Black Cat Awareness Month, Part 1

Hi Folks,

Oliver here. The feline human was telling us that the month of October is Black Cat Awareness Month. We didn’t realize that some people don’t like black cats and that there are many wrong ideas about these fabulous felines. The Tribe of Five decided we wanted to support our ebony feline friends and, since I am the closest Tribe member to being a black cat, I won the job of official spokespurrson.  I hope you enjoy my first post about these amazing cats and I hope you would consider adopting a black cat!


Our Beloved Buster


I’m beginning this series with a tribute to a former member of The Tribe of Five. I never got to meet him but Tucker and Jasmine knew him (they moved all the way from sunny California to our home here in the Inland Northwest with him). They told me he was a great guy, sweet, loving and funny.  The humans still get misty eyed when they think about him. So here’s to Buster, a very handsome and well loved black cat.

An All Black Cat Cafe in Japan


There are many cat cafes in Japan but this one only features black kitties. Each cat has a distinctive collar to identify them. What a cool idea. I wonder if anyone will be opening an all “black and white cat cafe” soon?

Black Cats and Sailors 


Sailors enjoyed having cats on board as the cats would keep the mice away from their food supplies. They also felt they were good luck and British sailors chose black cats to sail with them as they believed the would guarantee them a safe return home.

Well, those are my first “Black Cat Facts”. Stay tuned for more information about these pawsome felines.

Purrs & Head Bonks,






12 thoughts on “Black Cat Awareness Month, Part 1

  1. What a great post, and rightly black cats need better press than they currently get. Strange how one superstition makes them out to be bad, and another good. No rhyme or reason to peeps! All cats are good and we all deserve equal respect.
    Toodle pip and purrs

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