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Walk Through The Web Wednesday – on Thursday – 2/16

Hello Furiends!
Thank you for your patience as we post our news segment a day late! I hope you’re feeling springy in your neck of the woods. The Human is insistent that she can smell spring in the air. We think she’s nuts.

This is from Weather Kitty today. Note the temperature and the feline at the airport dressed to leave this chilly place and head to a warmer climate. I think this is all I need to refute The Human’s “spring” argument.

And while we hang out at home, waiting for warmer weather, I found an absolutely magical piece of brown wrapping paper and have been racing around the closet, bathroom and bedroom with it. Neither Lily nor Oliver have embraced the joy of the brown paper like I have.

Don’t you DARE bring that loud, crinkly paper in here Alberto!

Sigh, some cats just don’t understand the joy of paper!

Celebrity cats of New York

New York is home to many famous people but there are a number of New York cats who have a claim to fame too.  Meet Spongecake, Mocha and Donut, a fantastic feline trio who have become social media stars. Watch their video and see how the conquer New York with their purrfectly wonderful purrsonalities.

Man sells couch with his cat inside

I reported on a sofa sale with a cat inside quite a while ago. I thought this was a rare occurrence. I was wrong.  It happened in Vancouver, B.C.

Matt Lumabi was moving into a new place and in the process, noticed his cat was missing. His cat, Marley had somehow gotten into a sofa that he’d sold and had quite an adventure.

The buyers took the sofa, blissfully unaware that they’d received a bonus with their purchase. The couch was then quickly resold, and Marley never made an appearance.

The second buyer did find Marley after three days.

While Marley was moving to new places in the sofa, Matt tore his new place apart looking for, searched the neighborhood, posted on social media and put up “missing cat” posters all over his neighborhood.

The first couch purchaser was notified that there was a cat in the couch and they called Matt. Matt and Marley were reunited after three days, she was checked out and had suffered no physical problems from her adventure. She is happy to be  home and Matt says, she’s been more cuddly than ever.

Cat goes to work with his human for 10 years

Dude the museum cat goes to work every day with “Big Guy” at the Delaware Museum of Natural Science. He makes sure he does the rounds that his job as Snoopervisor requires. Dude is celebrating his 15th birthday on March 8th. You can go to the museum’s Instagram account and wish Dude a happy birthday.  You can find him on the TikTok and Instagram accounts of the museum (@delmnh)

Cat purrserveres and gets herself adopted

Avery Rogers was working at her family’s North Carolina food truck when she encountered an unusual hungry customer. Rogers told The Dodo that the cat kept coming closer and got close enough to accept a treat that was offered to her.

When her shift was over, Rogers went to where the cat was sitting and the cat marched toward her, making it clear she wanted a home and some love.

You can watch the cat walk up to Rogers and ask to be loved here.

That cat convinced Rogers that she should have a home. After a health check and a check for a microchip at the vets the deal was sealed. Rogers named the cat Blue, after the family food truck’s most popular hot dog, the Bluetick Hound.

Blue was estimated to be about a year old and she had no trouble fitting in with the cats already in the house.  People have said that Rogers found Blue at the perfect time but Rogers says it was the other way around. Blue’s insistence to be adopted was days before one of Roger’s childhoodcats passed away within days of Blue’s arrival. Rogers said that Blue was a much needed source of comfort and that Blue showed up right when she was needed.

To keep up with Blue, follow Rogers on TikTok.

Polish cat is the city’s #1 tourist attraction

A CHONKY black-and-white cat called Gacek has been named the No. 1 tourist attraction in the northern city of Szczecin. He’s scored an average Google rating of 4.9 out of 5,moving past icons like  the award-winning Philharmonic, the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes and the city’s underground WWII tunnels.

The six year old Gacek can often be found dozing in his  little wooden home on Kaszubska street.  He’s known as the King of Kaszubska’ and ‘the cat ambassador of Szczecin’, and he’s  amassed in excess of 1,000 ‘Google user reviews’, with the overwhelming majority leaving him a ‘puurfect’ five star rating. Comments such as, “Best thing to happen on our holiday,” or  “the Mayor of the city”,  are representative of how his fans feel about him.

Two paws up for the city of Szczecin for having a purrfect #1 tourist attraction!

Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/6


Hey All,
All here checking in with my usual Wednesday wander through the web looking for all things feline. Last week I took a slightly different approach and highlighted stories about felines and other pets affected by Hurricane Harvey. As I have my purrrrsonal assistant type this for me, I’ve learned that there is another hurricane forming and we here, in the Inland Northwest are suffering from fires raging all around us. To all my friends, furry, feathered and otherwise The Tribe of Five and our humans want you to know we are sending prayers to you all.

Your Friend,
Siamese cat with blue eyes

girl hugs brown and white puppy rescued during Hurricane HarveyWhat’s Next For the Lost & Rescued Animals of Hurricane Harvey? – Mother Nature Network

Many folks have been concerned not only about the rescue of animals affected by Harvey but are also concerned by stories of animals being flown out of the Houston area to shelters around the country.  I must admit, The Tribe of Five has been concerned that animals are being whisked away from their homes without an attempt to find their humans but this article explains that this is not happening. In fact, shelter animals are being moved to no-kill shelters across the country so that there is room for the rescued pets to stay while the humans attempt to reunite them with their families.

Evidently the good folks in the Houston area already had a plan in place and, as the article notes, “Some people wrongfully assume that the dogs and cats being taken out of storm-impacted areas could be unclaimed family pets. But rescue groups and shelters are moving out animals that were already in their care before the storm in order to make room for pets that were displaced by Harvey. The pets that are being moved were strays or owner surrenders that were already waiting to be adopted.”

Two paws up for all the good folks who are helping animals reunite with their families!

Kitten Sneaks In Through Open Window, Decides To Adopt The Man Who Lives There -I Heart Cats

tabby kitten sitting in a white chair And while we’re on the subject of pet adoption, I give this little kitten kudos for taking adoption into his own paws. When this human came home he found an itty bitty kitty sitting in his favorite chair and, after he surveyed the neighborhood to see if the little guy belonged to anyone, finally decided to adopt him. Homeless Felines unite…be sure and check for open windows to get yourselves adopted!





Tuxedo cat with british postal worker hatThe Postal Museum is looking for cat mascots – Time Out London

The British are always on the cutting edge when it comes to felines and evidently their post office is just as feline forward thinking. The Post Office museum is going to select a feline as their mascot and I must say the entries are stunning. If I thought we could get the humans to move with us to England, I’d throw my hat in the ring as well.



Gray tabby cuddling with black and white kittenPosey Went For A Walk and  Brought Her Humans Something Special – LikeMag

Posey was a stray kitty who one day wandered into the hearts and home of her humans when she was barely out of kittenhood herself. She arrived with her three kittens and her humans took them all in, cared for them and loved them and then found furever homes for Posey’s kittens. That was four years ago and recently Posey wandered off for a while. Just when her humans were beginning to worry about her, she returned home, with a little gift in tow. I guess Posey was getting lonely.

Palmerston the black and white tuxedo cat in the British foreign officePalmerston the cat outshines rival Downing Street mouser Larry – UPI News

I’ve reported about the British political felines and introduced Palmerston in a previous blog post . There was some initial hissing and fuzzy tail incidents between Palmerston and the other purrlitical felines at 10 Downing Street but it appears all has settled down. And, Palmerston has proven himself to be Lord of the Mousers, surpassing the British government’s longtime mouse-hunting cat Larry’s position as   Chief mouser. A recent document released under Freedom of Information laws stated Palmerston killed at least 27 mice since coming to the office last year.

The Tribe of Five had a brief mouse encounter in our house this summer when several hapless field mice made their way into our storage room. Oliver and I made short work of them while the female human chased us around and tried to save the mice. Really human, mouse hunting is what cat’s do. Sadly, we did not come anywhere close to Palmerston’s mouse count.