Walk Through The Web Wednesday 1/18/17

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello Friends,
Alberto here. It’s time for me to share my favorite feline tidbits-enjoy!

The Expanse” Season One Re-cat,  The Verge

cat with sci fi costume onSurely you all know by now that cats rule the internet. We pop up in some of the most unusual places and, in this case felines are featured in a season recat of the Sci Fi Series, The Verge.  Disclaimer, if you start watching season 2, you will not see Julie Meow or some of the other characters depicted in this re-cat.


Sparkle Cat – Summer’s Wardrobe 

sparklecatoutfitsOk, I admit it, I am a HUGE fan of Summer the Somali cat (also known as Sparkle Cat). I’m not usually a fan boy but I mean, look at her, she’s GORGEOUS!  The female human even got to meet her at BlogPaws last May. I am in the process of launching a campaign for the female human to take me to BlogPaws this May but she says it’s much to far from our far north home. Anyway, as much as I hate when the humans dress me up, Summer is one of those fantastic felines who like dress up and who look purrrrrfectly beautiful. Meows and waves to Summer (and this fan boy would love a purrrsonalized photo from his favorite star)

The Life of a Service Cat – Deziz World

ragdoll service catI have some good feline buddies on the World Wide Web. Two that I correspond with frequently are Dezi and Raena from Deziz World. Now we’ve discussed many things but one thing my friends never told me was that they are service cats. There are many cats with jobs but Dezi and Raena work 24/7. My friends are very talented and they feature great information about service cats, how to find them, train them, etc. Stroll on over there and when you do, tell them “Hi” from their buddy Alberto!


Career Cats Hold Jobs – The Virginia Gazette
black and white cat has a job at a feed storeIf you are a regular reader of my weekly mewsings, you know I love featuring articles about cats with jobs. It’s not just that I want the world to know how smart and capable we are, I love the humans who have figured out that cats who are not as fortunate as The Tribe of Five and others can still find safety, a home, regular meals and important work.  There are some wonderful humans at the Heritage Humane Society who founded the Career Cat Program. You can read about Spike who was hired at Jamestown Feed and Seed and about this great feline employment program. I sure wish the female human would look into starting a feline employment agency where we live!

Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/28

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello Friends, Furry, Feathered and Otherwise,
Alberto here. It’s time to tell you what items caught my fancy during the week. It’s been a little hectic here. The humans have had a week of visitors and this prompted The Tribe of Five to work on our next blog entry, “The Felines Guide to Being the Purrfect Houseguest”…stay tuned.

But I digress, here are my Walk Through the Web Wednesday picks and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
Your Friend




Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free, Organic Pet Food | Does it Matter? – Raising Your Pets Naturally

healthy food,. antobiotic, hormone freeOur humans are very purrrticular when it comes to feeding us. As a matter of fact, the male human won’t let the female human select a new organic and healthy food for us without consulting him (he’s our official feline dietitian) . It isn’t easy for the humans to know if they’re making the best food choices for us. We’re no help, as far as we’re concerned, the nastier and stinkier the food, the better it is. Raising Your Pets Naturally know a lot about this and they offer some very helpful advice in this post.

Cats as Therapists? You betcha’, just ask Sparkle Cat – Sparkle Cat.com

summer092716aYou hear a lot about therapy dogs but therapy cats rarely get a mention. We felines know how to make humans feel calm and loved. This story is about Sparkle Cat’s visit to a school for children with developmental disabilities. You will love her tale of how the healing purr works magic.




How Smart Is Your Cat? – Pet MD

ginger tabby reading book with glassesOk, I admit it, I was deeply offended by this headline but then the human told me to check my catitude and purruse the article a bit further and I’m glad I did. There’s lots of good info here people and the article explains our brains and provides some interesting tidbits…like did you know that cats dream?


Crash Test Kitty Help Saves Lives – Conscious Cat

crash test kitty with canine friendNow before you go getting your tail in a twist, this is not a real kitty but this faux feline does save lives. My feline friends, have you ever wondered about that carrier that you are often unceremoniously stuffed into? Did you think, “Gee, I hope this thing is safe”. Well there are people who think about that all the time and they use the crash test kitty to make sure all of us felines are safe. (Note, crash test kitty is on the right, the canine is an anonymous friend)



The Top Ten States for Cat Lovers – Estately

sign says keep calm and love catsNow this really has me concerned. After checking the map, every state surrounding us is evidently a cat lover state, but not ours!  The Tribe of Five is seriously considering petitioning the humans for a move. North, south, east or west is fine, just a state that is a designated cat lover state!  Is your state a cat loving state?


Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/7

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines
Hello Friends,
Furry, feathered and otherwise. Alberto here with my weekly purrrrusal of the web. I found some great links and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sparkle Cat -Resisting the Piece de Resitance

Sparkle Cat in a mardi gras costumeMy first pick is from the gorgeous and world-renown fashionista feline-Sparkle Cat. In the humble opinion of this young (and very handsome)  cat, Miss Sparkle is a beauty (although I am also greatly enamored with Coco the Couture Cat as well). In this blog entry, Sparkle shows her sense of humor and reminds us that even famous cats have to dry the line somewhere!



Chirpy Cats – Caturday Art, The Cat and the Printer

cat attacking a printerGeorge the cat makes some very good points about living with the bothersome and noisy machine the humans call the “printer” and which George refers to as the “purrrrinter”. The humans seem to have some sort of love of machines that annoy (or terrify) felines. I myself could write a soliloquy about the “vacuum monster”: and the fear it strikes in the hearts of The Tribe of Five.


Mudpie Interviews Sula, the Old Mission San Juan Bautista Cat

I’m very impressed with Mudpie’s interview techniques. I always appreciate a feline journalist that presents a story in an interesting and compelling way. I purred with joy after reading this beautiful interview. Sula is one amazing feline. She’s had cancer twice and survived and now has the title of “Comforter-in-Chief at the mission. Her job is to provide a loving feline touch for anyone there who is in need of it. I know many cats with jobs but Sula has a very special one. And, Sula has a book entitled, “Surviving Cancer, Healing People, One Cat’s Story”. I can’t wait to have my human read it to me!


The Way of Cats…Will He Miss Me?

The female human has been listening to the podcasts of this lady for quite some time and she’s learned quite a bit about the complicated feline mind. I liked this post because it talks about how we felines feel when someone we love goes away. We are complicated creatures!


Well, that’s it for this Wednesday. ‘Hope you enjoy my selections.

Your Friend,