Walk Through the Web Wednesday, 7/26


Hello Friends, Furry, Feathered and Otherwise,
Alberto here with my Wednesday web purrrusals, enjoy!

Siamese cat with blue eyes

Junior, the Danish Cat Takes a Rail Journey – The Local

Danish tabby takes a train rideI’ve featured rail riding felines before and I am always interested when a feline decides to travel. This little guy gave his humans quite a fright. He hopped on a local train and traveled 30 KM (18.64 miles) to the next town. I guess the moral to this story is, if your cat goes missing, check the local train stations!


Feline Birthday Cunundrum, Handmade Sushi or Canned Food? – Laughing Squid

orange tabby with sushi plate in front of himWell, I can’t think of anything better than having a sushi chef for your very own human. Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s Kitchen prepared a fabulous hand crafted sushi meal for his cat Nagi’s birthday.  He placed the beautiful sushi platter with a plate of canned cat food next to it and waited to see what Nagi would choose. I know what I would choose! If you want to see Nagi’s choice you’ll have to watch the video. 

Cat Videos Live!

logo for the entertainment company cat videos live

In our community there are many dog events, Yappy Hours, Dog films, etc. Well finally, someone has created a feline affair that you can bring to your town (and hopefully to ours). This is a feline film/cat comedy event that allows people to experience the cat video phenomenon.  The company has created some great original films and also serves as a forum for cat video creators to show off their work. The show travels with a multi-faceted entertainer, Carla Rhodes.  This is a new venture and their website and app are in the creation process at CatVideos.com ,  You can also like their Facebook page. The Tribe of Five is in the process of getting our lackey, errrrr, purrsonal assistant to put together some videos of us. Who knows, you might see us up on the big screen some day!

Stray Kitten Wanders Into Firehouse, And Gets A Job! – Little Things

orange and white tabby fire cat named FlameThe Belmont firehouse in Greenville, SC has experienced a parade of strays who come and then leave but not Flame, the orange tabby. Flame wandered in as a kitten and when the Fire Chief noticed that the firemen were playing with Flame and had created a place for him to sleep. It was obvious that Flame was there to stay. Flame has his own Instagram page and has become quite a national sensation.



Cats In A Flat,  the British Put a New Spin On Cat Sitting – Daily Mail.com

CatInAFlatThe bold heading of this article caught my eye,Want to make extra money pet sitting? Cat in a Flat can let you earn £25 a night or £10 a visit for taking care of your neighbours’ moggies” Since I’m a feline and money is irrelevant to me, it was the name that the Brits call cats that drew my attention. Across the pond, they refer to my esteemed species as “moggies”. I had my purrrsonal assistant do some research on this word and this is what she found, Moggy or moggie is an old British affectionate term for a domestic cat, but is also used as alternative name for a mongrel or mixed-breed cat whose ancestry and pedigree are unknown or only partially known. It was thought to be derived from the classic M markings on a tabbies head.”

But I digress, this news item is about a service that helps humans find  trusted, insured cat (moggie)  sitters who live nearby.  The business has a website Cat in A Flat that matches cat sitters and cat lovers across the UK. The format resembles dating websites.  At the time of this writing, the website has tens of thousands of registered sitters and is the fastest-growing cat sitting website in the UK.  Humans can book and pay online making arranging a cat sitter quick and easy.  There is another benefit from the website as it connects cat loving folks and allows many who live in cities and are not allowed to have “moggies” in their homes, look after them and enjoy some quality cat time. 

 Sounds like a great idea for city kittys but this feline and the rest of The Tribe of Five love their cat sitter, Cathy O’Toole Lancaster from Cathy’s Critter Care. She gives us lots of love and makes sure Tucker takes his medicine and she even texts photos of us to the humans while they are away.




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