Walk Through the Web Wednesday 9/7

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines
Hello Friends,
Furry, feathered and otherwise. Alberto here with my weekly purrrrusal of the web. I found some great links and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sparkle Cat -Resisting the Piece de Resitance

Sparkle Cat in a mardi gras costumeMy first pick is from the gorgeous and world-renown fashionista feline-Sparkle Cat. In the humble opinion of this young (and very handsome)  cat, Miss Sparkle is a beauty (although I am also greatly enamored with Coco the Couture Cat as well). In this blog entry, Sparkle shows her sense of humor and reminds us that even famous cats have to dry the line somewhere!



Chirpy Cats – Caturday Art, The Cat and the Printer

cat attacking a printerGeorge the cat makes some very good points about living with the bothersome and noisy machine the humans call the “printer” and which George refers to as the “purrrrinter”. The humans seem to have some sort of love of machines that annoy (or terrify) felines. I myself could write a soliloquy about the “vacuum monster”: and the fear it strikes in the hearts of The Tribe of Five.


Mudpie Interviews Sula, the Old Mission San Juan Bautista Cat

I’m very impressed with Mudpie’s interview techniques. I always appreciate a feline journalist that presents a story in an interesting and compelling way. I purred with joy after reading this beautiful interview. Sula is one amazing feline. She’s had cancer twice and survived and now has the title of “Comforter-in-Chief at the mission. Her job is to provide a loving feline touch for anyone there who is in need of it. I know many cats with jobs but Sula has a very special one. And, Sula has a book entitled, “Surviving Cancer, Healing People, One Cat’s Story”. I can’t wait to have my human read it to me!


The Way of Cats…Will He Miss Me?

The female human has been listening to the podcasts of this lady for quite some time and she’s learned quite a bit about the complicated feline mind. I liked this post because it talks about how we felines feel when someone we love goes away. We are complicated creatures!


Well, that’s it for this Wednesday. ‘Hope you enjoy my selections.

Your Friend,

Walk Through the Web Wednesday

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline OpinesAlberto here. It’s my favorite day of the week (well, except maybe for Caturday). I have pawed through all the listings my minion…errr assistant presented to me and have chosen my top five blog posts. Without furrrrr-ther ado, I present them to you now. Enjoy and may all your days be purrry.
Your Friend,

The first post comes from 15 and Meowing…..“Are You A Good Mouser?”

Jacke the tabby cat sitting in catnip in the gardenThe humans at our house are always grumbling about the money they spend on the Tribe of Five and often threaten to find us jobs. Well, my feline friends, here’s a chance to prove your worth to the humans in cold, hard cash! $500.00 cash for the top cat mouser! Just have the humans take a video of you mouse hunting but hurry, contest deadline is Sept. 15. We think our cousin Jake (photo at left) should enter. Our aunt calls him a “weapon of mouse destruction”. I would suggest,Cuz, that you spend a little less time in the catnip and a little more time honing  your craft.

Chirpy Cats has a great post about multiple cat dynamics….The Scent of Harmony, The Grooming Cat. 

ChirpyCatsThe Tribe of Five has some grooming rituals but we never realized there was intention in the way that happens. And, with a Tribe of Five, sometimes there’s a little issue with the harmony so this article was very helpful!  Chirpy Cats say that “In every multi-cat household there is that one cat that unwittingly performs a very important task – sharing and maintaining the communal scent of the whole group through grooming.” Now the humans are watching us like hawks trying to figure out who that designated feline is in our Tribe!

Three Chatty Cats has a wonderful story about the human-feline bond entitled, A Tale of Two Kitties by Jacques Bouchard

I’m a sucker for a good, heartwarming story and this one is just that. If you ever had any doubt that we felines can impact the lives of you humans in a big way, this story will convince you. I know how much our humans have learned from the felines who went before us and I like to hear them speak fondly of Miss. P and Buster. We kitties have an important part to play in the lives of our humans!


Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat ‘s new discussion, They’ve Landed is kinda’ scary

BearCatMomma Kat and Bear Cat are always having conversations about all kinds of stuff. This one was a little freaky as Bear is insistent that there are aliens in the house and their home base is the dishwasher. Now Oliver and I have often wondered if some of those loud machines in our house are alien habitats so as soon as the human finished reading this to me I did a complete alien sweep of the house! (Suggest you do the same.)

Traveling Cats has an amazing tale of The Cat From Gimmelwald (Switzerland)

gimmelwald_switzerland_mountainsNow, I am great with leading my humans down the stairs, up the stairs and into the bathroom but this cat gives leading a whole new meaning. She’s a local mountain guide cat and she recently made world-wide news when she guided a lost hiker down the mountain. Wow, you go little tapfere Katze. (the female human says this means brave cat in German)