Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/28

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello Friends, Furry, Feathered and Otherwise,
Alberto here. It’s time to tell you what items caught my fancy during the week. It’s been a little hectic here. The humans have had a week of visitors and this prompted The Tribe of Five to work on our next blog entry, “The Felines Guide to Being the Purrfect Houseguest”…stay tuned.

But I digress, here are my Walk Through the Web Wednesday picks and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
Your Friend




Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free, Organic Pet Food | Does it Matter? – Raising Your Pets Naturally

healthy food,. antobiotic, hormone freeOur humans are very purrrticular when it comes to feeding us. As a matter of fact, the male human won’t let the female human select a new organic and healthy food for us without consulting him (he’s our official feline dietitian) . It isn’t easy for the humans to know if they’re making the best food choices for us. We’re no help, as far as we’re concerned, the nastier and stinkier the food, the better it is. Raising Your Pets Naturally know a lot about this and they offer some very helpful advice in this post.

Cats as Therapists? You betcha’, just ask Sparkle Cat – Sparkle Cat.com

summer092716aYou hear a lot about therapy dogs but therapy cats rarely get a mention. We felines know how to make humans feel calm and loved. This story is about Sparkle Cat’s visit to a school for children with developmental disabilities. You will love her tale of how the healing purr works magic.




How Smart Is Your Cat? – Pet MD

ginger tabby reading book with glassesOk, I admit it, I was deeply offended by this headline but then the human told me to check my catitude and purruse the article a bit further and I’m glad I did. There’s lots of good info here people and the article explains our brains and provides some interesting tidbits…like did you know that cats dream?


Crash Test Kitty Help Saves Lives – Conscious Cat

crash test kitty with canine friendNow before you go getting your tail in a twist, this is not a real kitty but this faux feline does save lives. My feline friends, have you ever wondered about that carrier that you are often unceremoniously stuffed into? Did you think, “Gee, I hope this thing is safe”. Well there are people who think about that all the time and they use the crash test kitty to make sure all of us felines are safe. (Note, crash test kitty is on the right, the canine is an anonymous friend)



The Top Ten States for Cat Lovers – Estately

sign says keep calm and love catsNow this really has me concerned. After checking the map, every state surrounding us is evidently a cat lover state, but not ours!  The Tribe of Five is seriously considering petitioning the humans for a move. North, south, east or west is fine, just a state that is a designated cat lover state!  Is your state a cat loving state?