The Many Places of Oliver

Hello All,
Oliver here. I wanted to talk about how humans get themselves all stressed about the places we feline choose to hang out. I mean really, I’m not hanging off the winter sweaters in the closet (although I do enjoy brushing past the dark colors on the clothing that hangs on the lower racks). But I digress.

Black and white cat in a dinner take away bagThere are a few places I like to hang out and I have purrrfectly good reasons for doing so. For instance,  I do not see the harm in hanging out in the take out bag after the humans have emptied the food from it. Good grief, it’s not like I got any of the dinner but I do enjoy the delicious smells.. Really people,. Don’t be so selfish!

They shoo me away from the bag so I shrug my shoulders and think, “fine, there are lots of other places for me to lounge.



I find a new spot and wouldn’t you know, the female human starts screeching, “Get down!” How rude! And I think I look quite adorable, how could anyone yell at all this cuteness?  And what’s so sacred about this thing they call the “dining room table” anyway?




So, like the good kitty I am,  I remove myself from the dining room table, and stretch out on the window ledge in the kitchen. And again I get attitude and stink eye. Good grief what in the world do these humans want from me?  And anyway,  I think the color of those oranges really compliments my black and white fur.





Finally I give up, go to the back of the living room sofa and stretch out on the wide window ledge, looking at the view and contemplating my options. Is there ever going to be a place for me? What is the meaning of my life and where shall I lounge next?


Well, that’s my story. Just a young feline trying to find his place in this world (and this house). For now, cheers to all my friends, furry, feathered and otherwise.

Your Friend, Oliver,




5 thoughts on “The Many Places of Oliver

  1. You’re being unfairly persecuted, Oliver! I mean, REALLY?!?! You’re such a handsome boy, you only add to the decor! ~Bear Cat
    Hey there, you handsome devil! ~Ellie Mae
    I love that last picture of you, Oliver … you make a fashionable window sill 😉 ~Momma

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  2. Your interior design talents are clearly not appreciated by your humans. Seriously a home, table, ledge or bag is not complete if it isn’t well dressed, and who better dressed than a cat! I suggest you put your paw down and insist on sitting (AKA Checking) all the places before the humans want to use them, just so they have your paw print of approval; and after all what they don’t know can’t hurt them.
    Toodle pip and purrs

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