Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/17

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
Happy Wednesday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Lily has been meowing that she doesn’t get much camera time so we decided to make her our official St. Patrick’s Day feline!

Last week I was meowing about that “budget” thingy that was restricting our cat furniture needs. I’m happy to announce that after some purrrsuasion (and Oliver’s success in scratching around under the sofa cushions for some change) we received two new pieces of cat furniture. We all love them (despite a few challenges)

As a SLONK, I can fit anywhere. Those CHONKY brothers aren’t so lucky (or comfortable!)

So you see my furiends, never give up when you need something! Now, let’s check out this week’s feline news!

A Unique Security Team Keeps Watch Over One South Baltimore Neighborhood. Meet ‘The Riverside Watch Cats’

In Baltimore, there’s a quiet neighborhood that’s quiet because of the Riverside Watch Cats. Who needs to spend a fortune when you can hire purrfectly good security of the feline purrsuasion?  And before you scoff, one of these security kitties named Goose, brought attention to someone trying to rob a house in the neighborhood! And Goose doesn’t just fight crime, he’s been known to give a trespassing deer a whacky paw (watch the video to see this)

Speedy is another neighborhood feline on the job. His specialty is car safety and will sit on his human’s car, which, I might add, has never been stolen.

Hercules is another member of the team. Unfortunately, Hercules’ Purrsonal Assistant was not available for comment and Hercules was on the job so he was too busy to be interviewed.

So humans, the next time you consider a neighborhood watch, think feline!

3 well-behaved, super spoiled cats are the internet’s newest stars

If being spoiled can make you a star, every feline should be famous! These three cats live in the same household and they have their humans trained well. Chase, Skye and Millie are living their best lives.

They get Happy Meals delivered by their humans Kareem Khalil and Fifi Furrha who are eager to provide all that the felines desire.

It stated during the lockdown. After spending so much time with their cats they started making videos and posting them to their Instagram account. Today they have nearly 5 million followers and even had one of their videos featured on Inside Edition.

One of the craziest ones I’ve seen is the ‘spa day’ video. The cats cooperate with their humans ideas with the administration of lots of treats.  The next time you hear your humans complaining about being bored, why not suggest a spa day?

Cat lovers, the ‘Cats of the World Purrzaar’ is coming your way

Imagine my supurrise when I found out that this event has been going on since 2007! The event features cat photos from around the world, a cat-themed market with 10 vendors and workshops for ages 12 and above.

The event supports local cat shelters and the workshops are all “paws on” so you can take home the things you made. The bad news…the venue is a bit far for us, Singapore. You can visit their website to check out the vendors and items for sale and you can also send a photo of your feline (catsoftheworldpurrzaar@gmail.com) for consideration for entry in the special World Purrzar Instagram page.

Turkish Feline Lover Installs Tiny Window Ladder to Help Stray Cats Escape the Cold

Oh my whiskers, this human deserves an award. Winter has been harsh in the Turkish town of Terkirdag and this wonderful lady made sure that the homeless kitties in her town had shelter. She had a tiny metal ladder made so that the felines could make it up to her window and come in for some warmth and safety.

The ladder is only wide enough for small animals so it keeps out bad humans. In order to make sure the neighbors didn’t complain about the ladder she made it pretty and added potted plants. Not only were her neighbors enthusiastic about her project, so were people around the world that heard her story.

She has always fed strays and now offers them shelter as well. She says, “I wish no animal is hungry or thirsty, just happy,” This world is not just for people.”

Paws up for Sebnem Ilhan, one of the kindest cat lovers we’ve ever met!

The world’s smallest “big” cats

I bet you humans think all cats in the wild are huge and imposing but that just isn’t true. There are some fantastic felines all around the world whose size is small and many look like us domesticated cats like the picture of Scottish wildcats above.

There are far too many of these felines for me to feature in my write up, cats like Margays, Andean Mountain Cats, Scottish Wildcats, Pallas Cats and many more. There are wonderful photos and more information about our little wild cousins in the article. Be sure and check them out.

12 thoughts on “Walk Through The Web Wednesday 3/17

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Lily, we love seeing you as the poster for St. Paddy’s Day feline. Kitties Chase, Skye and Millie, we love their spa video as well. Chase with the cucumbers on his eyes is just too funny. They are really well-behaved. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lily sure looks great. We hope you had a terrific St. Patrick’s/St. Gertrude’s Day, pals!

    We really like your new furniture, and we’re off to go look at the Cats of the World Purrzaar now.

    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

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