Stripey Chats!

Stripey’s human, Debbie is a member of the Cat Writers’ Association, a great group of people who write about, take photos of, and do other creative stuff featuring felines.

Debbie has an author’s blog, Ruff Drafts and a blog written by the cat character, Sneaky, the library cat from her cozy mystery series. Check out Stripey’s guest blog about how he and Debbie deal with his hyperthyroidism. Stripey is also featured in the new book Pet Posts: The Cat Chats

And now, let’s welcome Stripey!

23 thoughts on “Stripey Chats!

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  2. itz veree nice ta meet ewe stripey !!! ewe look like gram paw DUDE…awesum 🙂

    we R sorree ta lurn ewe hafta go thru all that mezz in yur ear just ta get treetz and
    harry N hermione due knot….yur rite….total lee KNOT fair..

    frank lee we think ewe shuld get fresh shrimpz aza EXTRA treet….just sayin ~~~ 🙂

    happee week end two all ♥♥

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  3. Hi Stripey, we are glad to meet you. We hope that icky cream medicine helps you manage your hyperthyroidism. By the way, we agree that you should get more treats than Harry and Hermione, since you are the one who gets the cream on your ears! 🙂

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