It’s Our First Cat Chat!

Hello Furiends,

We’ve been opining for years and now it’s your turn. We are so excited to provide a platform for felines to hiss, purr or pontificate about anything that gets your whiskers in a twist.

We are pleased to welcome Marvelous (Marv to his friends) as feline speaker in our first Cat Chat. You can learn more about Marv and his family at his blog

If you’ve got something to meow about just send us your headshot and tell us what’s on your mind. We’ll do the rest. Email us at

And now…..put your paws together for Marv!

20 thoughts on “It’s Our First Cat Chat!

  1. Awww Marv not fair what you have to put up with ball on your head….no way….then 🐕 slaver how horrible….no wonder you’re peeved I would be too. Oh my friend wish I could help.x😻💟🐾

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  2. Guys! I LOVE it! Thanks YOUS so furry much for letting me speak my mind! I am going to cast this to the television when all my furblings are assembled in the living room and I shall bask in the glory of having been the first to vent my opionons (of them) on the VERY FIRST Cat Chat! YOU guys ROCK and have a marvellousuly Happy Day! Your #1 Fan Marv

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  3. Oh, Marv!! Us angels used to have to put up with a canine too, and I, Angel Pipo had to pout up with two. Egads!

    We feel ya, dude!

    We didn’t care for eachother sometimes, too,and would do that run off in a huff…Angel Suki who you did not know was just like that.

    Shouldn’t every purrince or purrincess have servants just for them alone?? Sharing is ssuch a pain, yup, we feel ya, Marv.

    Though slobbery balls don’t happen here very often if at all, since none of them are good ball players, LOL!

    Glad you got to vent. Hope the right pawrty will listen up!

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  4. DOOD !!!! yur moovee total lee rox….we gived it 984 pawz UP… and we will send ewe 984 big towelz…trout towne noez all bout slobberee dawgz…..therz been bull dawgs in trout towne manee a time !!! oh, we all wayz wundered who ya sounded like buddy 😉 ♥♥♥

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  5. Marv we knew there was a bit of friction but had no idea the level of slobber was over the rim. Really great insight into living with a D_O_G. I also have to share the house with others but have learned that Dad has enough love for us all. Then again I have always been a, EGG, Easy Going Ginger. Purrs to all at your house and Feline Opine

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