Snoops and Kommando Chat!

Hello Furiends!

I have a special treat for you this week. My buddies Snoops and Kommando, from Adventures in Cheeseland are chatting together. They wanted to tell you the story of their Cat TV, and it’s a fur raising one!

Their blog is like ours, it’s written from the purrspective of animals such as cats, a hedgehog, a mongoose, a sloth and other literary creatures. Instead of having a human editor as we do, their editors are mice!

I hope you enjoy this week’s chat and if you have something you’d like to meow about, send us an email ( and a photo. We (and our blog readers) would love to hear from you.

20 thoughts on “Snoops and Kommando Chat!

  1. What a great chat ! You will certainly enjoy that catio ! We have lots of squirrels but it is when the raccoons get the suet that our Mom just gives up.

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  2. Bird TV is a lot of fun…us pups get to chase the squirrels away…for now none of them can climb up the pole to the various feeders as there is a very long piece of stovepipe that they cannot get a grip on, and there is nothing nearby for them to jump from either. Once when the set-up was closer to our window, a squirrel learned to jump up there from the windowsill. Sheesh, those rodents can be pesky, but they are rather clever!

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  4. That was so cute. Snoops and Kommando are such sweeties. Squirrels can be a pain. Ours joined a relocation program ( well, joined may not be the correct word, my hubby moved them). XO

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