You Made It Happen!

This year, millions of people around the world saw messages on social media advocating for pet adoption on Remember Me Thursday®. We were proud to be a part of this and thanks to all of you who purrticipated, it was another success!

People from around the world..India, Nambibia, Croatia, Guatemala and more shared their love for rescue pets. Celebrities (two-legged and four legged) joined in and more than 300 animal advocates registered for the first ever virtual candle lighting ceremony.

Here are some of the favorite moments from the #RememberMeThursday team:

We purrticipated in the Lola the Cat #RememberMeThursdayBlog Hop and you can visit it here.

Watch the #RememberMeThursday highlight video

Watch the #RememberMeThursday Virtual Candle Lighting Ceremony.

A big paws up for all our furiends who support and promote adoption and we are especially thankful for our amazing shelter Panhandle Animal Shelter and the ground breaking work they’ve done in our community and around the country!

We’re Pawsitively in love with the Cat Pawsitive Program


Hi Folks,
Alberto here (resting on my cardboard scratching thingy. The Female Human doesn’t get it but what can I say, it’s one of my favorite perches). But I digress. I told you about the Cat Pawsitive Program in my Wednesday web wanderings this week and lo and behold, our friends at Three Chatty Cats had done a feature article on it as well.  There is so much info on this great program, more photos and even updates because they are near shelters that are purrticipating in the program. I urge you to go and visit them and read their excellent article.

Purrs & Head Bonks,
Siamese cat with blue eyes