Walk Through the Web Wednesday 11/16

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello World,
Alberto here. I’ve been purrrusing the internet looking for new and unusual feline themed stories and have some great ones for you this week.  As next week is what the humans refer to as a “holiday” my purrsonal assistant may not be available to post my regular Wednesday feature. We will post an original photo and send Howl-iday wishes though.
In the meantime, enjoy this week’s features.
Your Friend,

Feature Shoot – Pounce by Seth Casteel

kitten flying through the air for the book "Pounce"The human photographer Seth Casteel, is known for his books, Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies and has now turned his attention to shelter kittens.  He captures some special shelter kittens with names like , Chicken, FruityPebble, Fuzzbucket, Doodlebug, and Jennifer, in mid-flight pounce. This wonderful human is highlighting the fact that there are between 30 and 40 million stray cats in the US. An estimated 1.4 million are euthanized in shelters, unable to find safe and loving homes. This book illustrates the joy of kittens and the fact that there are many cats and kittens who need forever homes in shelters all across the country. Every one of us in #TheTribeOfFive were adopted and we are all for anything that helps other felines find forever homes too.

Evening Standard – 10 adorable photographs of London’s most famous pub cats

black English pub catAs my regular readers know, this working feline loves stories about other working cats. This is a pictorial tribute to felines that work in “Boozers” as the English refer to the establishments also known as pubs. I think working in a pub would be quite interesting and I wonder, do they get tips like the human bartenders do?


Mental Floss – 11 Brilliant Gifts for the Cat In Your Life

tabby kittens with Christmas hatsThe #TribeOfFive is pretty spoiled and we have lots of great toys and feline themed items. As a matter of fact, number 8 on the list is something we already have (and have reviewed), Music for Cats (we recommend it highly). There were many on this list that I found appealing but I finally decided the KitNipBox was my favorite. It works on so many levels, we felines get a gift a month and a portion of the monthly cost is donated to animal welfare organizations. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

What Do You Give The Cat Owner Who Has Everything?  Katzenworld

Orange tabby with meowlingual cat meow translator‘Lest you think I’m completely selfish, I am also interested in what gifts are best for feline-loving humans. Our friends at Katzenworld and their guest poster, Mike James (who describes himself as a tech-obsessed, cat-loving content writer working with Best VPN) provide some excellent choices for your favorite humans this Christmas. I purrrused the list and can’t decide what I like best, the remote cat toys or the Meowlingual, cat translator. While it would be pawsome to have red dots and other kitty delights moving around the house while the humans are at work, it would be very handy for my humans to have a Meowlingual translator too. Just think, I could sit on the computer keyboard and dictate my Walk Through the Web Wednesday posts to my purrsonal assistant!

7 Sounds That Cats Make And What They Mean

gray kitten talking into a microphoneWhile I’m on the subject of translating “cat-speak” if you don’t have a Meowlingual cat translator, you can still learn how to understand a bit of feline talk.  You will be able to discern the difference between the trill, the bip, the yowl, the chatter and other feline expressions after reading this post by Care2. At our house, every one of #TheTribeOfFinve has some Siamese heritage and that means some are quite “yakky”. Sometimes it’s almost like a feline symphony at our place!



Hello World,
Alberto here (but you can call me Al, all my friends do). Today I wanted to write about the AlGuitar4strange fixation the male human has for this thing he calls a gee-tar. The male human has a very nice mewsic room downstairs (which, by the way none of the Tribe are invited to visit) but he often brings the gee-tar upstairs and strums it while he sits on the sofa.

I find this behavior a bit rude. The firm, unwritten rules of our household state that “when a human sits on any piece of furniture, said human will make their lap available to any feline who may be so inclined to sit on said lap.”

I am not a cat who easily takes no for an answer so I figured I’d hop on top of the human and get a closer look at this gee-tar thingy that he found more interesting than me. At first glance, I was not impressed.

Evidently the female human is not impressed with the gee-tar because she often complains about the male human “twanging” on the thing when she’s attempting to watch the moving images in the big flat box in the living room.

But I digress. So there I was, checking out this thing when I heard some noises coming from it. Hmm,  the male human runs his fingers along the string things and noises come AlGuitar_1out. The male human uses a bright-colored teardrop shaped cat toy he refers to as a “pick”. What a shame that humans don’t have the sharp teeth and claws we felines possess, they would never need to bother with the “pick.”

The male human did not pick up on my polite hint that I needed his attention so I decided to focus some more attention on his gee-tar.

As I came in closer, I noticed that the string things moved when he plucked at them. Could this be some wonderful new cat toy? Is it possible that the human brought this thing upstairs for my amusement and edification?  Hmm, maybe I was a bit to fast to jump to judgment.



I thought, In light of this new information I must show the human my appreciation.  I leaned in closer preparing to help him coax a noise from the string things on his gee-tar. This could be quite a bonding moment, I thought. If I get this right I can help him compose a tune that he could play to accompany Tucker when he stands outside the bedroom of the humans and sings the song of his people in the wee hours of the morning.  (That’s just how I am, a cat that cares about everyone in his tribe, human and feline.)

I leaned in, lifted my lips back and got one of those string things in my mouth. Just as I was getting ready to pull it, I found myself unceremoniously dumped off the humans lap and onto the floor. Can you believe it? The human does not honor the code of the house and make room for me on his lap and then, when I am attempting to assist him, he dumps me on the floor.

It took me a few moments to recover from the indignity but I am a jovial fellow and prefer not to let conflict into my life. After giving myself a good wash, I hopped into the chair where the female human was sitting. She understands the rules of the house quite well and petted me and told me what a handsom guy I am. Finally, after receiving enough affirmations to renew my self-confidence, I twitched my tail, jumped off her lap and sashayed off to the dining room window to check for birds and squirrels.

Your friend,

Music for Cats – The Tribe of Five Weigh In

Hello Folks,

The felines felt that they went above and beyond the call in their social media duties so have tasked me to post their first impressions with the new Music For Cats album.

From a human point of view I’d say that I was very pleasantly surprised, but rather than have you read my second-hand observations, best to go to the source. They’ve provided their thoughts and videos as well.

Music for Cats

 Our human heard about the Music For Cats Kickstarter campaign and when she read about the composer and the science behind the music, she had to pre-order the album.

This album is the result of two years of research born from David Teie’s theory on the fundamental nature music appreciation by mammals. There’s a lot more scientific stuff that’s beyond the mind of this feline but the humans seemed to understand and were quite impressed.

The female human set up the wireless speaker and played this compilation of kitty concertos for us. We’ll be reporting in soon about our reactions. In the meantime, have your humans play you a sample from the Music for Cats website.

Your Friend,