President’s Day Greetings

Oliver and The Tribe of Five reminisce about Oliver’s run for Purresident when he was just a kitten.
black and white kitten runs for president

Kittens in the Kitchen

Hello Humans and Furry Friends,

Alberto here. Today I want to opine on the female humans attitude about our assistance in the kitchen. Oliver and I are completely befuddled when we reach out a paw to help and it isn’t appreciated.

For instance, take Ollie’s willingness to act as sous chef. Being the stocky little fellow he is, lithe leaps onto the stovetop or the counter are not his forte, so he approaches his kitchen duties very methodically.


First he sits patiently, watching the human work and assessing the situation. The fact that he is a bit vertically challenged does require that he may need to stretch up to attempt to obtain a better view. Remember, Oliver is a deep thinker and serious about any task he takes on, case in point, his current Purresidential campaign. If you need to get a job done, Ollie is your cat.


Yet, no matter how willing Oliver is to assist the female human, she never seems to appreciate the fact that he wants to lend a paw for  the task at hand. 

As for me, I prefer a more casual approach. My strength and length allow me to leap onto counters in a single bound, so I choose to peruse the cooking situation from my perch on the kitchen window while I snack on some nice wheatgrass. 


The female human does not appear to appreciate my services as supervisor and she is constantly removing me from my lookout post.

In light of the human’s less than gracious attitude toward our services while she is cooking, Oliver and I determined we would find another task more suited to our tastes and talents. We happily took up our new post and still the female human complained. Sheesh, go figure. 

If any of you felines or other furry creatures have any suggestions as to how we can better extend a paw of help, please chime in and let us know. We may be young but we are always willing to learn.

Your friend Alberto (Contador)