Get Your Holiday Cheer On

Hello World,

Black and white cat with Santa hatOliver here.  I don’t know about the rest of you furry folks but none of the #TribeOfFive like play “dress up”. We’ve told the humans just to walk on by when they are tempted by fancy New Year’s bow tie collars, jingely elf hats or red and green sweaters. 

You may recall Albert’s post about the Great Halloween Indignity, that pretty much sums up our attitude about feline fashions.

Still, the female human pines for pictures of us in costume so we’ve struck a deal. She can humiliate us photographically (with photoshop and other apps) all she wants and boy has she taken us up on that offer.

This made me think, I wonder what photos are out there in Internet land of dapper dogs and fancy felines. We’d love to see them (whether you’re actually sporting the ensemble or photoshopped to fashion purrfection.)

My new Christmas photo is featured above and I’ve also included my adorable kitten photo from last Christmas and there’s a few other photos of the Tribe to get your creative juices flowing.

Cat in hat and glasses
Siamese cat with hat and bow tie

Siamese cat with a crownBlack and whit kitten with a red ribbon and Christmas frame

9 thoughts on “Get Your Holiday Cheer On

  1. My Barley dog will tolerate dressing up for a photo, but no longer than that. My kitty Soth will wear a holiday bandana. Our new puppy Rye hasn’t been around long enough to see what she likes as far as dressing up, though 🙂

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