Walk Through the Web Wednesday, on Thursday, May 19

siamese cat on a leash walking through a garden

Hello Furiends,

Thanks for your patience and waiting for our feline news post ….a day late! As I mentioned yesterday, The Human has been a bit overwhelmed lately and this has spilled over into her photography time. As you will see in the photos below, there are issues of the lighting so Oliver and Lily decided that we should title this week’s photos of the Tribe as, “Lighting, What NOT to do!”

We hope you enjoy!

“Ummm, Human, nobody will even be able to tell this is me!” – Lily
“Seriously Human?! I wanted you to capture me and my bravery and no one can even tell the photo is me!” – Oliver
“I am the darkness, fear me!” – Oliver
“I am so over this, catch me in this lighting, I always look more handsome in the firelight.”-Oliver

Let’s hope there are some better quality photos next week!@felineopines

On board with Bobby Flay: The 7 products he always carries when traveling with his cats

I’m not a feline that is usually star struck but I must say Bobby Flay, a man deeply attached to his two cats Nacho and Stella, has given Nacho top billing in his cat food company, Made by Nacho. Flay worked on the food formulas for three years before it launched and it’s getting paws up from all over. And get this, the team at Made by Nacho have felines in their homes and they get to taste test the new products. If the felines give the food a paws down in the test kitchen, the item doesn’t make it into production.

As Flay and his feline partners travel to promote their company, he has some favorite feline travel products.

As his felines are on the CHONKY side, he likes an extra-large pet carrier (fits cats up to 50 pounds) with retractable privacy flaps, seatbelt safety straps and a comfortable fleece pad inside.  And if your felines are finicky about color, there are a number to choose from.

Treats for travel are essential and it might not surprise you to know that Flay brings Made by Nacho treats.  They’re all single-ingredient, freeze dried treats.

Now no matter how fastidious your feline may be, it’s a good idea to travel with Tidy Cat pads just in case there’s an accident as well as Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes. The wipes are fragrance free wipes and are great at cleaning mouths, paws, etc. and are safe for cats older than six weeks and contain no soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or phthalates.

Traveling can be boring so catnip toys are a must. Refillable catnip toys are great for this and keep the ennui away in the carrier.

When humans travel with cats it’s a good idea to take PetLovers Extra Sticky Rollers because you don’t want people to know a cat is your traveling companion by all the fuzz on your clothes!

Cat’s glucose levels successfully monitored using Bluetooth technology 

Shadow, a 10-year old cat is now in diabetic remission after her glucose are successfully tracked by a glucose monitor . Shadow developed diabetes due to her severe pancreatitis and is now on track to make a full recovery! Shadow’s treatment started after she ended up in the emergency room for severe pancreatitis and vasculitis which then developed into diabetes. After numerous veterinary consultations, Shadow was fitted with a permanent glucose-monitoring device at The Royal Dick School of Veterinary studies.

This device allowed Shadow’s owners to take her home and measure glucose levels on their phone via a Bluetooth reader. It also enables more accurate adaption of insulin dosages by the internal medical team.

Within three months of the device implant, Shadow’s pancreatitis has subsided and she’s in diabetes remission , no longer on a diabetic diet and has no more insulin requirements, And if that isn’t good news enough, she’s now had her glucose monitor removed. Meowza, that’s good news!

The detailed information these monitors give veterinarians has greatly increased the effectiveness of treatment. What great news!.

Adopted shelter cat loves his human so much he won’t leave his side


All three of our Tribe are shelter kitties and meowza are we grateful that The Human gave us a forever home. This little guy seems to be extra grateful and hates to leave his human’s side. This has prompted the human to print a tiny feline 3-D helmet so Cathode can travel safely on his human’s bicycle. You can follow them on Instagram @mon_copain_ray.

Turning balcony space into fun, safe haven for cats

As our readers know, when we talk about “our neck of the woods” we literally mean woods but we realize that many of our feline furiends live in the cityh. Still, whether city cat or country cat, we all like a little fresh air and outside time. City felines rejoice! You can all get some safe outside time too! Your humans need to assess porch dangers such as places on the balcony where a cat could fall, any plants out there that are poisonous and finally too much bright sun that might get them sunburned (I reported about cats and sunscreen in my May 5 WTTW feature).

Putting a net around the balcony will help keep cats safe (there are instructions in the article). If the balcony has bars, check the distance between the bars because we felines squeeze ourselves through the narrowest of spots. Also check the slats on the bottom of the balcony. Check every plant to make sure it’s safe. There is a list of plants that are poisonous to cats on Pet MD.

So my furiends, even if you you are a city kitty, you can still enjoy the great outdoors.