Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 10/05

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
Fall is here and we love the cozy weather, especially when The Human comes home and turns on the fireplace for us for a little while.

The Human bought us a drinking fountain. Lily and I are cutting it a wide swath but it’s early days yet and frankly, I don’t see the need to drink from that thing when I have The Human trained to turn on the bathroom faucet for me. Oliver is an early adaptor and he was the first to check it out and and he drinks out of it. Lily and I are in “wait and see” mode.

Speaking of The Human, she had some work to do at home and I love helping her. Here’s a little slide show about my position as her purrsonal assistant.

The Human asked Lily if she’d model her new collar (made from kimono fabric) since we talked about it last week. Lily took the meowdeling session quite seriously.

And then there’s the magical day that The Human caught Ollie and I snuggling Lily (we rarely allow any photos of these events).

And finally, one of the rarest photos of all, all three of us in one shot!

Well, that’s it for the happenings in our neck of the woods. And now the news.

Michigan man’s cats are tallest and have longest tail in the world, Guinness World Records says

Oliver wanted to use this news item to campaign to end his D-I-E-T but after purrusing the story I had to give him the sad news that “biggest” as described in this article is not girth, but length and height.

Two cats who live in Detroit have received the Guinness World Records declaration as the tallest and longest feline tail

Will Powers who owns the cats has a history of having big felines. Two of his previous cats hold the all-time records for tallest cat and cat with the longest tail before both perished in a fire. 

Now, Fenrir Antares Powers which is a Savannah breed, and Altair Cygnus Powers which is a Maine Coon breed, have taken over the record of the largest living cats in terms of height and tail length.

“Call him the Big Chungus or the Chonk, he just grew and grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog,” Powers said in an interview with Guinness World Records, talking about Fenrir. 

Fenrir is 18.83 inches tall. He comes from a long line of massive house cats and is the current record holder for tallest living cat. Powers says he is very loving, very outgoing, and he’s often used as a therapy animal at Powers pet rescue.

He also has a voracious appetite and is known for grabbing food off the counter – something only a cat with his size could pull off. He can even open doors when he wants to walk through the home. 

The other cat, Altair is also called ‘The Floofus” due to his long and very fluffy tail which measures at 16.07 inches. His personality is a bit different from the other five cats that live with Powers. He loves cuddles and being held.

Maine Coon cats reach their maximum growth at age 5, Altair is not 5 yet so who knows how long his tail will end up being.  

We have asked The Human to get out the tape measure and see how tall we are and how long our tails are. We’ll report back next week.

Tiny kitten in Sarasota, Florida, is a Hurricane Ian survivor as shelter misses worst of storm

There are many stories of wonderful humans caring for and saving kitties during and after Hurricane Ian. We especially liked this story. A small staff  at an animal shelter in Sarasota, Florida, managed to take care of over 100 cats and a four-day-old kitten even in the midst of the horrible storm,.

At Cat Depot in Sarasota, staff members hunkered down inside the shelter overnight as wind banged at their windows amid the hurricane. Some water did make its way inside the building. One of the workers said, “[It was] dripping off … and then collecting it into the litter box at the bottom,”

The people there mopped and cleaned all night.  The center has a steel roof which is great for surviving a hurricane but lousy for peace and quiet and the cats were bombarded with much noise. The cats had places to hide and the staff put up sound adsorbing material to counter the noise.

Insulation on the roof partly came off, some items inside like dishes and laundry facilities were lost and the hot water and power in the building went out. Needless to say the staff got little-to-no sleep the night Ian hit.

Cat Depot also opened its building to the public if anyone wanted to drop off their animals as they braced for the storm. They are hoping to reopen on Saturday

The nonprofit relies on community donations and volunteers, and the cleanup process takes all hands on deck. The staff is grateful they missed the worst of Ian — and that all the animals are safe. Paws Up to these wonderful humans!!

Whiskers & Wine has been promoted as the first full-service cat lounge, bar and restaurant in America

As soon as we found this article, The Human said, “sign me up”. The owner of Whiskers and Wine, Nicole Smith said her vision was to build a place for the community to gather, while having food and drinks, surrounded by adoptable cats. With specialty cocktails like Jaz’s Pearfect Meowtini, Nick’s Whiskey Meower and the Peach Pussycat, the space is dedicated to felines down to the decor and the rooftop lounge where cats can catch some sun.

The cats come from Saving One Life, an animal rescue group dedicated to giving shelter and medical care to stray, abandoned and surrendered felines until they find permanent adoptive homes.

Just to make sure that people don’t get tipsy and decide to take a cat home rightaway there’s an adoption application to make sure that the kitties go to furever homes.

All the food and drinks are prepared behind glass, and there is a separate area where guests can watch the cats, but almost everyone enjoys the up-close company of cats.

The Human says this is her purrfect idea of a date, too bad it’s too far to get to San Diego from Northern Idaho!

It only costs $30 to reserve your cat therapy session and you can spend 90 minutes hanging out with the cats while enjoying food and drinks. Meowza, what a fun time! If any of our furiends live in San Diego and visit Whiskers & Wine, meow at us and let us know what  you thought.

Big dog obsessed with cats gets his own feline

Archie the Samoyed is so obsessed with cats that he insists on greeting every feline he sees. Even when he’s at doggy daycare surrounded by other dogs, he begs to go outside to watch the cats for hours on end, which they call his “Cat TV.” His humans finally caved and got Archie his very own kitten. .It took  B the kitten a little time to get used to Archie, but now they go on walks together and cuddle as well. To keep up with Archie & B, follow along on TikTok https://thedo.do/archieandbTT

“Headless” cats win photo award

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards has announced the winners of the 2022 competition with top honors going to Kenichi Morinaga with his photo of two cats sitting on a fence that makes them appear as if they are headlessly conjoined.

The photo, titled Boom! Boom! depicts a cartoon-like connection of two cats, beat out about 2,000 other entries to take the top prize, some of which were shown in the list of finalists published in July. The photographer is from Japan and says he enjoys visiting the small islands around his country and taking photos of the street cats he finds there.

This photo was also picked as the winner of the Best Cat photo category, took home the £2,000 cash prize, plus a £5,000 donation from Animal Friends Pet Insurance that goes to an animal welfare or conservation charity of his choice.

He says that after much deliberation, he decided to make his donation to The Cat Welfare Group, an organization based on the U.K’s South Coast that helps rescue and re-home stray and abandoned cats.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards says that judging this year was the closest it has ever seen, with just 10 points separating the top six places and seven different countries were represented in the Category Winners, which are listed below.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 9/28

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
Fall is arriving in our neck of the woods and Oliver is looking forward to sitting on the back of the sofa and chasing leaves across the large Livingroom windows (it will be a while before that happens though).

When Lily went in for her dental surgery, the vet and The Human realized that her collar had rubbed the fur off around her neck. Lily went collarless until the fur grew back while The Human searched high and low for the purrfect collar, which she found. The collar is light, made from kimono material and doesn’t rub Lily at all. Lily likes it and the human once again can keep track of Lily’s comings and goings. The Human knows the sound of each of our collar bells which means we can’t get away with anything!

Lily’s new collar purchased at Amazon
The collar is light and doesn’t rub.

Aside from Lily’s collar things are pretty much the same here, although Oliver’s food fanaticism is ramping up. We put this little video together to show what “poor” Oliver deals with on a daily basis.

And that leads me to the next part of our post……the news!

AI-Powered Litterbox System Offers New Standard of Care for Cat Owners

If you’re like our Human, trying to figure out everyone’s health via the litter box can be a nightmare. Purina Petcare has launched the Petivity Smart Litterbox system with a smart phone app and litterbox monitor that will tracks behavioral data that allow humans to care for their felines.  Purina Petcare is touting this as a new standard of care that uses artificial intelligence to learn each cat’s litterbox patterns and identify subtle but meaningful changes in weigh, frequency,waste type and elimination schedule.

The system detects meaningful changes that indicate a veterinary visit may be needed and sends an alert through the app.

The box can be used with up to three cats and is marketed as allowing pet owners to play a more proactive role in the health of their felines. The system is available for purchase at petivity.com for $199.99. 

Mandarin Monday: Roaring Iron? Foot Long Jade? How Ancient Chinese Named Their Cats

According to historical records and archaeological discoveries, ancient Chinese kept cats far back into history. Once the Silk Road was established during the West Han Dynasty, a variety of feline species came to China and began mating, resulting in more diverse local breeds.

Cats were originally trained as rat hunters and were only later revered for their purrsonaities and over time, developed unusual names for their felines.

Chinese Li Hua/ Dragon Li
This cat is a local pedigree with a long history in China and has won international recognition.  It’s a lively breed and an excellent rat hunter. Those with yellow and orange fur are called jú māo Orange Cat or Big Orange and are known by their ravenous appetites and chubby physiques.  

Lin Qing Lion Cat
It is a hybrid breed that has ancestors from both the blue-eyed Persian cat and yellow-eyed local cats of Shandong Province. The cats with both yellow and blue eyes are rarer to find but also a signature trait of this breed. In a document from 1934, Lin Qing Lion Cat was listed as a local specialty, and some of the names of fur colors that show up later were originally invented specifically for this breed.

Zhou Four Ears Cat
Four Ears cats call Szechuan Province – especially the city Jian home. They got their name because compared to other species, their ear flaps are more prominent and were even recognized as a separate set of ears in the past. Four Ears cats were considered to be the divine cat and can be found among the tributes to the emperor.


Ancient Chinese tended to name things with poetic names, and the color of their feline friends’ fur was no different. Here, I’ve collected some of the more interesting ones.

Good for all seasons
This is the name for monotone cats, and for each different color, there is a corresponding name. For instance, the pure white ones are usually called chǐ yù or xiāo fēi liàn which means “a foot long jade” and “flying white silk in the night,” respectively. The pitch-black cats are referred to as wūyún bào cloudy panther or xiào tiě roaring iron, while the fully yellow felines are called jīn sī hǔ the golden tiger.

Hold the butterfly/cicada in the mouth
These two names are used to refer to two totally opposite-looking cats. The former one is for the black cat that only has a small cluster of white fur around its mouth, while the latter one is for the white cat that has black fur in the same area.

Embroider Tiger
White cats with yellow or orange dots on its fur.

The general who bears a seal
White cats with a patch of yellow fur on their back usually get this name, as if they were generals picked by the emperor for the domestic rat-hunting war. The ones with the yellow patch on the top of their heads have an even more specific name: jiāngjūn guà yìn the general hangs the seal on its head.

Black jade with a hanging pearl
In a rare case, you may encounter a black cat whose tip of the tail is powdered with pure white.

Stepping on the snow to look for the wintersweet
This is the black cat that wears tiny white socks when they are born.

Dark clouds above the snow
If a cat is pitch black when looking from above but pure white when you see it from its belly, then it will get this name.

Golden quilt, silver bed
Cats that are yellow on the back but have a white belly and limp.

Drag a spear in the snow
The white cat who has a black tail.

Golden hairpin in the silver vase
The white cat who has a yellow tail.

Needle hides in the ink
The black cat who has a white tail.

Whip the silk ball
This name was invented for white cats that have “the seal” on their head or back and also have a different color tail. The whip refers to their tails while the silk ball means the seal on their backs. It can also be drag the spear with the seal on its head or back.

The silk rolling on the ground/ Hawksbill
There are some cats that have mottled fur combining all three colors, which makes them look like a piece of shiny fabric stained with dirt, or a hawksbill, a kind of turtle whose shell shares a similar color as this breed of cats. If this type of mottled fur only appears around the mouth and head, the cats can be called roaring rosy clouds.

There you go, a whole list of names for your next kitten.

Nicolas Cage Loves His Cat. The Internet Was Made for This Moment

Nicolas Cage has a cat and now they’ve inspired an art exhibit.  

The art will be displayed at CatCon, from Oct. 1-2 in Pasadena, California.

Seven artists are bringing their brushstrokes and pixels to CatCon for Uncaged: The Unbearable Weight of Genius Cat Art.

The art in Uncaged will be on sale both in person at Cat Con and online via Cat Art Show. Ten percent of proceeds will benefit three cat-related charities, with this new Cage-cat genre hopefully benefitting all of meme-kind.

Oil Paintings of Cats Stealing Food Throughout Art History

If you enjoy those funny social media memes of cat’s cat-napping human food don’t think this is a new phenomenon. The Twitter account, Cats of Yore points out that felines have been stealing food for centuries.,

The Cats of Yore account was created by Molly Hodgdon, and one of her favorite sub-genres of art is Cats Stealing Food in Still Life Paintings,” she writes in the first tweet. “It’s so wonderfully disrespectful. So here is a thread celebrating the need for snacks triumphing over art.”

Head on over to Twitter to see all the featured paintings and remember, when we swipe something tasty from your table, we’re only carrying on a centuries old tradition.