Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 7/27

“There is etiquette and then there are rules, rules that might be construed as draconian. “


Hello Furiends!
This week The Tribe decided to share some of the rules that exist in our house and how we feel about them. We did write a book called, “Felines Opine on Etiquette, What Humans Need to Know About Guests, Cat Sitting and Furniture” but it’s become evident lately that the issue of rules needs to be addressed as well.

We assume that your humans have rules for your home. Some of them are meant to keep us safe, like the rule that says “Don’t leave the front door open” but many are oppressive and inhibit a feline’s right to live their best life. We are going to share a few of our rules with you and why those specific rules are made to be broken.

Stay off the dining room table

Full disclosure is needed here. The Human had the house designed so that the dining room (and the dining room table) are across from the glass sliders to the upstairs deck. What is a cat to do but to disobey this stupid rule?

Leave the puzzle alone

This is technically an offshoot of the “stay off the table rule” acknowledging the fact that humans hate it when you swat some of their puzzle pieces on the floor and then hide them throughout the house. Note The Human’s attempt to protect the puzzle. Epic fail!

Stay off the kitchen counters

There are so many variations of the reason why this rule is impossible to follow. If The Human insists on putting the cat grass on the window sill how are we supposed to access it? And once we’re up there, curious creatures that we are, we are known to wander around to monitor the kitchen goings on.

Stay out of the refrigerator

Okay, I do see the reasoning behind this but you can’t blame a cat for trying!

Don’t drink water from the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, flower vase or the shower.

I think the photos speak for themselves here.

And last but not least, the random places our house rules say we should not climb into, on top of etc., yeah, those rules get broken too.

In conclusion my dear furiends I urge you to evaluate any rules in your house and before you blindly obey, make sure the humans have considered your needs as well.

And now on to this week’s feline news.

I travel the world with three cats on my shoulders

Spongecake, Donut and Mocha are adventure-loving cats who are also world travelers. Their human, Dan Nguyen started filming their adventures and has now created a  TikTok account where  you can follow their adventures.

Cats and their humans fall in love with the Stray video game

Oh my whiskers, you can’t go anywhere on the web without reading about the Stray video game.

Aside from the reviews that say the game is fun, there is a way for humans to edit the game so that their own cats are featured. Now I am not a very techy feline and sadly, The Human gave away our Play Station a while back so I can’t provide you a first hand report. I do know that that the game is about a pet cat who has lost their way in a vast, grimy cityscape full of droids and dangerous creatures. The poor feline is trying to find it’s way home.  

There have been some fun results from the love of this game. Videos of cats watching the action unfold, clawing at the screen and interacting with the game have amassed thousands of likes and views online. 

Then there are the inventive shelter folks who have Shelters and foster organizations who have figured out that that using a Twitch channel and a twitter account to bring awareness to the needs of their felines and to raise funds.

I love when shelters are creative and using this game is very creative. If any of you have humans who have played the game, meow about it and let me know what you think about it.

Cat reaches into every cage at the vet to pet the animals

The feline staff members of this veterinary clinic (all rescue cats) are excellent care givers. This video shows one of the staff cats training the other felines in the art of patient care.

You can follow these amazing working cats on their many social media platforms. Paws up for these dedicated working cats!

Scruffy looking cat turns into blue-eyed beauty

Oh my whiskers, I love a happy ending and this is the happiest. The best part of the video is when Malcolm gets into his human’s arms and purrs for the first time. You can follow Malcolm on TikTok.

Cats in winter – and in water

Photo: Stuff.co.nz

While some of us in the good old US of A are suffering through a heat wave there are areas of the world that are experiencing winter. I thought I’d share some cooling photos of felines who are enjoying (or enduring) snow and water.

As my regular readers may know, I choose pawsitive stories for my news feature but it seems like wherever I sent my researcher to find this week’s news, we saw the headlines for the Polish Institute. I refuse to give their scurrilous classification any time on this blog but I am posting a photo of my reaction to their “findings”.

We are NOT an alien invasive species so pffffttt to you!

Walk Through the Web Wed. 11/9

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Well hello friends, furry and otherwise,
I hope you enjoy my selections this week, you’ll meet some interesting felines and learn about a product that will revolutionize the cocktail hour in every home.

And don’t forget, if you have a great story you’d like me to share on my  Walk Through the Web Wednesday segments, just give me a meow and leave a comment.
Your Friend,

Love Meow – Jack the Store Cat

jakethestorecatxThe owners of a wine store met a feline and thought they would find him a home. The feline, named Jake, had other ideas. He loved the store so much, he’s now the “Meow-an-ager”. Now, before you get on your high horse and decry the fact that this cat has a job, it was his choice and Jake holds court at his store, seeing his admiring public (many bearing gifts) on a daily basis. Two paws up for Jake who landed himself a cushy life.


The Daily Mail – Cat Wine

gray cat next to a bottle of cat wineWhile I’m on the subject of wine….Jake might recommend these libations to his feline customers. Cats can choose from a nice Pinot-Mewo or a MosCATo from Apollo Peak.  If you think this is a joke, you’re partly correct. That’s how the whole idea started but now the wine is sold world-wide. And before  you worry that this is not a good idea for felines, the creator of Cat Wine used to work in the pet food industry so he understands the fine feline palate.
Can’t wait for the weekend when the humans and I can share a cocktail.

The Animal Rescue Site – Jingles the Cat Runs a Colorado Town

a gray cat that works in True value hardware in Crested Butte, ColoradoWhen you visit the True Value hardware store in Crested Butte, Colorado you may meet Jingles surveying his domain. Technically,. Jingles is a working cat but his job description is much more lofty than “store employee”. His influence in the community is such that his birthday has been declared a holiday. Way to go Jingles!


Traveling Cats – The Cat From Petra (Jordan)

orange tabby guards the ancient city of PetraI’ve heard of shop cats, library cats, railroad station cats and even felines with political positions but I’ve never heard of a cat that guards an ancient and important place, until I heard about an orange Tabby who guards the ancient pink city of Petra in Jordan. The folks from Far Away At Home met this fine fellow on a trip there. Take a look at his photo, I think he has sort of a mystical look that’s perfect for guarding ancient relics.


Walk Through the Web Wednesday

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline OpinesAlberto here. It’s my favorite day of the week (well, except maybe for Caturday). I have pawed through all the listings my minion…errr assistant presented to me and have chosen my top five blog posts. Without furrrrr-ther ado, I present them to you now. Enjoy and may all your days be purrry.
Your Friend,

The first post comes from 15 and Meowing…..“Are You A Good Mouser?”

Jacke the tabby cat sitting in catnip in the gardenThe humans at our house are always grumbling about the money they spend on the Tribe of Five and often threaten to find us jobs. Well, my feline friends, here’s a chance to prove your worth to the humans in cold, hard cash! $500.00 cash for the top cat mouser! Just have the humans take a video of you mouse hunting but hurry, contest deadline is Sept. 15. We think our cousin Jake (photo at left) should enter. Our aunt calls him a “weapon of mouse destruction”. I would suggest,Cuz, that you spend a little less time in the catnip and a little more time honing  your craft.

Chirpy Cats has a great post about multiple cat dynamics….The Scent of Harmony, The Grooming Cat. 

ChirpyCatsThe Tribe of Five has some grooming rituals but we never realized there was intention in the way that happens. And, with a Tribe of Five, sometimes there’s a little issue with the harmony so this article was very helpful!  Chirpy Cats say that “In every multi-cat household there is that one cat that unwittingly performs a very important task – sharing and maintaining the communal scent of the whole group through grooming.” Now the humans are watching us like hawks trying to figure out who that designated feline is in our Tribe!

Three Chatty Cats has a wonderful story about the human-feline bond entitled, A Tale of Two Kitties by Jacques Bouchard

I’m a sucker for a good, heartwarming story and this one is just that. If you ever had any doubt that we felines can impact the lives of you humans in a big way, this story will convince you. I know how much our humans have learned from the felines who went before us and I like to hear them speak fondly of Miss. P and Buster. We kitties have an important part to play in the lives of our humans!


Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat ‘s new discussion, They’ve Landed is kinda’ scary

BearCatMomma Kat and Bear Cat are always having conversations about all kinds of stuff. This one was a little freaky as Bear is insistent that there are aliens in the house and their home base is the dishwasher. Now Oliver and I have often wondered if some of those loud machines in our house are alien habitats so as soon as the human finished reading this to me I did a complete alien sweep of the house! (Suggest you do the same.)

Traveling Cats has an amazing tale of The Cat From Gimmelwald (Switzerland)

gimmelwald_switzerland_mountainsNow, I am great with leading my humans down the stairs, up the stairs and into the bathroom but this cat gives leading a whole new meaning. She’s a local mountain guide cat and she recently made world-wide news when she guided a lost hiker down the mountain. Wow, you go little tapfere Katze. (the female human says this means brave cat in German)

Walk Through the Web Wednesday

Hello World,
siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline OpinesAlberto here. It’s my favorite day of the week as I get to share with you some of the fantastic feline related things I’ve found on the web. Without further ado, here is this week’s #WalkThroughTheWebWednesday selections.

Kittens Who Blog-Sending Feline Messages
This made my human smile, and me, as well. I think it’s a great idea to receive messages from your human throughout the day.

Travelling Cats – Tokyo Cats Live La Vida Loca
Marc from Katzenworld reports on one of the most amazing cat cafe’s in Japan.

Catster “Five Ways My Friends Should Act More Like My Cats”
Humans, pay close attention to this one. The human writer here nails it!

CatGrassThe Daily Cat-Is Grass Healthy For Your Cat?
The Tribe of Five are grass aficionados and I was very interested to read what The Daily Cat had to say on this subject.

The Kitten Covers 
As those of you who follow our blog know, we are a mewsical bunch. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found this site  by Alfra Martini that features “legendary albums from a world dominated by kittens.” Rock on!famous album covers with kittens

Well,. that’s it for this week. Remember, if you find something you think is “Wednesday Worthy” send me a link and I’ll have my purrrsonal assistant check it out for me!

Your Friend,