Walk Through The Web Wednesday – 2/22

Happy Windy, Wintery, Wednesday furiends! We were sailing along in our neck of the woods, convinced that spring was just around the corner when all of a sudden it turned into Siberia! The Human was outside with the snow blower this morning and as we watched from our warm window perches we couldn’t help but laugh because the wind was so strong it blew most of the driveway snow back on her. She was quite a sight when she came in. Right now it’s a balmy 19 degrees and the wind has died down to 9mph and the town streets are like skating rinks. We felines are happy to burrow under a pillow and stay safe and warm.

“Human, why are you covered in ice and snow? Please keep your distance, I am nice and warm in this chair.”
“Good grief Human! Why are you all wet? find yourself a nice spot on the bed and cuddle up with me and my pillow.”
“I know I’m squishing the chair cushion, what’s your point?”

I hope you all are staying safe and warm!

Cat Music

Oh my whiskers, this is one fun Instagram account! It’s called Cat Videos and here are two we really liked (just click on the image for the video)

One Cool Cowboy Cat Daddy

There are all kind of cat daddy’s out there, even cowboys. Andrew, a true Texas cowboy has turned his home into a cat sanctuary. Today he as seven cats in residence. Andrew has caught attention of the web for posting videos of his relationship with all his cats. His video about his favorite orange cat, Sebby is a real hit. Andrew carries his feline with him wherever he goes, in  his hat and in his heart. He also wants to make clear that he loves ALL his cats. You can watch his TikTok video here.

Man with world’s tallest cat forks out eye-watering £400 a month on food

When The Human read this she nearly fainted. This converts to $481.87 per month. Meowza! But, William Powers, a physician from Farmington Hills, Michigan, owns six cats – including the world’s tallest and one with the longest tail ever measured. Our Human is no slouch and spares no expense for our healthy meals but we usually cost her about $145.00 a month for the three of us.

His cat, Fenrir, the worlds tallest cat is a Savannah cat and measures an impressive 18.83 inches and weighs 36lbs. I can see where his food consumption might be a bit more than ours!

William also has the Guinness World Record holder feline in his house, a Maine Coon called Altair who holds the world record for the longest tail (40.83 cm or 16.07 inches)The other four feline siblings are, two Bengal’s and two other Savannah cats. Fenrir has a custom diet made out of mostly raw meat, primarily chicken but sometimes other meat. Then the cats get a special blend of supplements such as amino acids, long chain fatty acids, porcine bone meal, and other additives like nutritional yeast for flavor.

Sometimes he’ll use some regular domestic wet cat food as a topper or mixed into their raw diet to improve the flavor.

William’s home is “designed with the cats in mind”. They have an outdoor enclosure, their own master bedroom with huge glass windows, and tons of towers and wall mounts for their enrichment.

Fenrir is quite the local celebrity with over 8,900 followers on Instagram, and often goes to William’s office to visit patients and do the work of a true therapy cat.

Fenir is a bit of a fraidy cat and will often hide if he’s in close proximity to other cats and dogs.

William and Fenir also make appearances at local shelter events.  

Adobe is hosting a cat-themed photo contest in Japan

The contest is for both photography and videography. You don’t have to use professional gear to take your photo or video but you do have to edit your submission using some form of Adobe Creative Cloud software, including but not limited to Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Rush, Premier Pro and Adobe Express. Any image with a cat as the subject is allowed.  

Despite being launched by Adobe Japan, the competition terms and conditions do not state anywhere that entrants must be from a certain area or region to enter the contest – but the prizes up for grabs are all in Japanese yen.

To enter, you must be following the official Adobe Japan Creative Cloud Twitter or Instagram accounts, and post your image with the hashtag #アドビにゃん (Adobe cat) which must also be accompanied by one of the following hashtags: #写真部門 (photo), #動画部門 (video) or #猫大喜利部門 (cat ogiri) depending on which you enter. 

divisions are the ones that have the highest award, also including what the competition refers to as an Excellence Award. 

The grand prize for the photo division is an Amazon gift card worth ¥100,000 (equivalent to $745 / £614 / AU$1,088 approximately), and two people will also be selected for the Excellence Award and receive an Amazon gift card worth ¥50,000  (equivalent to $371 / £307 / AU$545 approximately). These will be exactly the same prizes and amounts for the Video division winners. 

Just remember that, while the T&Cs don’t explicitly prohibit foreign entries, it’s unlikely that prizes (including Amazon vouchers) will be redeemable outside Japan but still, you could have some fun entering.  

California cat shelter goes viral for sharing its hilarious ‘nice or naughty’ feline of the week

As a former shelter cat, this feline loves stories about creative ways shelters use to find forever homes for their cats. An adoption center and cat sanctuary in Los Angeles has gone viral after launching its “nice and naughty” cat of the week series.

Toni Barrett, development manager for Heaven on Earth Perry’s Place, said she and her staff were inspired by a popular cat influencer on TikTok who goes by the name “Pot Roast’s Mom,” who would label her own cats as “good or bad” cat of the week.

Barrett thought the idea was funny and decided to apply it to her work at the sanctuary, she told Fox News Digital.

“We should do that at Perry’s Place because we have so many cats, and we always have someone doing something naughty or volunteers telling us how much they loved [how] this cat was well-behaved this week,” Barrett said.

The series was launched on the shelter’s Instagram page in March of 2022, but did not take off until the fall, according to Barrett.

“It was slow [at first], people were enjoying it, and then all of a sudden we had this one [post] that kind of went viral,” Barrett commented.

Two felines named Elijah and Popsicle were awarded nice and naughty cat of the week, respectively.

“Elijah has opened up and shown the staff how much he loves belly rubs,” the post read in reference to the “nice cat” of the week.

“Popsicle stole treats from Daniel, his BLIND roommate,”the post also said, regarding its “naughty cat”.

Barrett quickly noticed a massive increase in Instagram followers as well as likes. Since then, thousands of users have been reacting to the posts.

Heaven on Earth’s Perry’s Place is the current residence for roughly 111 cats and 91 foster cats.

Volunteers and staff members are the ones to nominate a cat to be selected for the “nice and naughty” cat of the week award.

“Our adoption team has done such a great job that sometimes I’ll have a cat ready on Tuesday, and then on Friday that cat will be adopted, so then I have to scramble and find a new cat,” she commented. Now that’s the kind of problem every shelter would like to have!