Walk Through The Web Wednesday 11/30

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello Friends, Furry and Otherwise,

It’s that time again where I wander along the Internet Highway and choose the feline themed items that have captured my fancy.  With one notable and heartwarming exception, this week is an homage to working felines. As a working feline myself, I am always fascinated by other cats who have jobs.

So, sit back and enjoy this weeks picks.

Your Friend,

Human proposes at cat adoption center – Somee Cards

gray kitten at shelter with tag that says will you marry meI’m including this one for all you hopeless romantics. This guy just hit it out of the park and I had a little chat with the male human and told him he could have really upped his game with the female human had he proposed to her this way! And for those of you who are concerned, yes, the lady did go home with a ring…..and a kitten!



Rusik, the caviar-sniffing police cat – Life With Cats

russian police cat Rusik sniffs out caviar

Cat the policeman.

As I mentioned, I am always interested in career cats and this is the first police cat I’ve ever heard of. This is a “rags to riches” story that will make the most grumpy feline smile.

Seems Rusik was a stray who was adopted by the customs guards at a checkpoint near the Caspian Sea. One of the most expensive and sought after items in Russia is caviar and, as it turns out, Rusik proved to be quite adept at smelling it-on smugglers. His talents far outshone the police canines and he became top cat at customs.

Sadly, his great talent led to his demise but while he was with us, he was a cat of extraordinary ability.  Покойся с миром (rest in peace) my Russian friend.

Hoodie, Chief Mouser, Newburgh Brewing Company – Catster

tabby cat is chief mouser at breweryThose of you who follow my Wednesday web wanderings know I’ve written about a brewery cat before and it seems as though these brewery jobs are becoming a “thing”. Hoodie works the night shift and lest you think she restricts her job description to mouser only, she is quite talented. She often photobombs the brewery Instagram account and the brewery’s Facebook page. Hoodie has a pretty purrrrfect life, chasing mice, napping on the desk or comfy sofa in the office and sometimes sneaking into the tasting room where snacks can be found. Cheers Hoodie!


From Stray to Chief Mouser at British Foreign Affairs Office – Cattime

tuxedo cat works at the British Foreign OfficeWell, there are jobs and then there are JOBS, like important government jobs and this former stray has quite the cushy career. This stately feline has a name that matches his impurrrtant duties, Palmerston. The name comes from Prime Minister Viscount Palmerston, a foreign secretary who also served as Prime Minister almost 200 years ago.
When I told my brother, Oliver about Palmerston, Oliver was quite interested. After his recent failed cat-i-dacy for Purresident, he felt that perhaps there was still a glimmer of hope for some sort of purrlitical career. You can wander over to FelineOpines.com and read about Oliver’s campaign and the Kitty Cat Party. 


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