Why Isn’t Alberto Walking Through The Web?

Hello Friends,

Alberto here. Many of you have noted that I’ve missed two weeks of Wednesdays walking through the web. I owe my fans an explanation and do apologize for this but there is a good reason. I am still recovering from my last stroll.

The female human thought it would be amusing to invite Oliver and I out with her the first morning the stuff the humans call “snow” arrived. 

She opened the glass doors and stepped onto the upstairs deck. As she filled the bird/squirrel feeder she called to us to come out. Oliver jetted out, I walked out more gingerly. The older cats sat inside, by the open door watching us. (Note to self, take a cue from the big guys, they know what’s going on.)

Black and white cat in the snowOliver, my goofy brother rolled in the freezing stuff and enjoyed himself for a while until a large bunch of the stuff fell off a tree branch right on his back.

I had no interest in exploring the entire deck with Oliver. I pussy-footed out a few steps and as soon as the snow stuff began to numb the pads of my paws, I froze.

Assessing the situation, I decided that Siamese cat in the snowreturning to the warmth and comfort of the inside was an excellent idea and I did so posthaste.

Oliver, on the other hand scampered away from the human until the tree dumped that load of cold wet on him. 

After we skedaddled inside (and suffered the mocking of the older cats) the human remarked upon our paw prints in the snowy stuff.

Cat paw prints in the snow
Both Oliver and I decided this winter thing was not so much fun and that we’d stick to watching the colder seasons from the wide ledges of our huge windows. 

And this, my friends is why I haven’t done any walking lately, through the web or elsewhere. 

I promise I’ll be back to my usual tasks next week and, in the meantime, Oliver and I urge you to stay warm!

Black and white cat hiding under red rug

“Is winter gone yet?”

4 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Alberto Walking Through The Web?

  1. Dat’s just pawful!!!! Sorry ya’ll got so cold and all dat nasty white stuffs. We’re askin’ da very same question, when’s winter gonna be over?!!! MOL Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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