Lucky Cats!


Hello Folks,
Oliver Here. We had a great surpurrrise last week. Several weeks ago we sent the Female Human over to our friends Dezi and Raena at Deziz World.  Much to our surprise and delight they were having a drawing for a pawsome prize and so we ordered….err…requested that our Purrsonal Assistant enter us. And guess what, we won! Here is a little glimpse into the excitement of the day the gift arrived.

Purrs & Head Bonks,
close up of Siamese cat and black and white cat faces


“What is this box and what exactly is “Art of Paws”? Human, please open this receptacle and allow us to inspect it. ”


Tucker: “Step back everyone, allow me, your Alpha to inspect this box. Hmm, looks okay, proceed little felines.”


“Meowza, this is a bit of a tight fit for me!”


“Alberto, any tips for figuring out this thing?


“I think you’re supposed to sit in it this way, Oliver. Still not much room though.”


“Hey Humans, what is this thing? Not too much room in here even after you take out that soft fuzzy item!”

“Finally, the humans removed the intrusive items inside the box. Now with a few adjustments, I can just fit.”


The Human Opines: “Thank you Dezi and Raena   and Art of Paws for this beautiful dark wood cat shelf and the soft sheepskin winter cover. Once we have it installed, The Tribe of Five will will appreciate it even more.”

“This beautiful product from Art of Paws fits in with any decor and is quite elegant. Noted below is a photo of the mounted shelf and a feline who looks very comfy and  happy.
Siamese cat resting on Art of Paws wall shelf

Oliver and Alberto Visit Deziz World

three cats play with a bananna toy

Hey Folks,
Guess where we are? We had a play date with our good furry friends Raena and Dezi, they are two cool cats even with Dezi spending most of our time together UTB (under the bed) because of the thunder storm. We don’t like thunderstorms either. But it was a great time with good friends and for those of you who don’t know our buddies, you should check them out, not only are they nice, they are service cats and you can find out all about what service cats do on their blog.
Purrs and Head Bonks,
Oliver & Alberto