace cats in one area of our worksites. They add value to the worksite, we all love the cats and the worksite cat presence is not the issue. One of the cats (Jean) is a tortoiseshell cat we have had for years. The other cat (Jorts) is a large orange cat and a recent addition.

Jorts is just… kind of a simple guy. For example, Jorts can’t open a door even when it’s ajar— he shoves it whether he is going in or out, so often he closes the door he is trying to go through. This means he is often trapped inside the place he was trying to exit and meows until he is rescued.

My colleague Pam (not her real name) has been spending a lot of time trying to teach Jorts things. The doors thing is the main example — it’s a real issue because the cats are fed in a closet and Jorts keeps pushing the door closed. Jean can actually open all the other interior doors since they are a lever type knob, but she can’t open this particular door if she is trapped INSIDE the closet.

Tortie Jean is very nice to poor orange Jorts, and she is kept busy letting him out of rooms he has trapped himself in, so this seems easy to resolve. I put down a door stop.

Pam then said I was depriving Jorts of the ‘chance to learn’ and kept removing the doorstop. She set up a series of special learning activities for Jorts, and tried to put these tasks on the whiteboard of daily team tasks (I erased them). She thinks we need to teach him how to clean himself better and how to get out of minor barriers like when he gets a cup stuck on his head, etc. I love Jorts but he’s just dumb af and we can’t change that.

Don’t get me wrong— watching her try to teach Jorts how to walk through a door is hilarious, but Jean got locked in the closet twice last week. Yesterday I installed a cat cutout thing in the door and Pam started getting really huffy. I made a gentle joke about ‘you can’t expect Jean’s tortoiseshell smarts from orange cat Jorts’ which made Pam FURIOUS. She started crying and left the hallway, then sent an email to the group (including volunteers) and went home early.

In her email Pam said I was ‘perpetuating ethnic stereotypes by saying orange cats are dumb’ and is demanding a racial sensitivity training before she will return. I don’t think it’s relevant but just in case, Pam is a white person in a mostly minority staff (and no she is not ginger/does not have red hair).

Well the responses to this post were purrfect with comments like, “”Um, you can’t be racist against an animal,” to “Why is Pam spending so much of her work time trying to train a cat?”

Then when the update was posted, it took things to another level.

 “Thanks for responding to my query which had truly upset me. I work to have a good relationship with my team and the situation had gotten weird so gradually that I lost perspective.

I just met with HR, she had already met with Pam. HR was concerned about Pam’s comparing ethnic stereotypes with giving a cat a doorstop and they addressed that which went well. HR will follow up to make sure Pam understands. (The replies to my query were helpful to me for this discussion.)

HR also addressed Pam assigning other staff Jorts-related tutoring, as it is not appropriate for Pam to assign others work. This also went well.

We both think Pam had a hard time with the transition from volunteer to staff, and may have ‘new kid’ sensitivity projected to Jorts. Pam got emotional about her perception that I favor Jean over Jorts and gave specific examples. Some of these things are fair. Jorts deserves respect as a member of our team.

There are 3 buildings in our workplace. Jean and Jorts are limited to one. HR told me there were 5 holdouts about vaccines, and restricting unvaccinated people from entering the building (to protect Jean and Jorts) was enough to win over 4 of them. That’s CRAZY, but great.

More importantly: the cats’ presence greatly enhances our work with our clients, and Jorts’ friendly nature has been so great. Both cats truly are doing important work. Truly Jorts deserves to be treated with respect.

We all deserve to be treated with dignity at work, so I will apologize to Jorts about some things that were insensitive or disrespectful.

a. Jean has a nice cat bed with her name on it, while Jorts has chosen an old boot tray in my office with a towel in it. Recently a visitor put wet boots in the boot tray and Pam saw Jorts sleeping on the wet boots. I bought a bed for Jorts today and a name tag has been ordered.

b. I will apologize to Jorts and remove the sign saying ‘DAYS SINCE JORTS HAD A TRASH CAN MISHAP: 0’ Jorts likes to fish dirty paper cups out and he often falls into the bin or gets a cup stuck on his head, etc. (He is able to get out of the bin by tipping it over so it isn’t a safety issue.)

c. Jean’s ‘staff bio’ has a photo of Jean, while Jorts’ bio has a photo of a sweet potato. I did not actually know either cat had a staff bio, but we will use a photo of Jorts instead of a sweet potato.

HR also suggested changing Pam’s duties so she is ‘in charge’ of the cats. This I refused, the cats are my staff, not Pam’s. I think Pam was well-intended but actually not meeting the needs of either Jean or Jorts so they remain under my supervision. (Pam is also not to put cups on Jorts’ head or intentionally put him into frustrating situations given his unique needs.)

Lastly, and this made us both laugh so hard we can’t deal with it in person and will be said via email: Pam admits that she has been putting margarine on Jorts in an attempt to teach him to groom himself better. This may explain the diarrhea problem Jean developed (which required a vet visit).

Pam is NOT to apply margarine to any of her coworkers. Jean has shown she is willing to be in charge of helping Jorts stay clean. If this task becomes onerous for Jean, we can have a groomer help.

Believe it or not, there are many more comments to read in the links in this report. All I have to say is you humans are pretty weird.

Firefighters Forced to Cut Through Couch to Rescue Trapped Kitten

I’ve reported on heroic firefighters saving cats stuck in trees, after fires and other dire circumstances. This rescue story however,is a new one and proves once again what amazing folks our local firefighters are.

A group of firefighters from Manotick, a suburb of the Canadian capital Ottawa, were called out to reports of a trapped kitten—which had somehow managed to get its leg stuck inside a pull-out sofa.

In order to rescue the terrified black cat they had to cut into the couch. You can follow photos of the rescue on the link to the Newsweek article.

The team also shared snaps of their efforts to the Twitter page @OttFire on Thursday.

The kitten’s humans got their cat back safe and sound but clearly they’ll need a new sofa.

U.S. Service Members Enjoy Happy Reunions with the Needy Cats They Rescued During Deployment

Sgt. Arielle and Sgt. Marisol are back in the paws of their beloved felines. The U.S. service members, who both live in Florida, each rescued a cat while deployed overseas. Sgt. Arielle first met her feline, Cathulhu, while stationed in Lithuania, where she found the kitten emaciated and in need of help. She fed and cared for Cathulhu from that moment on, helping the scared kitten grow into a healthy and playful cat.

“Her personality came out, and now she is a spunky, healthy kitten who loves to play. I have been going through a difficult time recently, and Cathulhu showed up at the perfect time. We refer to her as a therapy cat because anytime you are sad or upset, she starts up the purr machine and comes to give you a bath,” Sgt. Arielle said about her relationship with Cathulhu.

Sgt. Marisol met her cat, Mariska Hargitay, while deployed in Poland. It was Mariska Hargitay the cat who chose Sgt. Marisol, following the servicemember into her room. The pair quickly formed a strong bond after that moment.

“I was walking to my room on my post, and there was a litter of about 20+ cats on base. I continued to walk to my residence, and when I was halfway to my room, I looked back, and there was a baby kitten following close to me. I looked around, and she was really far from the rest of her litter. I attempted to look for her mother but could not find her. I then took the kitten to my room in order to get her fed and out of the elements. We bonded immediately, and she stayed in my room ever since,” Sgt. Marisol shared in a statement to PEOPLE about how she and Mariska Hargitay first met.

Needless to say, both Sgt. Arielle and Sgt. Marisol didn’t want their relationships with their cats to end when they went back to the U.S. To ensure the felines the pair adopted while overseas could keep being their pets in America, SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program stepped in. I’ve reported on several programs that work to reunite soldiers with their beloved felines and this one has helped over 1,000 servicemembers reunite and officially adopt the animals they met and befriended during their deployments. Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide navigates the complicated logistics required to send an animal overseas safely and covers the costs of these expensive trips for U.S. service members

The head of the organization said, “Being forced to leave a beloved pet behind when deployment is over can be devastating, so until we see peace in every corner of the world, OBP: Worldwide will continue to serve wherever it’s needed – just like the heroes of our U.S. Armed Forces. We consider every reunion request, regardless of the location, a chance for SPCA International to give back to our troops,” Kronish added on why SPCA International takes on these complex endeavors.

Both Sgt. Arielle and Sgt. Marisol are grateful to be the recipients of Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide’s efforts. They are looking forward to spending the holidays with the furry friends that got them through some of their most challenging times.

If you would like to help facilitate these reunions, you can support Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide by making a contribution to SPCA International’s military rescue programs.

I heard a meow’: Kentucky man finds his cat unscathed in rubble nine days after tornado

There are many stories of feline survivors of the recent tornados and this is a great one. Nine days after a tornado demolished his three-story office building in downtown Mayfield, Kentucky, Sonny “Hoot” Gibson was standing in the rubble when he thought he heard a faint meow.

That sound gave him hope that his office cat, Madix, who hadn’t been seen since before the storms hit, was alive. Gibson said he had tried to find the black cat with yellow eyes who liked to greet customers of his rental business, but he had given up after a few days.

“I don’t know how anything could’ve survived not just the tornado but the destruction that came along with it,” he said.

 “I thought I heard a meow, and I thought my mind’s playing tricks on me so I hollered his name out, and he meowed again,” Gibson said.

The noise was stifled and he couldn’t locate Madix immediately so he called some employees who came to help search. Soon after, they found the cat in a hole beneath the rubble.

“It was just an incredible feeling to put him in my arms,“ Gibson said. “If cats actually have nine lives, he probably used up about eight of them in that nine-day period.”

Other than being very hungry and thirsty, Madix was unscathed. Gibson said he took Madix home, where he will live out the rest of his days as a house cat.

Gibson said the story of Madix the survivor is becoming popular around the town of Mayfield, where a long-track tornado demolished huge parts of the community.

“It’s a blessing for people to hear the story so they can take that and realize that great things can come out of terrible situations. If it’s uplifting to one person, then Madix has served his purpose on this planet.”

Internet Backs Woman ‘Choosing’ Cat Over Boyfriend After He Called Pet Dirty

I reported about a man who chose his cat over his girlfriend and here we have another story of humans choosing their beloved felines over their cat hating significant others.

A woman chose her cat over her boyfriend after he complained her pet was unhygienic.

She posted the story to Reddit‘s popular Am I The A**hole forum, under username AITA_Shower, where she explained she’s had her cat, Crumb, since he was three months old.

She found Crumb abandoned and “nursed him back to health and as a result they have a strong bond.

She wrote: “My cat ‘Crumb’ is the most important aspect in my life right now. Like most cat parents, he rules the household.”

Still, Crumb was a problem for her new boyfriend who she’d been dating for two months. When he stayed over, Crumb never showed him any affection or interest and he pretty much left the male human alone. And yet the guy began to complain constantly about the feline.

When he walked into the woman’s bathroom to see Crumb rubbing his face against her toothbrush (an electric ones that stands), he was shocked and told her how disgusting it was. He demanded she get a new toothbrush (expensive) and she said no and put the toothbrush in a drawer.”

The boyfriend next announced he didn’t like her nightly routine with Crumb. She gives Crumb a kiss on the head, stomach and then face before he goes to sleep.

The boyfriend complained this was unhygienic, that the cat is dirty and that letting the cat sleep in the bedroom is gross.

When he wanted the cat punished, it was the last straw. She tried to explain that you can’t punish cats but he wouldn’t hear it. He then went on to say that me kissing Crumb is disgusting, especially his face, and he wouldn’t ever kiss me if I kissed Crumb again. He asked me to put Crumb outside the room when he is over, or lock him in a ‘crate.’

“So she (finally) said, ‘okay bye.’, and let him know Crumb was 10000x more important to her than the cat hating boyfriend. When she began to feel remores about how she’d treated the boyfriend, she asked people on the internet for their opinions. Her post, entitled “AITA for standing firm on my ‘lack of hygiene’ and choosing cat over bf?” has been upvoted more than 17,000 times, as people backed her.

Krik2019 advised: “NTA-Crumb sounds like a great cat! Your boyfriend, not so great. Keep the cat, ditch the boyfriend. You’ll be happier.”

Envydiare commented: “You’ve only been with him 2 months and he’s already trying to be controlling. Leave the bf and kiss the cat.”

Mvfrostsmypie said: “Yep. Dump the guy. Life is too short to date a guy who doesn’t like your cat.”

LinusV1 thought: “If someone demands that you put your cat in a crate when they are over, laughing at them is 100 percent the appropriate reaction. Unless they are serious. Then laughing at them AND dumping them is the way.”

While SupGirluHungry pointed out: “Tooth brush heads are designed to be replaced every few months.”

And just for the record, , most cats don’t require baths, and rather than needing to be scrubbed down, a healthy cat grooms itself, and if done properly is generally hygienic.

Explaining more about how they keep clean, website Senior Cat Wellness said: “Cats have a reputation for being clean animals due to the countless hours they spend grooming. The average cat will spend much of its day cleaning its fur, removing grease, dirt, and debris.

So there!

Furry Cat-mas and Happy Howlidays!

Wishing all our furiends a purrfect howliday season!

Hey there furiends,
We are giving The Human a little break to make us tasty treats and get our Christmas gifts organized so we won’t be walking through the web this week.

But we wanted to give you all a little something so we have some our our favorite Catmas videos. We hope you enjoy them!

Sending Purrs, Head Bonks and Holiday Greetings,
Alberto, Oliver, Lily and The Human

Deck the Halls feline style

Shake Up Your Happiness

Simon’s Cat, 12 Days of Christmas

Carol of the Meows

It wouldn’t be Catmas without Jingle Cats

And we end with Christmas with Squirrels for your feline entertainment pleasure

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 12/15

Happy Holidays my furiends,
Our neck of the woods has not seen as much snow as usual but The Human isn’t griping about it since our garage door broke. That means she can’t get her car in our out of the garage and she has to scrape snow off of it every morning. This has done nothing to put her in the Christmas spirit which has resulted in little yuletide cheer at our house. In her defense, she’s been busy doing what she calls “working” (she just finished a story that will be coming out in fall of 2022 about Christmas Cats). And, that working stuff provides us with Christmas goodies like a jar of Meowijuana Purple Passion Silver Vine & Catnip blend and catnip infused paper bags so we’re not going to complain.

While we wait for Christmas, we did a little dreaming of what we think is a purrfect holiday.

“My purrfect Christmas? Baking (and eating) all the Christmas goodies I want.” – Oliver
“Any opportunity to get dressed up and to look pretty makes my holiday purrfect!” – Lily
“I’d love to help Santa deliver purresents!” – Alberto

A “talking” cat is giving scientists insight into how felines think

Billi, a 13-year-old cat in Florida, presses a button that voices the word “dog” — twice. She then sits and looks at her human as though she’s waiting for a response. Her human, Kendra Baker says, “Dog outside, hmm

There have been “famous” talking dogs but Billi is blazing trails for felines. At the beginning of the pandemic, Billi’s human found herself with a lot of time on her hands. She had seen videos of “talking dogs” and decided to order a device to test the talents of her feline.

Baker said, “I was concerned because they [the buttons] were quite large for a little tiny kitty, and I was not sure that she was actually going to be heavy enough to press them. So I started with a word that I’d really not recommend that you start with, which is ‘food,’ because it becomes very motivating for them. And Billi loves food.”

Billi was a champ at pushing the food button and today she has 50 words on her board and has become part of the ongoing research project called TheyCanTalk, whose goal is to understand if animals can communicate with humans through AAC devices. While the study is mostly made up of dogs, about 5 percent of the animals using AAC devices are now felines. It turns out that many cats have been successful at using the device.

The cognitive scientist and founder of “How They Can Talk”, Leo Trottier, was “pessimistic” about cats using the buttons, but was pleasantly surprised when they started to see felines catch on. (Clearly this man knew nothing about humans!)

The consensus is that Billi appears to string words together less frequently than dogs. (Another swipe at felines!) But Billi’s human has a theory about why Billi is a single button pusher.

“Billi is very, very deliberate when she presses a button and knows exactly which one she’s looking for, she takes her time . . . and if she is going to string a sentence together, she’ll take a thinking loop and then she’ll come back — very rarely does she go from one directly to another.”

We felines are constantly getting a bad rap by people who don’t know or understand us very well. I am hoping this study will enlighten some of them.

There is one interesting observation that has come from Billi’s antics; her human says she’s noticed a shift in Billi’s happiness since introducing the buttons to the talkative kitty. She believes this is because cats like stimulation and play and Billi’s work with the board is something fun for her to do.

Woman Disguises Pet Cat for ‘Landlord Visit’ So Well in Viral Video No One Can Find It

A woman is the proud owner of five white cats, named Foxy, Bacon, Harry, Larry and Szymon, and it seems their light-colored coats give them incredible camouflage abilities. She shared a clip to her TikTok account, @5crazycats, captioned: “When your landlord is coming for an inspection and doesn’t allow pets.”

The film shows her bed, which is covered with toys, and she pans the pillows revealing a sloth, stuffed cat, yellow duck, a Pikachu, a teddy bear, an incredibly life-like cat cushion, a monkey, another teddy and more cat toys.

“Can you see Larry???” the on-screen caption asks.

People watching the video had a hard time finding the feline but there were some determined Tik Tokers who found him.

She is talking about doing a film and hiding all five felines.

Earlier this year the U.K. government announced plans to make it easier for pet owners to rent and released an announcement, “Landlords will no longer be able to issue blanket bans on pets. Instead, consent for pets will be the default position, and landlords will have to object in writing within 28 days of a written pet request from a tenant and provide a good reason.”

Binge Watching is now an option at this shelter

The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelter in Lynwood Washington has enriched the environment for it’s felines. They are now looking for donations of flat-panel TVs so all the cats can get screen time.

Felines in forever homes have the opportunity to scan the outside from a window but in shelters, particularly older ones, cats don’t get to do this. Providing the TVs gives them a digital window to the outside world — of birds, squirrels and other eye candy for cats.

“This stimulation engages a cat’s brain, which can help to prevent boredom, loneliness and even depression,” said Rachel Bird, PAWS animal behavior specialist. “The TV encourages the cats to listen and look around, and many cats will approach the front of their kennel to investigate, which helps to make them more visible to adopters.”

The shelter doesn’t have a budget for cat entertainment electronics. Lynn Jefferson, the PAWS web and graphic designer, is on a mission to outfit every room with a TV. At least nine TVs are needed. She has three, including one that came from her home.

 “Immediately after turning on the TV mounted above the cat cages, cats could be seen in their cages watching the TV,” Jefferson said. “The bird and nature sounds also bring a soothing peaceful atmosphere to the room while potential adopters walk through and interact with the cats. It’s a win-win situation for all.”

Employees in nearby offices said the sounds of chirping birds were soothing.

Jefferson said donations don’t have to be smart TVs.

“For only $35, I can turn any older TV into a cat video cinema experience,” Jefferson said. “All I need is a player, HDMI cable and a USB flash drive.”

Newer shelters, such as the PAWS Cat City in Seattle, have colony rooms and “catios” (cat patios) where felines mingle with others of their ilk and can see outside.

There is lots of entertainment for felines (I watch cat TV with my Human often) and the PAWS cats already have their favorite shows.

“They really like the birds flying in and out, and the squirrels,” Jefferson said.

The felines are not allowed to watch TV all night and the screens are shut off at night so all kitties get their beauty rest.

After 36 days missing, Waltham cat finally comes home

You know how I love stories about lost felines who are reunited with their humans. I think each story can teach us something about how you humans can look for your cat’s when they’re lost. This is the story of Chara who, on Nov. 3, escaped from a bathroom window.

Chara, the 8-year old feline was lost for 36 days. During that time Chara’s humans made countless social media posts, flooded neighborhoods with missing cat signs, consulted with non-profit search and rescue groups and even considered using a pet psychic, but Chara remained missing.

Then, in early December someone called and said they’d seen a cat that looked like Chara. A trail camera was placed in the yard of the home that had reported the sighting. Photos of the cat passing by were taken and on Thursday, Dec. 9, Chara was caught in a trap set up near the home.

Chara was home in time for Christmas, a holiday that he loves. In his 36 days on the road, Chara lost approximately four pounds and had some “battle scars” but other than that was no worse for the wear.

Michael Cohen credited his girlfriend for her tireless efforts and optimism that Chara would eventually be found.

“If it wasn’t for Stephanie, this miracle wouldn’t have happened. I didn’t think we ever would see him again, there was no way they ever would have seen him again. She was out there every night calling his name, hoping to find him,”

The community was also a great help in bringing Chara home. And again, this is why I say, “Never give up!”

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 12/85

Season’s Greetings Furiends,
I hope you are enjoying this holiday season. We are not slacking off even though many folks we know have extended time off during this time of year. We have been working hard on a product review that the kind folks at Paint My Pooch asked us to do. Before I get into all the good news, I am required to take a moment to present a few comments from our attorney.

Before we begin our review, there are some things our attorney’s insist we say.

We were provided with a free product in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and are not influenced by the goo folks at Paint My Pooch, it’s affiliates and/or agents in any way.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the review of this excellent product.

The folks at Paint My Pooch do lovely pet portraits but they wanted to know if The Human was interested in reviewing their new product, a pet phone case. . After she read the information about the case, she said “yes”.

The first issue was, whose picture would be on the case? She finally had to put our three names in a hat and then drew one. Oliver won. She searched for a good head shot of Ollie, picked out the background color and the font, uploaded the picture and waited.

The phone case arrived very soon (impressive) and the looks and quality were far beyond The Human’s expectation. It came carefully protected in a box , inside a fabric pouch.

The new phone case, just out of the box.

Putting the iPhone XR into the case was easy. She was amazed at how sturdy and strong the case was but, first impressions don’t say a darn thing about the durability and strength of the product so, she used the case for a couple of months as she has a way of really beating up phones and cases.

First, she has a huge black leather bag and the poor phone is constantly tossed in and relegated to the bottom of the bag.

The BIG black bag. Somewhere, deep in the bottom is The Human’s iPhone.

During the time The Human tested the phone cover it was dropped (many times), slid across the floor after being dropped (with the help of feline paws) and picked up with greasy, sticky and dirty fingers. The case didn’t receive a scratch, any grubby paw prints (human or otherwise) were easily wiped off and the phone case looked as pretty as it did out of the box.

This photo of the case was just taken after several months of use. It’s as beautiful as the day it arrived.

The one thing I’ve neglected to comment on (only because I’m jealous because it’s Oliver’s photo) is the quality of the picture, very beautiful!

And there you have it, we give these phone cases an enthusiastic paws up. I suggest you head on over to Paint My Pooch and order yours now, you won’t regret it!

Now, on with the news!

Cat owners facing £500 fine unless pet is microchipped under new government law

I am not a feline fan of government overreach and haven’t yet been convinced that you can legislate morality or caring so I’m feeling a bit conflicted about this.

Cat owners in the UK could face a £500 ($661.47 USD) fine if their pet is not microchipped under a new law being introduced by the government.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE supporter of the chip (I’ve even included a story here with a happy ending because of the chip) but maybe there’s a better way to do this than make another law.

Our local shelter microchips all the cats (and dogs) it adopts out and, it also offers several microchip clinics throughout the year. The other issues is that you humans need to make sure the microchip information is current!

The proposed law will allow the human 21 days to get the cat microchipped before the fine is enforced.

There are over 10.8 million pet cats in the UK and as many as 2.8 million unchipped. Another consideration is the rate of cat theft which tripled between 2015 and last year and rose by 12.3 per cent between March 2020 and March 2021.

The cost of microchipping is usually between £20 and £30 ($26.00-$40.00 USD) and the procedure is not painful for the animals, according to the charity Cats Protection. Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith said: “Cats are much-loved parts of our families and making sure that they’re microchipped is the best possible way of making sure that you are reunited with them if they are ever lost or stolen.

What do you think and how are your communities handling microchipping for felines in your neck of the woods?

Missing London cat found five years later in Stevenage

Zeke and his human reunited!

And speaking of microchipping…..Zeke, a Maine Coon, disappeared from his London home in July 2016 and this week Zeke was reunited with his human after being found 30 miles away from  home.

Owner David Blane, from Haringey in north London, said: “Zeke spent most of his time in the house but he is a very trusting cat and would venture out to visit other people and play with their cats, if they would let him. Everyone knew Zeke locally.

“But then we got two new cats, both of whom were quite territorial. Although we didn’t realise the full effect on Zeke at the time, it’s clear now that he was being bullied by them.”

Because of the bullying, Zeke began to spend more and more time outside until it seems he decided to move permanently..

When he was found, Zeke was  disheveled and his coat was quite dirty, but he was a healthy 9kg (20lb) boy with an insatiable hunger. Despite needing five teeth removed and a good bath he was in good shape, all things considered..

After all his time away from home, Zeke immediately recognized his human. There are no other cats at Zekes home now so he can settle in comfortably. His owner said, “It’s the best Christmas present I could ever imagine.”. We agree!

Customers Can Play With Cats While They Shop At New Wicker Park Boutique — And Then Adopt Them

What’s better than a  boutique that benefits an animal rescue nonprofit ? When that boutique has cats roaming around in the store!

Tortie & Co., is located in the Chicato area and  sells housewares, paper goods, candles and ceramics, as well as pet products. All proceeds from the store will support One Tail At A Time’s animal foster programs in Chicago.

The feline sales staff are all available for adoption and, since people can interact with them, it allows everyone to get to know each other and hopefully find their purrfect match for a forever home.

Build Your Own Cat Trees, Catwalks, and Cat Furniture

Chances are most felines might not get the chance to live in a paradise quite like the one Peter Cohen built for his 24 cats. Over the past 30 years, Cohen—a home builder and founder of the nonprofit ZenbyCat—has spent a great deal of time and money catifying his Santa Barbara, California, abode into a feline utopia. Mostly made up of colorful catwalks, ramps, tunnels, and hideaways, the house is an intricate and vibrant display of one man’s love for his feline family. As Cohen explains, “Cats let me survive the human world.”

Starting in 1995, he put his first catwalk in one room. “The cats loved it,” he says. Much like the walkways and passages that now cover the home, Cohen’s interest in a feline-friendly house quickly expanded. Little by little, he added more walks, steps, and wall perches to his space, connecting every room into an accessible maze fit specifically for felines. He says, “When I have money and time, we look at a place in the house that doesn’t have some catwalks and try to do something interesting.” (Now this guy is my kind of human!)

You may not have Cohen’s expertise but there is a lot you can do to create a fancy environments for your felines.

Cat trees

For many people, cat trees are the first things that come to mind when thinking about cat furniture. Cats like vertical space, cat behavior specialist and consultant Jennifer Van de Kieft explains. “It makes them feel safe,” and cats like to view the room from a high perch, Van de Kieft says. So building a cat tree is not only a fun project, but a useful undertaking for your pet too.

To start, Lora Lombardi—owner and designer at Cat Haus—advises that you “think of a shape that you can make yourself.” It could be as simple as some scrap lumber with a dowel rod, or a 4 x 4 post drilled into it. As Lombardi explains, “It doesn’t have to be super complicated.”

Alternatively, you could adapt other furniture. Zoe Garred, a designer and director of product at Tuft + Paw, suggests starting with something as simple as an IKEA piece. “Maybe there’s a way to cut some holes and use some shelves to make an internal climbing path for your cat,” she says.

Of course, your cat’s safety should be top of mind. “If you can lightly push on it, and it tips,” Lombardi says, “don’t trust it with your cat.” Try weighting the bottom, mounting it to the wall, or building a base that’s of equal dimension to the height to keep the structure as sturdy as possible.

You’ll also want to consider the materials used on the tower. Most of Lombardi’s creations use soft fabrics and carpets, but she never uses anything that’s looped that could catch the cat’s claws. She also attaches everything with staples instead of glue or other adhesives to minimize the chances of cats consuming dangerous chemicals like those used in polyurethane and isocyanate- based adhesives. “Make sure that each staple is fully submerged so there’s no ability to clip a fingernail,” she says. If you want to add a scratching area to the design, try sisal rope—according to Van de Kieft, it’s what most cats prefer anyway.

Knowing what to cover the base in—or what to leave bare—could come down to your cat’s preference. As Garred explains, do some R&D and observe your cat. She says, “Pick a few materials that you think your cat might like and see which ones they gravitate towards.”

Catwalks and wall perches

Like those found in Cohen’s home, catwalks and wall perches are another great way to use vertical space to your cat’s benefit. But they should make you as happy as they make your cat. “I built my catwalks because I like the way they look,” Cohen says, “Pick the colors you like, the style you like.” It can be as easy as purchasing a few shelves at your local hardware store. “That’s all the cat needs,” Cohen adds.

To make sure the perch is secure, you’ll want to drill it into studs. “You don’t want to use drywall hangers because even if the walk will hold a cat, if they’re jumping, the forces multiply,” Cohen says. “So drill into those studs, and then the sky is the limit.”

Regardless of how you organize the walks and shelves, Van de Kieft says, “You just want to make sure there is not a dead-end.” This is especially important in a multi-cat home so no pet feels cornered or trapped. She also encourages you to make sure the contraptions are big enough to accommodate your cat in a sleeping position. “Cats do like it cozy, so not too big either,” she says.


Though cats tend to like to be higher up, you still may want to have a bed for them in your home. “Beds are really great projects,” Garred says. “Cats love all sorts of tactile and cozy materials.”

This is a prime opportunity for owners to be really creative with the design. Any material for the bed is pretty fair game, though it might be helpful to choose something that’s machine-washable.

“You could take it in so many directions,” Garred says. Whether it is a wooden base with a plush topper or a bean bag-esque poof, there are countless ways to build the perfect resting spot for your pet. Garred notes, however, that cats tend to like more concave shapes. Cats enjoy “something they can put their backs up against, where they feel contained inside,” Garred says.

Merging human and cat design

When catifying your home, the ultimate goal should be to create a space that both you and your feline enjoy. “The key is to think about how you can integrate your cat’s life into your own life,” Garred says. If you have an established color palette, design something that fits that scheme. The same would go for the style of your furniture and decor. Design your cat’s furniture to be midcentury, Art Deco, Scandinavian, boho, or whatever style you love.

Lombardi insists that it can help to think of it as your cat’s room. “This is their place in your home,” she says. “Make [their decor] a statement instead of something you want to hide or push in the corner.”

I like the way these humans think! I think all you humans should start catification projects at your houses.

Ho Ho Ho, down the chimney you go!

A cat maned Kitty underwent a dramatic transformation after finding her way into her owner’s fireplace.  Kitty went viral on Reddit after her owner’s brother, John Jacob, shared a series of before and after pictures chronicling the noticeable change in her appearance.

The post, titled “My brother’s cat got into the fireplace,” has earned over 19,000 upvotes on Reddit thanks, in no small part, to Kitty’s surprised expression in the accompanying photos.

Poor Kitty went from a gloriously white, fluffy cat to a decidedly gray and black feline with only her face remaining unblemished from her fireplace adventure. Her human arrived home from work to find sooty carnage that took quite a bit of effort for clean up, Kitty’s clean up alone took an hour with a water vacuum.

Let’s hope her further holiday adventures keep her far away from the fireplace!

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 12/1

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy First Day of December Furiends!
We took last week off while The Human prepared for Thanksgiving but we’re back now! We hope you a good holiday and that you enjoyed the extra time your humans had to spend with you! The Human in our house had a good Thanksgiving but then she crashed the next day with a sinus infection. I am happy to say that her health did not affect the level of service we received and it was nice having her “down for the count” and unable to do much more than snuggle with us. I’m quite proud of The Human as she chose to have a positive purrspective on being ill during her time off. Any feline will tell you that a pawsitive purrspective always makes you feel much better!

I did try to offer some grooming advice because by day four, The Human was looking a bit rough around the edges.

“I put your makeup out and I would suggest that you shower and then try to make yourself a bit more presentable.”

Oliver took no interest in helping our poor Human and chose to sleep through most of the holiday.

“Yeah, good luck with all that Human.”
“Sigh, someone has to be the responsible feline.”

Well, at least Oliver took a moment to prepare a Hanukkah message for our furiends.,

Experts Explain What Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Means

I’ve heard  you humans meowing about the silly ways we felines sleep but did you know that there are meanings to the way we sleep?

For instance if you catch your cat sleeping with his belly up it means he’s purrfectly content and trusting of his surroundings because the belly is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body.

If your kitty is curled up he’s wanting to enjoy his nap uninterruypted. The curling up position is a position that protects us and conserves our heat.

Have you caught your cat sleeping with her eyes half shut? That means she’s on guard and doesn’t feel completely safe. This might indicated that she needs more time alone or a more quite, safe place to sleep.

The traditional “loaf” position is an indicator that we are happy and content and it also keeps our toes warm.

Now all three of us like to sleep on top of our Human. It’s believed that we see her as a form of protection or, it’s just another way to stay warm and cozy.

A full stretch out sleeping position means we don’t have to be on guard and we feel very safe.

There are more answers to sleeping positions in the video for this article.

What’s behind those nocturnal feline antics

Do you like to drive your humans crazy at night when you’ve got the zoomies?

The first thing to figure out is “why” do you have the late-night zoomies?

First, as we are crepuscular beasts (means we’re most active at dusk and dawn) and that can include nighttime activity. Kittens and younger felines are more prone to this.  But as when you’re trying to figure anything out about your feline, please eliminate any physical issues first.

Sometimes our nighttime activity can be a form of play and a way to get attention. If  you’re feline isn’t getting enough play time during the day this might explain the nighttime activity.

Sometimes “only cats” who are alone most of the day will be very active at night.

This might particularly be the case for cats who are the only cat in a household and are alone most of the day.

Sometimes adjusting the feeding schedule can help you tame the crazy late night antics. Maybe smaller more frequent meals or feeding the evening meal a little earlier will help.

Appeal to our hunting instincts by hiding food around the house so that we spend our time looking for the rest of our dinner rather than running across  your chest when  you’re trying to sleep. Or, get a timed feeder that schedules late night meal sessions.

There are more tips and information on the RSPCA Knowledgebase.

Cat Interrupts News Show to Clean Himself

MOL! I love it when a feline has the opportunity to mess with a human’s TV show. This happened during a political news show in the country of Georgia. The host and guest were pleasantly surprised with the visitor and tried to carry on with their conversation, but then the cat started to clean itself and they couldn’t help but get distracted. No word on whether the cat’s interruption was purrlitically motivated.

Liquid Cats

These three feline siblings prove that yes indeed, we felines are liquid. There are some funny videos on Instagram proving this in living color.

Microchip told this cat’s tale: a 222-mile journey

This is a “never give up” and “think lost not stray” story. Dex, a cat from central Pennsylvania recently found his way New York’s Fort Plain — 222 miles northeast of its home.

The animal shelter scanned the cat’s  microchip and fond its owners’ information. Thanks to the microchip information the family was contacted and they made the journey to bring their feline home. Dex’s family has no idea how he got to New York.

So humans, this is a cautionary tale. Make sure your felines are chipped and make sure yhou keep the information up to date! Many shelters offer free microchipping events (ours does).