Moving Past The Great Barricade


Hello Felines and Friends of Felines,
Jasmine here. My friend (or more accurately “frenimy”), Lily posted about the “Great Barricade” and I thought I would give you an update. (If you haven’t read the reason for the barricade or my self-imposed exile, you can learn about it here.

I began to feel safer and the humans opened the gate (of The Great Barricade) in the mornings. I manged several forays through the house, sat in the kitchen window and munched some wheatgrass, headed downstairs and inspected the TV room and the human’s office space. Those were a glorious few days but then Lily began to figure out my schedule and she’d wait around the corner for me to step out of the bedroom and she’d chase me back in the room.

The humans are quite distraught about this (especially the female human). I heard them talking about something called “space switching” not sure that is and not sure if I will like it.

IMG_1351[1]There has been one interesting development. The humans have added two shelter kittens to our family. They are very tiny. One is named Alberto (Contador) after the famous Spanish cyclist because he races around the house like he’s competing in the Tour de France.  Alberto (or Al) is a pretty good guy (as far as kittens are concerned). The other one, Oliver (Twist) is named because his main focus in life is eating and, if he spoke English, he’d hold out his cat bowl and say, “More cat food please”. He’s also fairly congenial as well.  The interesting thing about these kittens are that they are brothers. Evidently this is something the humans understand but I find quite perplexing.OliverUnderTable

The female human has introduced both these little whippersnappers to me and after the obligatory hissing conversations, I believe they have acknowledged my place as Alpha female and I think we just might be friends (or benevolent ruler and subjects).   As you can see from the photo below, Oliver and I are sharing some morning conversation in my domain.

So dear friends (human and feline), although we’ve had some setbacks, the “Great Barrier” has proven to be a good thing as I can now look into the hallway and hear the sounds of every day life in the household. I (and the humans) are hoping that Lily will become so intrigued by the kittens that she will forget all about me and I will, one day soon, be sashaying around the house like the good old days.


The Great Barricade

Dear Humans,



Lily here. After our human shared Amelia’s story I thought I would chime in and continue the story of the ongoing efforts to reintegrate Jasmine into our house.

Jasmine retreated to my human’s bedroom after her unfortunate experience with Amelia. She has remained there for the last year.


Tucker is nice but he only likes to cuddle with the humans and since I am an equal opportunity cuddler I am missing a feline cuddle buddy. Unfortunately, every time I’m allowed in the bedroom Jasmine freaks out and hides under the bed for hours. My human’s have tried many things to reintroduce Jasmine back into the house, swapping our spaces, bringing me in the bedroom while one human holds me and one holds Jasmine. They have had nominal success but no breakthroughs.

This week the humans have implemented The Great Barrier.  It’s a white jail like thing that in theory allows Jasmine to see outside the bedroom and allows me to see Jasmine inside the bedroom without me invading her space. “In theory” is the operative phrase. The first trial run was a disaster from the humans point of view as I was able to squeeze myself through the white bars with little effort (being a skinny kitty has it’s advantages).

Phase two was clear taping the barrier. This was more effective but I still found a way to squeeze through the taped areas. The female human approaced this second breach with the enthusiasm and mindset of a CSI agent, examining the tape for cat hair to determine where I had made my successful break in.  This is how the barricade looks now.

As you may have noticed, there is a considerable gap on either side that can easily acccomodate a slender feline such as myself.  Note to humans, your work is not done.

The humans, to their credit,  did realize that the position of the hallway cabinet provided a perfect “leaping opportunity” and attemptd to block my access to the bedroom (attempt being the operative word).

Patting themselves on the back and assuming that the barrier was secure  they flung open the door  to the bedroom, coaxed Jasmine to sit on the bedroom chair and enjoy her new, safe access  to the sounds and life of the house. It took me 15  mminutes to breach  the barrrier and enter  Jasmine’s  territory. The humans didn’t count on me weaving myself through the cabinet “barrier” and leaping over the barricade.

The humans are working diligently again to shore up the barricade in the ongoing effort to  bring Jasmine back into the household. I hope they figure it out soon because as nice as Tucker is, the big guy has little interest  in playing. His favorite  pastimes are sleeping and eating.

So my feline friends, if you have any suggestions for my  humans to bring our feline family back together, please let me know. In the meantime I will post about our progress or perhaps Jasmine will chime in and provide her point of view.

Until next time,