Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 9/28

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,
Fall is arriving in our neck of the woods and Oliver is looking forward to sitting on the back of the sofa and chasing leaves across the large Livingroom windows (it will be a while before that happens though).

When Lily went in for her dental surgery, the vet and The Human realized that her collar had rubbed the fur off around her neck. Lily went collarless until the fur grew back while The Human searched high and low for the purrfect collar, which she found. The collar is light, made from kimono material and doesn’t rub Lily at all. Lily likes it and the human once again can keep track of Lily’s comings and goings. The Human knows the sound of each of our collar bells which means we can’t get away with anything!

Lily’s new collar purchased at Amazon
The collar is light and doesn’t rub.

Aside from Lily’s collar things are pretty much the same here, although Oliver’s food fanaticism is ramping up. We put this little video together to show what “poor” Oliver deals with on a daily basis.

And that leads me to the next part of our post……the news!

AI-Powered Litterbox System Offers New Standard of Care for Cat Owners

If you’re like our Human, trying to figure out everyone’s health via the litter box can be a nightmare. Purina Petcare has launched the Petivity Smart Litterbox system with a smart phone app and litterbox monitor that will tracks behavioral data that allow humans to care for their felines.  Purina Petcare is touting this as a new standard of care that uses artificial intelligence to learn each cat’s litterbox patterns and identify subtle but meaningful changes in weigh, frequency,waste type and elimination schedule.

The system detects meaningful changes that indicate a veterinary visit may be needed and sends an alert through the app.

The box can be used with up to three cats and is marketed as allowing pet owners to play a more proactive role in the health of their felines. The system is available for purchase at petivity.com for $199.99. 

Mandarin Monday: Roaring Iron? Foot Long Jade? How Ancient Chinese Named Their Cats

According to historical records and archaeological discoveries, ancient Chinese kept cats far back into history. Once the Silk Road was established during the West Han Dynasty, a variety of feline species came to China and began mating, resulting in more diverse local breeds.

Cats were originally trained as rat hunters and were only later revered for their purrsonaities and over time, developed unusual names for their felines.

Chinese Li Hua/ Dragon Li
This cat is a local pedigree with a long history in China and has won international recognition.  It’s a lively breed and an excellent rat hunter. Those with yellow and orange fur are called jú māo Orange Cat or Big Orange and are known by their ravenous appetites and chubby physiques.  

Lin Qing Lion Cat
It is a hybrid breed that has ancestors from both the blue-eyed Persian cat and yellow-eyed local cats of Shandong Province. The cats with both yellow and blue eyes are rarer to find but also a signature trait of this breed. In a document from 1934, Lin Qing Lion Cat was listed as a local specialty, and some of the names of fur colors that show up later were originally invented specifically for this breed.

Zhou Four Ears Cat
Four Ears cats call Szechuan Province – especially the city Jian home. They got their name because compared to other species, their ear flaps are more prominent and were even recognized as a separate set of ears in the past. Four Ears cats were considered to be the divine cat and can be found among the tributes to the emperor.


Ancient Chinese tended to name things with poetic names, and the color of their feline friends’ fur was no different. Here, I’ve collected some of the more interesting ones.

Good for all seasons
This is the name for monotone cats, and for each different color, there is a corresponding name. For instance, the pure white ones are usually called chǐ yù or xiāo fēi liàn which means “a foot long jade” and “flying white silk in the night,” respectively. The pitch-black cats are referred to as wūyún bào cloudy panther or xiào tiě roaring iron, while the fully yellow felines are called jīn sī hǔ the golden tiger.

Hold the butterfly/cicada in the mouth
These two names are used to refer to two totally opposite-looking cats. The former one is for the black cat that only has a small cluster of white fur around its mouth, while the latter one is for the white cat that has black fur in the same area.

Embroider Tiger
White cats with yellow or orange dots on its fur.

The general who bears a seal
White cats with a patch of yellow fur on their back usually get this name, as if they were generals picked by the emperor for the domestic rat-hunting war. The ones with the yellow patch on the top of their heads have an even more specific name: jiāngjūn guà yìn the general hangs the seal on its head.

Black jade with a hanging pearl
In a rare case, you may encounter a black cat whose tip of the tail is powdered with pure white.

Stepping on the snow to look for the wintersweet
This is the black cat that wears tiny white socks when they are born.

Dark clouds above the snow
If a cat is pitch black when looking from above but pure white when you see it from its belly, then it will get this name.

Golden quilt, silver bed
Cats that are yellow on the back but have a white belly and limp.

Drag a spear in the snow
The white cat who has a black tail.

Golden hairpin in the silver vase
The white cat who has a yellow tail.

Needle hides in the ink
The black cat who has a white tail.

Whip the silk ball
This name was invented for white cats that have “the seal” on their head or back and also have a different color tail. The whip refers to their tails while the silk ball means the seal on their backs. It can also be drag the spear with the seal on its head or back.

The silk rolling on the ground/ Hawksbill
There are some cats that have mottled fur combining all three colors, which makes them look like a piece of shiny fabric stained with dirt, or a hawksbill, a kind of turtle whose shell shares a similar color as this breed of cats. If this type of mottled fur only appears around the mouth and head, the cats can be called roaring rosy clouds.

There you go, a whole list of names for your next kitten.

Nicolas Cage Loves His Cat. The Internet Was Made for This Moment

Nicolas Cage has a cat and now they’ve inspired an art exhibit.  

The art will be displayed at CatCon, from Oct. 1-2 in Pasadena, California.

Seven artists are bringing their brushstrokes and pixels to CatCon for Uncaged: The Unbearable Weight of Genius Cat Art.

The art in Uncaged will be on sale both in person at Cat Con and online via Cat Art Show. Ten percent of proceeds will benefit three cat-related charities, with this new Cage-cat genre hopefully benefitting all of meme-kind.

Oil Paintings of Cats Stealing Food Throughout Art History

If you enjoy those funny social media memes of cat’s cat-napping human food don’t think this is a new phenomenon. The Twitter account, Cats of Yore points out that felines have been stealing food for centuries.,

The Cats of Yore account was created by Molly Hodgdon, and one of her favorite sub-genres of art is Cats Stealing Food in Still Life Paintings,” she writes in the first tweet. “It’s so wonderfully disrespectful. So here is a thread celebrating the need for snacks triumphing over art.”

Head on over to Twitter to see all the featured paintings and remember, when we swipe something tasty from your table, we’re only carrying on a centuries old tradition.

Walk Through The Web Wednesday 4/20

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Happy Wednesday Furiends,
The sun is shining here and The Tribe is stretched out enjoying the many sun puddles. This week was a bit……interesting. The Human took us to our yearly wellness exams. Due to our size, she prefers to take us individually. Luckily we live only a few minutes from the stabby place so two appointments work.

Oliver went first. To be honest, I’m a bit annoyed at hearing about what a good boy Ollie was. The human dressed him in his new halter and leash and he was able to avoid the dreaded cat bag. She loaded the cat stroller in the car, Oliver hopped in the passenger seat of the car and off they went. When they got to the stabby place she rolled the stroller around to his side of the car, picked him up, set him inside, zipped it up and off they went. All bloodwork has come back good and healthy but there was one little glitch.

“It all started out fine but then Dr. Ponsness had The Human seat me on the bench and they proceeded to talk about me. The content of that conversation as a bit horrifying.”
“So I’m 22 pounds. More of me to love. Doctor, do you not see how handsome I am?”
“Wait, what?! A D-I-E-T? Cut back on the kibble. Whoa, slow down there.”
“This is the end of life as I know it. “

We both went from 20 pounds to almost 22 pounds – MEOWZA! The Human was instructed to decrease our daily kibble allowance from 1/2 cup each to 1/3 of a cup. By Oliver’s reaction you’d think the vet said “no kibble ever again.”

Getting me to the vet later that day did not go so smoothly. The Human is trying to figure out why I freaked out about the new halter. And freak out I did. I contorted my body into the most amazing position while using my Siamese voice to SCREAM as loudly as I could. The Human had to admit defeat. Stuffing my into the cat carrier did not go easily either but she finally got me zipped in and off we went.

They are very nice at the stabby place

The D-I-E-T word was used at my visit however I was not as emotional about it as Oliver was. I went into my carrier gratefully when the exam was done and off we went home.

Lily was a bit perplexed but not worried as the stabby place we go to is a “fearless practice.” We did an article about their new building several years ago. It’s pretty amazing and, since I hid during the recent visit, The Human used a photo from that article (gee, I was much slimmer then).

Lily foolishly thinks she’s dodged a bullet and has escaped the visit to the stabby place so she showed her gratitude by giving The Human copious head bonks. Lily will be surprised to know that her appointment is next Saturday.

“I’m coming in for a head bonk Human. Give me a moment to position myself….ah there we go, purrfect!”

So that’s our week. The Human was busy getting all her entries in to the CWA Communications contest. We’ve been entering this every year and we have earned some pawsome honors! Now, if your humans are creative you should get them to enter too. The Cat Writer’s Association is not just for writers, it’s for photographers, radio shows, videos and lots of good stuff. And, you don’t have to be a CWA member to enter. You should check it out! And don’t wait too long, the contest entry time closes on April 30th.

There are lots of categories for creative cat loving folks. #cwa2022contest #catwriters

And now, let’s get to the news of the week.

Cat’s Reaction to Human’s use of cat face filter is hilarious

All I can say is, “Human WHAT were you thinking?!” Poor Pixel the cat was taken aback when his human, Anne, filmed herself with a TikTok cat-face filter. 

Anne adopted Pixel from a local shelter and he lives with three other cats.

This video of Pixel and his not so human human has had 8.3 million views, 1.7 million likes and 34,400 comments (meowza, and we have a hard time keeping up with the comments on our posts!)

Blind kitty demands shower every day

There are many blind felines who are living their best lives and Blinkin is one of them. He loves his daily showers and demands them. He has a furiend, Wicked who is his “seeing eye cat” and when Blinkin is done with his shower, Wicked helps dry him off.

Grace and Max

Paws up to the wonderful humans who adopt and care for blind kitties and those teach others what a joy those felines can be. Take for instance, photographer Josh Norem who works with Saving Grace Rescue Center and who lives with multiple blind cats.  These two felines, Grace and Max live with their family and enjoy a full and happy life. Their blindness has not stopped them from having fun and living a normal kitty life.

The people at Saving Grace Rescue understand special needs felines as the rescue started with a kitty named Grace who had cerebellar hypoplasia. The human who adopted her was horrified to hear that many special needs kittens are euthanized. She took Grace home and she and her human spent 17 wonderful years together. Grace inspired Amber to found a special needs kitten rescue.

Cat and baby love to snuggle

So many times you humans say that babies should be kept away from the feline but that’s not always true. There are so many old wives tales about cats and babies and you humans need to update your knowledge. Just like the video above, babies and felines can be furever friends. And, in case  you’re wondering what false information is out there about babies and cats, this article from Petful will help.

Study claims cats recognize the names of their owners and feline friends.

“Did you call me Human?”

You know, sometimes I get a bit weary reading about what scientists have “discovered” about felines when many of you humans who live with us already know about these discoveries.

A team of researchers from Kyoto University in Japan conducted a study on 48 cats, which lived with at least two other pets, either in a family home or a cat café.

They did two tests. The first was showing the felines a photo of another feline they lived with. They then tracked the cat’s response whenever a name was called , either the cat’s or another name. They said if the cat stared at a photo longer, it was a sign that the cat knew the name of the cat in the photo. Hmmm, I’m not sure about this one but what do I know, I’m only a cat.

They found that household cats paid attention to the monitor for longer when the wrong name was called, indicating an ‘expectancy violation effect’,” the researchers wrote in the study, which has been published in the journal Scientific Reports. Again, this feline non-sciency brain is struggling to understand this.

In another experiment where they showed cats pictures of their owners, they found a strength of connection and the bigger the family and the longer they have been with the group, the more likely they are to remember a name

Feral cats get to stay at their Oakland Coliseum home

Three cheers for the good folks at the Oakland Coliseum who have decided to allow the feral felines living there to stay. Since the Coliseum was constructed in the ’60s cats have called it home, they eat well and they work for their meals.

“The cats have been doing an excellent job. Staff commented that they have not seen a rodent in over two years,” Henry Gardner Executive Director of the Coliseum Authority told KCBS Radio.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Island Cat Resources and Adoption will capture the adults and spay, neuter and release them back to the Coliseum. The kittens will be put up for adoption at the Oakland Animal Shelter.

“So, it’s a matter of now controlling the current population so that we can coexist and that’s cats can still do their work,” he said.

Two paws up for a good humane solution!

Oliver Opines on All Things Christmas – Friendly Fill Ins Week #135

Hello Furiends,
We’ve missed the Friendly Fill Ins for the past few weeks. That nasty bug that our Purrsonal Assistant got hung on for quite a while and she wasn’t moving as fast as usual. She did manage to get our second book finished so I guess we can’t meow about her work purrformance too much!

This is a blog hop so you can hop on over to our furiends at 15andmeowing or 
Four-Legged Furballs who are the hosts of the hop and join in the fun. If you prefer, you can opine about your fill in answers in the comment section of this blog.

Purrs & Head Bonks,

black and white cat Oliver

Here are this week’s fill in questions:

1. I really need to ___________________.
2. My favorite Christmas ( or Hanukkah) decoration is __________________________.

3. It’s beginning to look a lot like _________.
4. This time of year, I eat my fair share of _________.

Here are my answers:

1. I really need to think about slimming down this year.

I’ll start my diet..right after the holidays. -Oliver

2. My favorite Christmas decoration is anything that is shiny, hangs down at paw length and that I can swat. Sadly, The Female Human has foiled our efforts however and doesn’t put up a tree. She decorates spaces far too high for us to reach. What a kill joy!

How’s a cat supposed to swat at those shiny things when they’re up so high?”

3. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, of course!

Where’s the snow? Shouldn’t there be snow by now?

4. This time of year, I eat my fair share of any of the delicious holiday treats I can get my paws on (ham is  my favorite and a little cream is always appreciated). Sigh, and this answer is in direct contradiction to my response to question #1.

Oh hello there, do I smell turkey in the oven?