Walk Through The Web Wednesday 10/18


Hello Friends Furry, Feathered and Otherwise,

It’s time to purrruse my favorite findings on the web. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes

Handsome Cat and Climber Duo Camp Across the World in One Sleeping Bag – People

man and his black cat camping in the snow

You all know I have a penchant for adventure cats and aspire to be one myself one day soon so naturally I couldn’t pass up this story. Simon and his human JJ Yosh have been adventure pals from the day they met.

Yosh said he started training Simon the day he came to live with him at a few weeks of age. Yosh is always outdoors and he wanted to enjoy his adventures with Simon and now the 17-month old feline explores the beautiful Colorado scenery where he lives and he and his human also explore other areas of the world. Simon has his own Instagram account and he’s become a world-famous adventure kitty. Simon, you’re my hero!

Stop the mewsic: A cat festival is coming to London – Time Out London

London CatFest

Once again our friends across the pond prove that England is one of the most feline friendly places. The newest event will take place in July 2018.

The event will be held at The Oval Space in east London. Attendees will see cat videos, enjoy tasty vegetarian street food and visit the Meow Parlor to visit with adoptable shelter kittens.

There will also be a “Cat Lit” section where readings will be done from “Homer’s Odyssey” now before you wonder what feline connection this book has it’s about an abandoned blind kitten.

Now if you plan to go, you are encouraged to wear feline themed clothing (you know like my favorite shirt that says “real men love cats”.  There will even be a “Glamour Puss” beauty bar and of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without cat art.

If you don’t think you can wait until July, you can always visit London’s Cat Cafe (Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium)  in the meantime.

Nathan the Beach Cat loves to swim in the ocean -Trending.com

black cat swimming in the ocean

First, let me begin by telling you that Nathan is a “she”.  This little kitty was dumped on a highway in Australia in a box. Her humans, Rian and  Melissa came to her rescue and the rest, as they say, is history. The family started taking her on their beach adventures and it was clear early on that this kitty was a lover of the water. She has so many adventures on the high seas that she’s now started her own Instagram account.

I’m quite impressed with these adventure cats and wonder if having black fur makes you a bit more adventurous than other felines.

Distillery Cat Wanted: Must Be Affable, Brand-Boosting, Cold-Blooded Killer – The Salt


A few months ago I featured an article about Ricky, the distillery cat who has done such a fantastic job, the distillery is planning on hiring more felines. Well, who knew that cats had a long history of working in distilleries?

This article features some of the more well-known distillery employed cats such as Towser the Mouser of Glenturret which is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. Towser killed over 28,000 mice during her 24-year career earned her a place in the Guinness World Records.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of this popular job for cats, you’ll love this article.

Clapham Common: Every advert at Tube station replaced with pictures of cats – Evening Standard

cat photos replace advertisements in English Tube station

Once again, the British prove that they are feline fans!  People who travel through

 Clapham Common station now can enjoy photos of cats rather than advertisements.  Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) decided they wanted to give passengers a break from the deluge of advertising and raised 23,000UKL to give the station a complete kitty makeover.

A total of 68 advertisements in the station were replaced with photos featuring felines from two rescue organizations, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and  Cats Protection.  The clever folks of CAT also marketed the concept to cat owners, who donated 100UKL to make their felines famous. One gentlemen flew to England just to see his kitty’s photo displayed at the station.

James Turner, who spearheaded the campaign said, “We hope people will enjoy being in the station and maybe think a bit differently about the world around them. “Instead of asking you to buy something, we’re asking you to think about what’s really valuable in your life. It might not be cats, but it’s probably something you can’t find in the shops.”

Well I say two paws up for this idea and think we should think about something like this in the good old US of A!























































According to the Daily Mail, owners Rian and Melissa serve as Nathan’s lifeguards. The couple adopted the kitten earlier this year, after she was found abandoned in a box by a highway.





Black Cat Awareness Month, Part 1

Hi Folks,

Oliver here. The feline human was telling us that the month of October is Black Cat Awareness Month. We didn’t realize that some people don’t like black cats and that there are many wrong ideas about these fabulous felines. The Tribe of Five decided we wanted to support our ebony feline friends and, since I am the closest Tribe member to being a black cat, I won the job of official spokespurrson.  I hope you enjoy my first post about these amazing cats and I hope you would consider adopting a black cat!


Our Beloved Buster


I’m beginning this series with a tribute to a former member of The Tribe of Five. I never got to meet him but Tucker and Jasmine knew him (they moved all the way from sunny California to our home here in the Inland Northwest with him). They told me he was a great guy, sweet, loving and funny.  The humans still get misty eyed when they think about him. So here’s to Buster, a very handsome and well loved black cat.

An All Black Cat Cafe in Japan


There are many cat cafes in Japan but this one only features black kitties. Each cat has a distinctive collar to identify them. What a cool idea. I wonder if anyone will be opening an all “black and white cat cafe” soon?

Black Cats and Sailors 


Sailors enjoyed having cats on board as the cats would keep the mice away from their food supplies. They also felt they were good luck and British sailors chose black cats to sail with them as they believed the would guarantee them a safe return home.

Well, those are my first “Black Cat Facts”. Stay tuned for more information about these pawsome felines.

Purrs & Head Bonks,






Walk Through The Web Wednesday 10/11


Hello There,
It’s my favorite day of the week when I purruse the wonders of the web for fabulous feline tales. I hope things are going well for all my friends out there. It’s getting a bit chilly in our neck of the woods but I must say, Oliver and I enjoy sitting on the window sills and chasing leaves as they flutter by us.

I hope you enjoy my news tidbits for the week.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

Siamese cat with blue eyes

Policewoman Has Rescued/Rehomed more than 60 Cats & Kittens – Metro UK

policewoman rescues kittens and cats

My humans have always had great respect for those who serve and protect us but I’ve always been a bit ambivalent, until I heard about Officer Gretchen Byrne that is, she is a REAL Hero!

This officer is not just a crime fighter, she’s a cat saver and whenever she can she rescues cats. She started her rescuing mission a few years ago when she couldn’t bear the sight of cats scavenging for food on her beat.

Many of the shelters where she lives in South Florida are full so she decided she’d do what she could for the feral cat population. (If it wasn’t for good folks like Officer Byrne, shelters and our humans, The Tribe of Five might have been relegated to finding our meals in trash cans!)

This lady is amazing, she fosters kittens, brings grown cats to her home to get them in shape for adoption and works to find every feline a furever home.  The Tribe of Five give you a two paws up salute Officer Byrne!


To Costume or Not to Costume – Halloween

I am not a fan of felines in fancy dress (hence my expression when the humans tried to stuff me in a dinosaur costume last Halloween), but I know there are some felines  out there who enjoy a bit of dress up so I will put aside my own opinions for those of you who enjoy this holiday.

Cats & Dogs Doing Halloween Better Than You-Daily Mail

Tuxedo cat in baked potato Halloween costume
Oh the indignity of these photos. I have always held the Tuxedo cat in high esteem, there’s something about that elegant black and white coat that screams class…..until you put a Tuxedo in a baked potato outfit. People, Please!!!

Pet Faves Picks, Halloween Costumes For Your Pets – PetFaves.com

Gray Tabby in a doctor Halloween costume

These folks not only share some costume ideas, they provide links so you can purchase the purrrrfect feline Halloween outfit.  If I had to choose, I think I’d go for the rather dashing doctor costume!




Dublin’s First Cat Cafe – Lovin’ Dublin

black kittens at the Dublin cat cafe

Georgina O’Neill, a feline loving Dublin business woman, inspired by the many cat cafes in Japan, decided to bring the concept to the Emerald Isle. Not only can you get a cuddle from a kitten but you can sip complimentary coffee during the process.  The female human is very bummed that this cafe wasn’t open the last time she visited Ireland.  We urge all you humans to life up your Guinness and wish these kitties the luck of the Irish, Sláinte!

Artist Lesley Anne Ivory brings Manx Cats to Isle of Man Post Office Stamps-Isle of Man Post Office

manx cat paintings on stamps
The Manx cat is celebrated on these beautiful postage stamps by Lesley Anne Ivory. The amazing art work on the stamps displays some of her favorite things, cats, flora, fauna and quilts.  If you are a lover of cats, quilts and flora and fauna too, you can order these stamps from the Isle of Man Post Office.








The Human Opines..on DOGS??

Hello Friends,
So this happened. Evidently, the female human weighed in on the subject of canines? Really? We were shocked and a bit amused but after having the male human read the questions and answers to us, we had to agree, she made sense!

We don’t do this often but here you go, some great advice about canines at Pet Wellness Advisor, “The Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make” 

Purrs & Head Bonks,


















We love to purrruse the web with the female human, we find all kinds of interesting things. Case in point, when we went over to visit our friend Purrseidon we learned about a new, creative blog and we just had to join in.


JNW’s blog is doing a Halloween challenge all month. Today the theme is “Night” so I insisted the female human post my pawsome night photo at #JHC.  You should sashay on over and enjoy the blog.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

It’s Linky Party Time! 10/6

Five cats in hats celebrating Linky Party
Hi There,
Oliver here. It’s pawty time again and I’m hosting this one. When #TheTribeOfFive was deciding which blog post of ours to feature, I stretched out and contemplated for quite a img_0097-1while. I finally decided that we wanted to highlight our “Let’s Talk About Adoption” post, even though it was for Remember Me Thursday on Sept. 28. Pet adoption is a big deal in our house (all five of us are rescues) and besides, you get to see the awesome kitten pictures of each of us (and a tribute to  Miss P. and Buster who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge).

But enough about us, here are my three picks from the last party, enjoy and please join us in the Linky Party Festivities, all species of pets are welcome!
Purrs & Head Bonks,

Arrrrr – Erin the Princess Cat
black and white cat on pirate ship

I always love to read about the goings on in Erin’s regal residence and this story had me enthralled. Seems Erin found herself on the high seas with quite a cast of characters. This is what happens when you take International Talk Like a Pirate Day too seriously!

A Beautiful Tribute To Zoe – 15andmeowing


We love the felines at this wonderful blog. They took the time to send love and condolences to our friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life on the loss of their beloved fur kid Zoe. The Tribe of Five sends our love and prayers as well. Say hello to Miss P. and Buster Zoe!

Sister Saturday with Dolly – Brian’s Home

long haired gray and white tabby cat
I love to read the updates from the female felines at this blog. Dolly is one pretty kitty and the two sisters here at the Tribe of Five are thinking a “Sister Saturday” would be a good idea on our blog as the brothers seem to take over the blog writing!


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