Walk Through The Web Wednesday 6/15

Hello Furiends,
How are things in your neck of the woods? The Human has decided not to take anything seriously this week and has turned all our photos into cartoons. While I am a feline with a good sense of humor, I do think she’s carried things a bit too far. I will let you all decide if we need a cartoon intervention.

“Yes, it’s me Oliver with my best cartoon face judgy look.”
“You may be judgy Oliver but I am Queen Lily, ruler of all I survey.”
“I must conquer that demon brush and save the household.” -Oliver

As for me and what I think of this cartoon craziness? They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well enough with this silliness, let’s get on with this week’s web wanderings.

Cats in love reunited soon after sep­a­ration

A human in North Carolina created a very nice catio for her cat Patches. It had everything a cat could want, sleeping areas, a beautiful view and even a water fountain.

A few years ago Patches’ catio was invaded, not by a bad guy but by a feline named Jack. They would hang out all day, go  for walks to the lake together and spend all their time developing their friendship.

This relationship was going so well but then Jack’s human, Jill Roberts, said they were moving to Maine. Patches’ human made a very hard decision and decided that these two felines shouldn’t be separated and so she gave him up so he could live with Jack’s family.

Jack, Patches and their human then moved to an AirBnb in the area for a few weeks as all was readied for their move to Maine. And then, one day tragedy happened.

Patches and Jack were playing together and they fell out of the screened-in window. Patches was confused and ran away, leaving Jack alone.

Jack slept on Patches’ bed for days, mourning the loss of his buddy. Thank goodness Patches former human and Jack’s human did not give up looking for Patches. They hired a company with k-9s who locate lost cats and also put signs around a nearby campus where Patches had last been seen.  

A campus police officer found Patches on his patrol and coaxed her out from under a house where she was hiding. Now this is all wonderful but, Jack and his human had already moved to Maine.         

Paws Up award by FelineOpines.net for humans who do amazing things for cats

But don’t worry dear readers. Jack and Patches were reunite on Zoom and will soon be reunited in purrson. Patches former human will drop her off at Jack’s house and they will be together again.

Oh how I love a love story with a happy ending! And what about Patches’ former human? I say she deserves a Paws Up award!     

Man slept in couple’s bed, stole cats during their vacation

All I have to say is, “What is wrong with you humans??!!” Last week I reported about a cat-napper and now this week I find another story. This one is really wild. A Pennsylvania man is accused of breaking into a couple’s apartment, sleeping in their bed and stealing their two cats.

Austin Shaffer, 21, is charged with two felony counts of burglary and criminal trespassing, along with multiple theft misdemeanors.

According to the Portage Borough Police Department, the couple called authorities after they returned from vacation on May 26 and discovered that someone had broken into their apartment, WJAC reported. The front door was tampered with, blankets from the bedroom were on the floor and the two cats were missing.

Multiple witnesses told police that they heard and saw Shaffer break into the apartment and, when he was questioned by police, Shaffer said he went into the apartment to avoid bad weather as he was homeless. Then he told the police that he thought the cats were abandoned. Yeah, right.

Now the biggest question we have is, were the cats found and are they home again? We had our Purrsonal Assistant purruse the web in every nook and cranny and could not find out any information about the cat-napped kitties. We sure hope they are home and okay. If any of my readers know, meow about it and let us know.

England’s Accidental Cat Pub

The Bag of Nails pub is not your run of the mill drinking establishment. You may see cats sleeping in the window and you definitely will see a big sign that says no dogs are allowed due to pub kittens in training.

Once inside you will meet the resident felines walking across the bar or sitting on a bench. This pub is located by the Floating Harour in Bristol, England. The owner, Luke Daniels is always very specific that this is a pub with cats, not a cat pub (I guess so as not to be confused with cat cafes but hey, we love cat cafes too).

The 15 cats of the pub, mostly of the Tabby purrsuasion, were all born in the pub and are all descendants of Malcolm, a British short-haired silver tabby and a black female named Beresford. Malcolm is nine years old. Daniels adopted him the week he took over the pub in 2011 and says that at one stage, there were 24 cats and things got a bit crazy. He had to adopt a number of them out to bring the tribe number to 15, all spayed and neutered to avoid another feline population explosion.

Daniels is somewhat mollified that the pub is more famous for the cats than the beer. Someone said that this pub is purrfect for those who like whiskers and whiskey (that would be a great name for another cat pub!)

COVID made it very hard for the pub as it had barely any income but plenty of bills. In April he had to resort to crowd funding to keep himself and his felines going. He was shocked at how the public rallied, raising more than 20,000 GBP (a little over $28,167.00 USD)  in only a few days. He was able to pay the rent for the first time in a year, feed the cats and pay their vet bills.

Now the Bag of Nails is open again and felines are ready for visitors. We know our human would high tail it over to Bristol if she travels back to England.


Oh my whiskers! When Oliver saw this he immediately ordered The Human to order one. The problem is that we don’t go outside unattended so it would be a waste of money at our house.

Still, we felines are used to food delivery, kitty bathroom clean up, drinks served whenever we need them so why shouldn’t we have an elevator?

This smart elevator senses an infrared device and then locks the door when the feline is in the elevator. I’m guessing that the cat wears something on it’s collar to identify it to the elevator. If not, I can only imagine what would be appearing at the top of that elevator. In our neck of the woods it would probably be a trash panda or a skunk!

Rare vintage photos of celebrities with cats

I always love hearing about famous people who love cats and like finding photos of famous people with cats. Here is a blast from the past with some old Hollywood icons and felines. I especially like the photo above because everything thinks of Judy Garland with a dog!

Walk Through the Web Wednesday 6/9

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello there Furiends,
How are things in your neck of the woods this week? Things around here have been pretty quiet but we did get some needed rain. The Human was doing the happy dance as it’s been really dry and we have lots of forests around us. Here’s a little taste of the rain out our front window.

WhileThe Human was dancing around with glee, I was busy snoopervising The Human’s bathroom.

“Hmmmm, I wonder what fur these brushes were made of.” -Alberto

Meanwhile, Oliver and I celebrated “Hug Your Cat Day” on June 4th. Although The Human gave us lots of hugs that day (and does so every day), Ollie and I wanted to get an early start.

The Human spent Sunday afternoon at her sister’s house and spotted this big bald eagle. I think I’m glad we don’t see those big guys in our back yard!

I hope you all had a good week and that you enjoy my web wanderings for this week.

Topiary Cat! Homeowner crafts six foot feline from his hedge

Well, after finding this news bit I have to say our Human is slacking off in the garden department!  However, not every feline’s humans are so inattentive to glorifying their felines with their greenery. A wonderful human from England is paying tribute to his cat with a HUGE topiary in his front yard. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE! The topiary is 2 meters (about 6 ½ feet) . The large cat doesn’t only delight human passers by, it captures the interest of many of the dogs in the neighborhood as well.  The owner of the house purrfers to remain anonymous but whoever you are…two paws up!

Basepaws wants kitties to live forever!

cat basepaws dna results

My regular readers may remember that Lily, Oliver and I have all had our DNA tests done by Basepaws. Lily meowed about her report in a blog post

Our Human especially likes the feature that helps her follow our health and what health issues we may have to deal with when we get older. Basepaws says, “We want cats to live forever and you may be able to help!” They are recruiting cats aged 17+ to pawticipate in their newest study. Their goal….to increase cats’ healthspans by identifying genetic markers for developing therapeutics to treat age related diseases I cats. Our Angel Lily had kidney disease the last few years of her life and our Angel Tucker developed cancer at the end of his life. Both were 17 when they crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Lily, Oliver and I are too young to do the survey so if any of you felines are super senior kitties 17+, please consider taking this survey!

CatCafe Lounge in LA lets you cuddle adoptable cats in a giant outdoor catio


Now this is a first, humans in a catio, outside mingling with the kitties! The CatCafe Lounge in LA is home to over 30 cats and offers an outside catio experience for humans.

Visitors can lounge below the large blue cat trees and watch the antics of felines above their heads or cuddle with the kitties hanging around the lower area. The cats enjoy their cat jungle gym that offers them all the space they need to pounce, play, climb and just lounge in a sunny spot.

The “cat highway” is a favorite feature with humans and felines alike. The cats can scale leafy climbing walls and ramps and feel the wind in their fur.

The café is a partner of the Stray Cat Alliance  whose work is focused on finding furever homes for cats who would have otherwise been euthanized. The café works on socializing cats with their resident feline behaviorist, making the cats chances of being adopted even better.   

Admission is considered a donation to Cat Cafe Lounge, with 100% of the funds given back to the cause.  A visit to the catio and the cafe’s indoor cat lounge costs $35.00 for a one hour visit and 100% of those monies are used for the café and cat adoptions.  You can learn more about this magical place at their official website.

‘Star Trek Cats’ goes where no feline has gone before

The book, Star Trek Cats takes the original Star Trek characters and transforms them into fabulous felines. Jenny Parks, who specializes in drawing cats as pop culture characters, illustrates Kirk, Spock, Bones, and the rest of the crew into some of the tv shows most famous scenes. And frankly, I think the feline space explorers are far superior to the human ones!  

The book is not filled with stories but with beautifully illustrated pages from the show.

Star Trek Cats is available in hardcover with a retail price of $14.95 but is available on Amazon for $8.40. The digital format costs $7.98.

Cat returned after ‘catnapper’ swipes feline from Aurora front porch

You humans talk a lot about porch pirates when it comes to people thieving things from your porches (things like your latest Amazon deliveries). Well, ,evidently there are porch pirates who steal cats too, at least in Aurora, Colorado.

Vickie Madrid says she realized something was wrong when her cat named Buttercup didn’t show up for dinner. (Trust me, if any of us didn’t show up for dinner it would be cause for alarm for our Human too!)

Buttercup had shown up at the Madrid house years ago and he became part of the family. Madrid decided to review her Ring doorbell videos to see if she could see him. The video revealed that a man walked onto her porch, bent down and grabbed the cat from underneath a bench, turning and running down the street with the cat. Buttercup’s human was sick to her stomach at what she saw. The same catnapper was also caught on neighborhood camera footage stealing milk from a cooler and packages from another porch. The robber drove a teal or green SUV, something like a Chevy Equinox.

Madrid said that Buttercup found her and her family once and she hoped he’d find them again.

Madrid says she has no idea why someone would want to flee with her feline, but now he’s gone. All she can do is hope and pray that her beloved Buttercup will somehow return.

“He found us once and I just pray he can find us again. That’s what I hope,” she said.

If you read the information on the image above,you know that that after Keegan Harsha, a reporter from local TV channel KDVR shared the story, Buttercup was mysteriously returned home. I love happy endings!

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 6/2

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Sunny Wednesday Furiends!
At least it’s sunny in our neck of the woods. The Human hasn’t done much interesting and we felines have just been relaxing and sunning on the upstairs deck any time we are allowed out (supervised, of course).

Oh how we love the upstairs deck!

The Human also did a little work in the front yard and the front porch. Can you see the cats hanging on our front door?

And now Oliver is trying to hog the iPad to watch his favorite channel of Cat TV!

That’s just about it for anything newsworthy at our house, things have been pretty quiet but sometimes, quiet is good!

‘Catsy’: Artist wins over Wokingham with kitty creations

If any of my readers are aficionados of the street artist Banksy, I guarantee you’ll love the artist Catsy who has been stenciling cats all around a Berkshire market town. The art appeared about a year ago and now can be found all over the area.

The cats, created with a cardboard stencil, a spray can and some stick on eyes have appeared along the street where children walk to school and a fence outside a nursing home. When the nursing home fence blew down, the old cat was cut out of the old fence and nailed to the new one.

Why did Catsy decide cats were the best way to make his mark on the town he has lived in all his life? “Cats are a simple image artistically that stands out, it’s just something nice that is easily identifiable and inoffensive.” He said, “My mission was for people to see them and smile, and it’s working out way better than I was expecting.”

Old Idaho Penitentiary continues to celebrate Dennis the Cat’s birthday after 69 years

The Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise was the territorial prison and built in 1872. In 1952 one of the prison’s most well-known residents arrived – Dennis the Cat.

In the 1950s, the prison was in use and expanding, adding building number four and the maximum security building. All construction was done by the inmates.

In 1952, as the story goes, an inmate came into the prison through gate two, carrying a box with a cat inside. The inmate passed it off to another inmate to hide the cat from guards, feeding it scraps. That cat was soon named Dennis the Cat. No one has ever figured out who the prisoner was that brought the cat in.

For 16 years, Dennis the Cat was the official/unofficial pet of the prison.

“I mean they had been keeping him secret, they had been keeping him hidden, they’d been sneaking him snacks, they’d been sneaking him food,” Jacey Brian, the education specialist at the historical site, explained.

It wasn’t long until the warden found out about the cat, but allowed the prisoners to keep Dennis as long as there was no trouble over the cat.  

Dennis quickly won everyone over, prisoners and guards alike. “The guards would open gates for Dennis, letting him come and go as he pleased.

There were other cats before Dennis but Dennis had a special place in everyone’s heart because his role was more of a pet rather than a mouser. He lived quite well in the barbershop with his own bed on the counter.

Legend says that Dennis lived at the old state pen from May 30, 1952, to May 30, 1968. When he passed, he was given a full-service funeral in the prison’s cemetery.  Dennis the Cat has the only marked grave at the old pen. The prison newspaper reported that there wasn’t a dry eye in the yard that day. 

Sixty-nine years after he was born, the Old Idaho Penitentiary continues to celebrate Dennis’s birthday on May 30. This year there was even a Dennis the Cat Day, on May 30 with special presentations on the prison’s feline inmate every half hour, food trucks and a prison paws scavenger hunt.  Those attending were asked to “pay” with unopened pet food that were donated to the Idaho Humane Society and Simply Cats.

Kittens and champagne make the purr-fect pairing at Cat Palace in Pacific Beach

The Champagne Palace in Pacific Beach, California. This café rolls out the red carpet (literally) for it’s adoptees and features roses, string lights and paintings on the pink walls. There’s even a disco ball and a classical violinist to greet you at the door.

The place may look fancy but it’s mission is serious and that mission is to give felines furever homes. With a $20.00 donation, guests are invited into this regal space to spend an hour cuddliong and playing with the adoptable cats in residence (who are referred to as “princes” and “princesses” and to sip a glass of bubbly.

General manager and cat lover Tara Boornazian said she was inspired to start the animal rescue after visiting The Cat Lounge in La Jolla and The Cat Cafe in downtown. She wanted to bring the concept to Pacific Beach, swapping the coffee for something more bubbly.After months of planning during the pandemic, Cat Palace finally opened its doors in April. Since then, the nonprofit’s “princes and princesses” have been successful in finding furever homes, even from tourists who come and visit and fall in love with a purrrticular prince or princess.

If you can’t visit in person, you can check out adoptable cats online.

Fur-miliar faces: Cats take up residency in Sioux Falls greenhouses

Jazmine, the resident cat at Landscape Garden Centers, sits where she fits. Photo courtesy of Landscape Garden Centers.

I’ve reported on cats working in all kinds of places, bodegas, breweries, libraries and the list goes on. Now there’s a new job market for felines – working in garden centers. At least three plant nurseries in the Sioux Falls area — Landscape Garden Centers, Cliff Avenue Greenhouse & Garden Center and Oakridge Nursery & Landscaping in Brandon — have cats that hide among flower pots and trail gardeners through the aisles of annuals and seedlings.

The cats do have work to do as “as long-tailed security guards” who prevent, mice, bunnies and gophers from taking up residence in the warm-walled buildings. But they also add friendship and fun to the workers and visitors to the centers.

Jazmine, featured in the photo above clawed her way through the plastic closed-off lean-to at Landscape Garden Centers.

She kept herself hidden under the soft drink machine for a while but the brutal cold and lack of food caused her ears to be frostbitten and her stomach to growl. “Then one day in the winter, she was just standing by the door looking in, like ‘I really need some help,'” Jessica Meendering, a retail manager for the greenhouse said. The staff took Jazmine in, and the next day someone brought cat food. She spent the remaining winter months regaining her strength at an employee’s house across from the greenhouse, but she often visited the greenhouse as the spring rolled around.

Then one day, she decided to stay. Now, plant shoppers can often find her sprawled out near the houseplants, following customers through the saplings or taking a few bites out of the catmint before a midday nap. “She knows we saved her,” Meendering said. “She’s a survivor.”

Taking care of Jazmine has been a community effort since the beginning, Meendering said. Customers sometimes bring her food, employees take turns checking her food bowl, and there’s even a “Jazmine fund” at the front of the store for donations toward her veterinarian bills. Any donations left over at the end of the year? Jazmine donates to help other local rescue cats in need.

There are some other heartwarming stories about the garden center cats in Sioux Falls in the article.

Feline fine: Coventry woman wins baking competition with cat-inspired creation

Jay Urquhart-Pettifer landed first place in Cats Protection’s Pawsome Baking Challenge with a cake made to look just like balls of wool and little felines based on cats she has owned through the years.

The competition was judged by Great British Bake Off finalist Kim-Joy, who praised Jay’s cake, saying it would “bring a smile to anyone’s face”.

Jay said: “I’m so glad Kim-Joy liked my ball of wool showstopper and it’s given me extra confidence in my baking.

This feline says this is a purrrrfect tribute to the cats in Jay’s life and to help local kitties in her area. For information about this competition, click here.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/26

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furriends,
I would like to tell you that all sort of exciting things have been happening in our neck of the woods but that would be a lie. Things are fairly boring and the BIG D-I-E-T situation is still ongoing. The Human did get our upstairs deck ready for sunning so now all we need is some sun. She also got our pond and waterfall working and we like to watch the birds and animals that hang out down there. I like the pretty pink flowers that drop into the water but The Human doesn’t like them at all and grouses loudly when she’s down there cleaning them out with the net.

“Oooh look guys, wouldn’t it be fun if The Human let us go down there and swat at the water?”

Oliver is still railing against the injustices of the D-I-E-T. As exhausting as it is for him to jump on the dryer to see if my kibble bowl has anything in it (He keeps forgetting that the bowls are removed when breakfast is done) he will make the leap. This morning he thought he’d be able to charm The Human out of a second serving-it didn’t work.

As for me, I am becoming quite a fan of my evening Cat TV. I am quite fond of the birdbath video.

“What a pretty birdie!”
“He’s watching birds take a bath. Doesn’t that make him a purrvert?!”

I choose not to respond to Lily’s baseless and inflammatory accusations and suggest we move on to this week’s news.

Feline sound from mobile phone helps rescue stranded kitten

There are many good humans in the world and this is the story of some in Istanbul, Turkey. The residents of a building heard a cat cry and notified the fire department. They came out but were unable to get the cat out of the 15-meter hole between two walls where he’d fallen.

The residents refused to give up. They stretched a plastic pipe between the walls but this didn’t entice the kitten to come out.  Someone then decided to play a video from their phone that had the sound of cats meowing.

The little guy was drawn by the sounds of his people and climbed up through the plastic pipe they’d put there to get him out and got close enough for someone to grab him.

He was named Sütlaç, which means rice pudding in Turkish, and was adopted by one of the residents in the neighborhood. Sütlaç, received a clean bill of health from the vet.

Paws up to these creative and determined humans!

Man Sells ‘89 Toyota Supra to Pay for Cat’s Medical Fees

This guy is a true cat daddy. A man from Osaka, Japan sold his beloved 1989 Toyota Supra so he would be able to afford treatment for his cat, Silk.

SoraNews reported that Leiz listed the Supra on the Yahoo! Japan Auction page earlier this month. He knew that the going rate for a car with 168,000 km mileage and some cosmetic damage usually was around 1.35 million yen ($12,400 USD) He knew this but listed his car at twice the amount and noted the reason in the ad, he included the sentimental aspect of the car and that this was the exact amount he needed for his cat’s medical expenses.

Silk had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal viral disease, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), with rapid progress, and he needed immediate medical intervention. The buyer of the car was also a cat lover and said he would buy the car, restore it and keep it in a climate controlled garage until Leiz could afford to buy it back from him. The buyer added that when Leitz bought the car back it would be for the price he’d paid for it and not a penny more. Then he added an extra 100,000 yen ($920.00) for silks medical costs. I sent our Purrsonal Assistant on a merry chase through the internet to see how Silk is doing but she couldn’t find any information. If any of my readers know, please meow at us with an update. .

Feline Friends Meet the Cats of CATS

Well it was only a matter of time until we felines would be watching the famous T.S. Elliot story recently made for the screen.  After watching this video, I’m not so sure I’m in any hurry to watch the movie. I think I’ll stick to my bathing bird videos!

Cat Owners and Their Felines Can Now Get Matching Hoodies so Everyone Knows They’re Best Friends

These hoodies are from, Cat Person  a cat care company dedicated to strengthening the bond between humans and their felines through their products. Now I admire any person or company that promotes the human/animal bond but when it comes to getting me into a hoodie (or any other clothes for that matter) , you can file that under “F” for Fat Chance!

Someone put an AirTag on a cat and it worked about as well as you’d expect

The Human read about these devices and thought, “Oh, what a great idea for keeping track of cats when they’re lost!” Well, seems like purrhaps it’s not such a good idea after all.

The Apple Air Tag is designed as a tracking device for many different things. With the “Find My App” feature almost anything can be tracked . Of course it was only a matter of time until someone decided to try it on their cat. Here’s how it went:

First the size is a bit big for the average feline. The cat had a bit of a challenge getting to her food with the Air Tag on. The tracking also seemed to be a little off when following the cat. Add to this the fact that cats should be wearing safety collars and it seems like many Air Tags will end up somewhere on the ground. Apple has also noted that this device might not work so well for cats as cats move so much, making it more difficult for the AirTag to provide an exact location.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/19

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends,

We had a nice week and enjoyed some warm weather. The Human got the waterfall going and we love to listen to the sound of the water when the windows are open. The Human also bought a bird feeder that sticks to the window so we can watch them eating. So far, no birdies but she only set it up yesterday. I’ll report more on that next week.

Until we get some real birds to watch, I have instructed The Human that I need my evening Cat TV to continue. As you can see, I’m enjoying my bedtime TV watching.

“I quite enjoy the suspenseful episodes. “

Now The Human has pointed out to me that being a couch potato is doing nothing to assist us in the progress of the D-I-E-T. But before she harps on me about my lazy ways, she needs to talk to Oliver.

“I repeat, I am not lazy, I am in my sun puddle, recharging!”

As we suffer through this D-I-E-T nightmare, we thought we’d talk to Lily to see how she keeps herself so svelte. Lily says diet is critical for keeping excess weight off.

“Stop begging for those calorie laden treats and eat your greens!”
“Good advice Lily, I feel slimmer already” – Oliver
“Oh pulleeeze!” – Alberto
“Lily, I think it’s working! Look how much better I fit on the window sill!”
“Those two are annoying!”

Well, that’s it for this week. I really do think we’re making some weight loss progress. Oliver is much livelier and The Human is still being very draconian about feeding. Hopefully we’ll be able to show you our new, thinner selves soon!

In the meantime, here are the feline focused news items I found in my web wanderings.

Fearless Cat Chases Spooked Coyote Out of a Canadian Parking Lot

Humans, when  you are told that we felines are territorial, please believe us. This video clip shot by Canadian police officers sat 4am is visual confirmation of this.

There was a coyote lurking around a parking lot which, evidently, this cat considered to be his territory. This was not a situation where a pack of coyotes tried to ambush the cat. It was one, scaredy coyote against a fearless feline. The officers observed the cat walking his perimeter later in the morning.

Be sure to view this fantastic cat’s greatest moment on video.

The bar cats of Ten Bells Tavern in Dallas

Of all the stories I’ve covered on working cats, this just could be my favorite. The bar cats of Ten Bells Tavern roam the “catio” of this pub and they love it.

The owner of Ten Bells Tavern, Meri Dahlke has been caring for the feral cats in the area ever since she opened. She said that cats have always been a part of the bar’s story. When Dahlke arrives at work, the cats recognize her and come running (probably because that’s when she puts out the kibble and gives them canned food too).

The staff of Ten Bells love the cats and look after them and some, including Dahlke have taken some of them home. All the cats are neutered and healthy.

The cats are beloved members of the business community and the pub. They even have their own hashtag #CatsofTenBells and some people come to Ten Bells, not for the drinks or pub grub, but to meet the felines. The cats at Ten Bells are registered as a “colony” with the City of Dallas. Dahlke has done fund raisers for several organizations and non-profits and has raised over $445,000.00 through her efforts. Feral Friends is one of the non-profits they support as well as Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue , the SPCA, the Dallas Zoo and others.

The bar will be celebrating their nine-year anniversary during the weekend of June 25-27 by hosting a fundraiser for Feral Friends.

Boot camp for cats? Humane Fort Wayne’s ‘Thick Camp’ helping cats lose those extra few pounds

“Thick Camp”?? Really?? This feline takes exception to that! Mind you, I am not against the fact that a room at Humane Fort Wayne has been temporarily turned into a weight loss boot camp for cats. It’s the name that offends me.

Humane Fort Wayne said the goal is not to get the cats skinny but to have the cats get used to timed feedings, moving around their environment and adding more activity to their routine. Okay, that makes sense. I’m less fond of the next quote, however.

“When free fed, or when provided a full bowl of food 24 hours a day, we see cats start to carry about 5-8 extra pounds of weight on their joints and organs. It can cause long-term and expensive health issues and most of this is avoidable by measuring portions and adding play to your cats’ day.” I am a bit weary about hearing about unhealthy fat cats, I get enough of that at home!

Humane Fort Wayne currently has a livestream of the thick cats which can be viewed on its YouTube page.

Mother Cat and Her Newborn Kittens Found Living in a Bird’s Nest

Oh my whiskers! This poor momma cat couldn’t find a place for her kittens to be safe so she used a bird’s nest! The people in the area had seen the momma and found one kitten but couldn’t find the others until they spotted the momma climbing up a tree. Not only did they find the kittens but they also found a tomcat who has bonded with the mother cat and who is serving as “dad” to the kittens.

Paws up to the good people at The Chiltern Branch of Cat’s Protection for caring for these cats. The mother cat, Oriole, the tomcat, Willet, and the kittens, Bran, Jay, and Lori, have all been given distinctly avian names to commemorate their former home.

Willet spent a few days at the vets as he was limping badly, but fortunately it was just an abscess, which quickly healed.” The folks at the shelter say, “he is a good ‘dad’ to the kittens, washing and playing with them—although he does get a bit annoyed when they mistake him for mum at feeding time!” They noted that it’s very unusual for a tomcat to stick around after kittens have been born.

The cats are now in the care of a foster and they say that “Willet behaves like a doting dad to the kittens, even grooming them. Oriole and Willet are clearly bonded and we would love to think we could rehome the mum and male cat together.”

Let’s hope mom and dad find a furever home together!

Hilarious Video of Cat Who Cleans Owner’s House Goes Viral

Okay, I get it. This is not a real video but still, I feel I must speak up for the feline population and say this faked video is sending the wrong message to humans. Cat’s do not do domestic labor nor do we find the suggestion that we do amusing! Watch the video and meow about what you think of this.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 5/12

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends,
We are happy as we again have our Purrsonal Assistant under control and my Wednesday feature is happening on…..Wednesday!

We are still suffering through the dreaded D-I-E-T. Frankly, I don’t think Oliver has lost an ounce.

‘Excuse me Human. I am in dire need of kibble. Not only can you see the bottom of my bowl, there is not even ONE single piece of kibble there. Please put down your book and assist a dying feline!”
“What are you thinking about Al”
“Chasing birds from the Cat TV show. What are you thinking about Oliver/’
“Kibble, big piles of fresh kibble.”
“If Oliver doesn’t shut up about kibble I’m going to walk over there and give him a big whacky paw!”

Now you may think that the D-I-E-T was the only topic of conversation this week but you would be wrong. We received a nice email from a human named Jayne who told us we’d been featured on the “top 18 list of most underrated cat bloggers” on the Cat Informer blog. You can read about us and the other 17 meowvelous cat blogs here. Thank you Cat Informer!

And now, let’s get to this weeks findings for best feline news on the web.

Tennessee Woman teaches your cat to hike

Laura Partain says the #1 essential in packing for a hike is her cat. After spending four to five months working with the formerly timid feline, she now has a trail blazer. Partain has two cats who hike with her and needless to say, they attract a lot of attention when they are hiking. They also sparked an idea.. She said, “I really want to help people see their cats in a different way and to get out of the mindset of ‘Oh, my cat would never do that.’ She wants people to look at their cat and say, ‘How can I help this cat to have a better life. How can I help enrich this cat’s life and train them?’ They’re actually really fun to train,” said Partain, who grew up training show goats. To that end, Partain created the  Tennessee Cat Adventure Club, and so far she’s trained 14 new adventure cats.

She says it’s best if people train their cats themselves but she does offer training assistance as cat’s require some specialized training techniques. Dogs will learn things because they want to please you. Cats (and goats) are more transactional. (Who knew we fabulous felines had that in common with goats?)  In other words, felines want to know what’s in it for them and what the pay offs (treats) are. This means food is always required for training sessions. Her two most important tips are, have treats handy and make sure you have a harness that fits your cat well.

Recently Partain has partnered with Tennessee State Parks to encourage pet owners to use a leash on the trail. She said leashes allow all animals, including cats, to get out and enjoy the beauty of Tennessee. 

Meowza that hiking thing sounds like it might be fun!

Meet the cats fighting Chicago’s rat problem

If you’re a regular reader of my Wednesday web wanderings you know I love to feature stories about working cats. This story is a bit different than most as it’s not about a brewery, bookstore or bodega “hiring” a feline but about feral cats placed on the Chicago streets to deal with the problem this city, known as “the rattiest city in America” has had for years.

Since 2012, the Tree House Humane Society has placed over 1,000 feral cats onto Chicago streets.

The mere presence of the cats and their pheromones, are enough to keep the rats away.

I was a bit concerned about these felines being “tossed into the streets” but this isn’t the case at all. Cats are spayed or neutered “pre-employment” and “employers” are screened and required to provide food, water, shelter, and wellness to the cats who work for them. In most cases, these cats become beloved members of the family or team and some even have their own Instagram pages! If you live in Chicago and want to hire a feline, you can apply at Tree House’s website.

Couple builds mini-bedroom for their cat, complete with a TV for watching birds on YouTube

I only have one thing to say…..”Human, you need to step up your game!”

Twitter user @CinnamonBear9 shared photos of her meowvelous kitty bedroom with bed, bedspread that matches mom’s and dad’s, pictures on the walls, a rug, a miniature chair, some tiny yarn balls, and a mini scratching post. And the pièce de résistance? A wooden wall frame that holds a tablet (or “big screen TV to a cat) for endless hours of cat video watching on YouTube.

And how has the feline reacted to this pawsome bedroom? He naps in there and watches bird TV. Paws up for these creative humans for going above and beyond for their kitty!

Why cats may have more to teach us about living the good life than Socrates

Socrates is credited with saying “the unexamined life is not worth living.” For centuries, you humans have looked to philosophy as a way to contemplate and answer many of life’s biggest, toughest questions.

British philosopher John Gray opines that cats can often teach us much more about living the good life than philosophy ever could.

In his book, Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life, Gray examines the nature of our philosophical pursuits, and finds them wanting.

“In humans, discontent with their nature seems to be natural,” he writes. “With predictably tragic and farcical results, the human animal never ceases striving to be something that it is not.” He says cats make no such effort. Cats exist to serve their most immediate needs and keep themselves safe from danger.

Although this feline would argue that Gray makes us sound a bit shallow, I do have to agree.

Gray points out that cats aren’t philosophical about death. Cats refuse to quietly surrender to death from a predator. They’ll fight to the very, very end to protect themselves or their kittens if they’re female cats. So they have a strong love of life when they’re healthy, and when they’re sickening, they tend to crawl to some quiet, shadowy place where they, in a sense, they aim to die.

Gray says you humans shouldn’t try to be cats but maybe you should overthink a little less. I think that’s good advice!

Mount Washington Observatory welcomes new summit cat, Nimbus

Here’s another great working cat story. This Onway, N.H. cat, named for a type of cloud is taking his place above the clouds in his new home at the Mount Washington Observatory.

Nimbus was chosen from four candidates at the Conway Area Humane Society. His sociable attitude as well as his large repertoire or meows, chatters and purrs won him the job.  

Nimbus’ predecessor, Marty crossed the Rainbow Bridge in late 2020. The observatory employees said it was a long search as the new hire would have big paws to fill.

MWO Summit Operations Manager Rebecca Scholand said. “The summit cat is such a special part of our living environment on the summit, making it feel much more like a home on our weeklong shifts.”

Nimbus, we say “concatulations” on your new home and new career!

Walk Through The Web Wednesday (on Thursday 5/6)

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
If you read my earlier post, you know about the debacle at FelineOpines this week and the shoddy job performance of our Purrsonal Assistant. We did hold a board meeting regarding the potential dismissal of The Human. I called the meeting to order however purrticipation was half-hearted to say the least.

“Hey Oliver, Lily, we need to start the meeting, where are you?”
“Uh yeah, can we get back to you on that as soon as these sun puddles on the stairs are gone?”

Once the sun puddles faded and Oliver and Lily joined me in the office, we had a lively discussion about the repercussions about firing our Purrsonal Assistant. They both reminded me that The Human had duties beyond the blog such as morning wet food, keeping water bowls filled and litter boxes empty, kibble (even though the amount has been greatly decreased due to the dreaded D-I-E-T. ) They also mentioned the evening Cat TV sessions. After ruminating on this information, I made the decision that rather than a dismissal, a good rebuking would be in order. As this is my blog segment and, as a Siamese, my voice was the loudest, I would give the verbal chastisement. The Human was appropriately repentant and began working on my Wednesday feature immediately.

The life of blogging cats is not easy and the three of us were exhausted after this encounter. I believe this short video of Oliver immediately after we adjourned speaks for the three of us (literally speaks, you can hear Oliver snoring!)

So let’s go to the newsworthy feline stuff for this week and paws crossed that the Purrsonal Assistant took our scolding to heart and we’ll be on time next week!

Matilda Wins High Five Honors

This formerly shy, semi-feral feline outshined all the other national contestants in the third annual National  High Five Day contest. The contest was created by Jackson Galaxy, well-known as a cat behavior expert who hosts the Animal Planet show “My Cat From Hell” and Is part of a program from The Jackson Galaxy Project to help shelter cats become more adoptable.  In addition to bragging rights for Matilda and the Whis-purr Rescue Inc, the rescue was awarded a $5,000.00 grant as well as personal cat behavior training from Jackson Galaxy.

The cats have been learning to do “behaviors”—not to be confused with “tricks”—such as ringing bells, spinning around, playing a piano, “nose touches,” and sitting up, in addition to “high-fiving” with an outstretched paw.

Galaxy selected the top 25 high-five finalists for the public to vote on from April 8 to 14. Whis-purr Rescue staff and supporters pushed to get out the vote for their local girl.  Matilda’s clever bell-ringing high-five won 4,997 votes.  .

The initiative aims to save the lives of shelter and rescue cats by increasing their adoption opportunities.  Shelter staff and volunteers are taught how to implement Galaxy’s positive reinforcement training for cats and includes “a signature move—teaching them to high-five.”

This cat says “Paws Up” to Jackson Galaxy’s program and any program that helps shelter kitties find furever homes. Click here too see all the finalists.

Helping Jimmy

Jimmy the cat was found in Nashville, dragging his rear legs and tail. He was in rough shape with spasms, road rash that became infected and a swollen bladder.

Rachael Resk was called to the rescue as she has had much experience rehabbing injured cats.  She began to work with Jimmy, first gently manipulating his legs to see how much he could take. Soon he could stand for a few seconds at a time.

She tried walking him on the treadmill and he was successful, going at 0.5 mph, using a chute to help Jimmy learn to catch himself and continue walking. When he could walk 10 feet, she wanted  more for him.so she took him to Canine Physical Rehab for water therapy.

And Jimmy responded well to the water therapy and now can walk at home, go up the stairs and lift his tail partially.

Though Jimmy is making progress, his road to recovery isn’t done yet. He can walk but sometimes falls. He also doesn’t have full control of his bladder. Resk will also soon be seeing a neurosurgeon to see if Jimmy has nerve impingement. If he does, he may need surgery.

To help with the cost of his ongoing care, Resk started a GoFundMe. She’s been able to raise a little over $6,000 out of her $10,000 goal.

Even if Jimmy isn’t completely healed yet,  Resk is thrilled with his progress.

“It’s not just his limbs and his tail that have come alive. As he began to and seek more freedom here in the house or out with people, out with the other cats he himself came alive,” said Resk. “He’s filled with joy, he’ll purr, he’ll meow, he’ll play. It’s extremely heartwarming.”

Once Jimmy Is recovered fully, the goal is to get him a furever home. Anyone who is interested in adopting Jimmy can email Resk at rachaelresk@yahoo.com.

Woo Hoo Jimmy, you found the purrfect human to help you!

Feline fracas fills air at county office

Sometimes you humans really make me shake my head. A cat was seen at the Trumbull county commissioner’s office and was the cause of informal complaints and now, a union grievance.

The cat, Betty, belongs to Commissioner Niki Frenchko and was brought to work several times. Well, evidently Mrs. (Dawn) Gedeon got her whiskers in a twist about the feline worker and filed a grievance with her union stating that the cat caused a health and safety violation in the office, claiming allergies.

The cat’s human said Betty lightened the mood in the office and that no one had spoken to her to say the cat’s presence was a problem for them.

The humans are still hissing at each other and no solution has been  reached yet. This feline has two questions, is all this time spent filing grievances and arguing a good use of tax payer funds and, is the office dog friendly? If so, there is a good case for species discrimination!

The “If I fits, I sits” instinct: Cats will sit in a box even it’s an illusion

Okay, you humans know we felines love boxes and that they calm us. A  2014, study carried out at the University of Utrecht found that shelter cats provided with boxes to hide in recovered more quickly and adapted to their new environments more easily than their box-less counterparts.

Now, a citizen science project led by Gabriella Smith from Columbia University, New York, has found that this behavior is so ingrained in cats that they are even drawn to sit in square shapes created by optical illusions

The researchers asked cat owners to set up different shapes on their living room floors to see if the cats were compelled to sit in them. Some made squares out of tape on the floor, others set up an optical illusion known as the Kanizsa square – an arrangement of four Pac-Man-like shapes positioned to look as if they are forming the four corners of a square. They then had the owners record their cats’ behaviour over six days.

The trial is limited by the small sample they used but the findings leave no doubt that we felines can be susceptible to optical illusions.

But humans, if you’re not into optical illusions, just get us a box and we will use it as our calm space.

This Cat Makes a Living as a Very Successful Car Model

Yes, you read that right, car modeling, not cat modeling, And car modeling is extremely competitive. You have to be young and beautiful, intriguing to watch with a winning personality, and female, or course,

Mao Mao has all these traits and then some. This 2-year old British Shorthair from China is proof that felines with the right talents and determination can make a good living.

Now it helps if you have a good human agent. Mao Mao’s human, Zheng, although never thinking his cat could make a living as a car model still felt it was worth a try and set her on a car at a car show  

Mao Mao drew a crowd and the social media she garnered for the car manufacturer was what resulted in her official entry into car modeling.

And how much does car modeling pay a feline? She works three to four jobs a month (Zheng doesn’t want to tire her) and she makes up to $1,550 (10,000 yuan) for an appearance. Now I’m no math whiz but even with only three gigs a month, she’s bringing in $4650.00 per month. Meowza, that’s a whole lot of kibble and cat toys! She does have a designer for her modeling costumes so there is that overhead to consider.