Hermione Chats!

Hello there furiends,
This week we have a female kitty opining and Alberto and I say “hubba hubba” she’s quite the cutie!

Hermione lives with a former Cat Chat purrticipant, Stripey as well as her brofur Harry and her humans Debbie De Louise (author and librarian) and Debbie’s husband Anthony and their daughter Holly. You can often find Hermione making an appearance on Debbie’s Facebook page.

Hermione says she’s a dilute calico. The Tribe had never heard of this so we did some reading and thought you might be interested in the information too, so here’s a link. We also learned that this is a coat pattern, not a breed. Since Alberto, Lily and I all came from our local shelter, we’ve included a link to Golden Paw Society Rescue Inc., the shelter Hermione came from. If you live in this area of New York, head on over there and adopt a kitty (or two).

I hope you enjoy the “feminine” side of cat chat this week and without further ado, I present Miss Hermione.

20 thoughts on “Hermione Chats!

  1. Nice presentation, Hermione. Your soft colors are very beautiful and it looks like after mentoring your brother Harry you have some good routines established so you can have time to yourself!

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  2. Hi Hermione! I finally got a chance to hear your video! We have been furry busy this week and Mom has not had a chance to help me visit until the evening when her and my human brother are watching TV. Tonight, he is watching the Super Bowl in his Man Cave! My sister Jo Jo agrees with you. She too likes her time away from us guys (Kozmo and me Marv). I wanted to tell you taht you are beautiful! And we are glad that you got to speak at Feline Opines! May you and your family’s day be filled with fun! Marv

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