Walk Through the Web Wednesday 11/2

siamese cat in black and white with blue eyes, Alberto, Feline Opines

Hello Friends, furry and otherwise,
It’s that time of the week again and I’ve found some great cat-related items on the world-wide web. I hope you enjoy!
Your Friend,

A Tonk’s Tale-Wordless Wednesday

tonkstailheadernew2016afinalThis photo array of a feline and a squirrel is awesome!  Our squirrel/bird feeder is on the upstairs deck and we don’t get so close to our wildlife visitors. I am considering having my purrrrsonal assistant make a poster from these fantastic photos and hang them over one img_1924of our litter boxes. Also, I must say that the “press feline” looks quite dapper here and I am reconsidering my attire as official press secretary for the Kitty Kat Party.

P.S. If you want to see the pitiful squirrel viewing the Tribe of Five is forced to endure, check out this short video.




David Tennant-Narrates Anti-Stress Films For Cats And Dogs

actor david tennant narrates a film for nervous catsNow here is an idea whose time has come. We felines (and my canine friends) have a lot to be stressed out about like door bells, vacuum monsters, thunder, well you get the idea. One would think that a feline’s humans (particularly humans who pride themselves on keeping a “fear free” home would have better sense than to put on cat ears and paint their face like a feline. I kid you not, siamese cat and woman with cat ears and cat make-upthis is what the feline human did on their Howl-o-ween holiday. Nearly gave me a heart attack. Suffice to say there will be no more of that in our house. The photo is of her trying to apologize.



Stylist-Revealed: the most popular cat and dog names of 2016

I don’t know about you but I often wonder where in the heck the humans got the names they call us. Our humans have long stories about how this happened and they never puppy and kitten cuddling togetherchange our names from the shelter names right away but wait awhile to get to know us better. My name, for instance, is because of my sleek physique and my penchant for running around the house like a speed demon. The male human loves bicycle racing and so they called me Alberto Contador. I know, pretty dumb huh?. I can say that I’m a bit annoyed that my brother, Oliver’s name appears as number four on the list. Seriously? We many need to renegotiate this naming thing.

Houzz – 15 Design-Friendly Places to Hide the Cat Litter Box

I’m throwing this one in for the humans. Frankly, I could care less where our litter boxes litter box built into the bathroom wallare located or what they look like.  Just keep ’em clean and easy to get in to. Period. but the female human spends much time and money on litter boxes that don’t look like litter boxes and ensuring they are placed in areas where company will never see them. So humans, enjoy.





Mental Floss – Chicago’s Secret Weapon Against Rats: Feral Cats

This is my favorite find this week. We have feral cats that visit our house and the female human always offers them food, water and shelter but sadly, we have coyotes and large birds of prey where we live and the feral cats never seem to hang around long enough for her to trap them. Chicago is solving a terrible problem and helping feral cats at the same time. Around our neck of the woods, those kinds of working cats are called barn cats, looks like some of these Chicago felines could be called Tavern cats.

Venkman the tabby who lives at Empirical Brewery in ChicatoOne of these tavern cats is named Venkman and you can read about the great new life he and other cats have thanks to Empirical Brewery. (Note to self, tell the humans to buy this beer). Actually, these felines have a great life, regular meals, a safe and warm place to sleep and a job to do. Two paws up for Empirical Brewery and all the other Chicago businesses who are giving feral cats homes and jobs.  Oh, and by the way, Venkman is on Twitter at @VenkmanTheCat.  Maybe some other cities will try this excellent program.