Thankful Felines


Hello Humans,

We have been informed that this is the season of the turkey and thankfulness. Although overt expressions of thankfulness are not always exhibited by felines, those of you who know and love our species understand that we are always thankful. Thankful for our warm beds, for the humans who are always willing to do our bidding and for the love and adoration bestowed upon us.

Our tribe is made up of rescue kitties and we think back to how thankful we are to our humans for giving us a forever home. The female human often visits the cats at our local shelter and she wishes all the cats there could find forever homes.

This Thanksgiving we ask that if you can’t give a kitty a home, would you do something nice for your local shelter that cares for them? Even some cat food, litter, treats or toys are helpful!

Have a Pawsitively Wonderful Thanksgiving,

Your friends,

Tucker , Jasmine, Lily, Alberto and Oliver