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Hello There Folks,
Alberto here with my weekly purrusal of noteworthy news about felines.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selections.
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes
Inside Crumbs & Whiskers the Bi-Coastal Cat Cafe – Mental Floss


The flagship Washington, D.C. location of Crumbs & Whiskers. Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Kanchan Singh was inspired by the cat cafes she visited on her trip to the orient and vowed that she would quit her corporate job and open the first cat cafe in Washington DC and that’s just what she did.  Now three years later, she has opened another cafe in Los Angeles and has plans for others cities.

Customers pay to enjoy coffee and snack time (food and drinks are all prepared off site for health and safety reasons) and also participate in activities such as cat yoga and other fundraising events for local stray cats. You can find more information on Crumbs & Whiskers on their website.

Man cycles his cats from Amsterdam to London in a specially adapted cat bike-Mirror

man cycles 300 miles with his 2 cats

Thomas Vles, from Poopy Cat “innovative and cool products for your beloved cat”, took his felines on a biking adventure from Amsterdam to London to celebrate the launch of his new shop.

His cats, Mushi and Cheesy accompanied him in a specially designed “Kittymobile” converted from a traditional Dutch bakfiets bicycle.

The office at the Poopy Cat company has more cats working there than people. I say all offices should strive for this human/feline balance but I’m not so sure about the 300 mile bike ride!

The amazing tale of Smokey the police station cat…and her kitten Bandit-LincolnshireLive

gray mother cat with black kitten

The Skegness Police Station discovered  a little cat hanging around the back of their station house. They checked to see if she was chipped and also checked to make sure someone wasn’t looking for her. When it became clear she was homeless they began feeding her and then found out she was pregnant. The little gray cat gave birth to a kitten they named Bandit. They found a forever home for Bandit and Smokey, the mother, now has a permanent job and a permanent home with the Skegness Police.

Australian Charity Releases Album of Cat Themed Ballads for Feline Fundraising-Mental Floss

gray cat singing cat ballads into a microphone

In order to  bring attention to the 35,000 cats that end up in pounds and shelters, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)  created Cat Ballads: Music to Improve the Lives of Cats The message of the music is to encourage people to keep closer tabs on their cats and to neuter and spay their felines. The Cat Ballads website has an option for cat friendly or human friendly version.

Kitten Kindergarten Helps Families Raise Well-Adjusted, Confident Cats-I Heart Cats

brown and white kitten

Okay, I must confess, I have secretly snickered behind my paw whenever I heard of humans taking their canines to dog obedience classes. Heh, heh, no classes for the mighty feline.  All that changed when I heard about Kitten Kindergarten.

The San Diego Humane Society  recently implemented a program called Kitten Kindergarten. They offer all kinds of interesting things for kittens up to 13 weeks to learn such as play time (well, the humans call it “kitten socialization”, carrier desensitization and vet visit practice, leash and harness training (I LOVE strolling while wearing my leash and harness), grooming care and lots more! Now all this sounds like great fun and good things for kittens to know but I do have an observation.  Human kindergarten includes during snack time and I saw no mention of snacks on the course desctiption!






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    • Same here, the female human was all busy with this phenomenon the humans call “company”, really cramped our style and to say she fell behind in her work would be an understatement! We’re gettin’ back in the blogging groove and reconnecting with our pals.
      Purrs and Head Bonks
      Al, Ollie, Tucker, Lily and Jasmine

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      • We had company too, but fankfully, they were here to see all of us. But, mommy still hasn’t fully recovered from all da cleanin’ and purrparin’ and visitin’. MOL Humans, they sure are strange. Big hugs

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

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