Friendly Fill Ins # 89

Hello Folks Alberto Here,
Friday is becoming one of our favorite days with The Tribe of Five and there is always some quibbling about who gets to opine. I’m the lucky winner this week. I hope you enjoy my responses and, as always, I encourage my fellow bloggers to join the blog hop with our friends, 15andmeowing or McGuffy’s Reader.

And of course, you’re always welcome to do the fill ins in the comments on our blog.

‘Hope you enjoy my mewsical mewsings this week.
Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes

Here are the fill ins:

1. I have never been able to _____________________.

2. I wish I could still ___________________.

3.  ____ is my ideal winter night.
4.                      and                      .


Here are my answers:


1. I have never been able to understand why the male human insists on changing his guitar strings upstairs and not in his music room. What’s a cat to do when those tantalizing strings bounce back and forth in front of me? This is a form of feline torture.


2. I wish I could still sneak into the the male human’s music room but he has figured out a way to lock the doors so I can’t get in. And alas, all my sad expressions do not convince him to let me in.


3.  Strumming a few tunes with my human is my ideal winter night.
4.Oliver and I are quite the mewsicians!





27 thoughts on “Friendly Fill Ins # 89

  1. Oh, Alberto and Oliver, I totally identify with wanting to learn to play, but the staff blocking your efforts! Oddly enough, Pops doesn’t change his strings in the music room, either, he either does that in the workshop – another area I’m banned from, or on the dinning room table… in either case, he puts one of mom’s yoga blocks under the neck, but I’ve never seen anyone else do that.

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  2. I can see how that would be frustrating to active kitties. Even though my kids played the violin, cello, and guitar, our cat never seemed to have the slightest interest in anything musical, then again, he doesn’t play with yarn or string either.

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  3. Here are Lizzie McSquare’s thoughts. She’s a nine-month old mini-Labradoodle.

    1. I have never been able to keep all of my food in my dish because I love al fresco dining on the carpet.

    2. I wish I could still get away with pooping in the house. I don’t like pooping in the cold outdoors, and Mommy tells me that it’s not even that cold here in the desert.

    3. Family Movie Night with the whole pack is my ideal winter night. Mommy and Daddy have special snacks while Bernie and I get bully twists.

    4. Bernie and I love spending time with our peoples. .

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  4. How fun! So I’m going to join in!

    1. I have never been able to eat cauliflower.

    2. I wish I could still quit smoking.

    3. Piping hot coffee and Instagram while sitting on my front porch (I live in Miami!) is my ideal winter night.
    4. Edison, my deaf dog, and I were born to be together.

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    • What great fill ins! I’m with you on the cauliflower ..the humans eat what they call “paleo” and they eat a LOT of cauliflower and this feline has no idea why! Our Alpha Tucker is visually challenged, no blind but he is very cross-eyed and his depth perception is really off. Poor guy often misses the mark when he tries to jump up on stuff but the humans look after him very well. We think you’re wonderful for loving and caring for Edison.
      Sending you and Edison Purrs & Head Bonks,
      Alberto & The Tribe of Five


  5. This is too cute to not play along. Junior says:
    1. I have never been able to understand why people laugh at my name when they meet me.
    2. I wish I could still sit in the front seat of the car.
    3. Playing in the snow is my ideal winter. Unfortunately I haven’t seen snow since I left my first home in Idaho to come live in AZ.
    4. Sulley and I are the best of friends.

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    • Great answers! We prefer to see the snow from a distance and don’t think playing in it would be too much fun. The Tribe of Five lives in Idaho , we think all that sun in Arizona might be purrrty pawsome!


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